WhatsApp Users In India

India is undeniably the biggest market for WhatsApp. WhatsApp, launched in mid-2010, has become the most popular messaging app in the country. 

After that, it took 4 years to hit 200 million active users. Once the growing popularity of WhatsApp hit its peak, Facebook bought it. 

WhatsApp Users In India
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There are around 500 million active users in India, and still, the country has been counting the number of Whatsapp users. 

Let us indulge in detail to know more about the facts and statistics related to WhatsApp users in India. 

WhatsApp Users In India

India is the first largest country with the highest number of 390.1 billion active users. – eMarketer

According to App Annie, a mobile insight firm. WDespitee new privacy policies, WhatsApp has hit more than 95 percent of active users in India. Every day, almost half of the user base checks take place once a week. 

TechCrunch data notes that when YouTube hit 425 million active users on Android phones and tablets in India, WhatsApp hit 422 million monthly active users in India. However, when iOS is considered, WhatsApp still hits the peak and stays first with 459 million users, followed by YouTube with 452 million.

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Here are additional highlights and stats on Whatsapp Users In India.

  • 530 million people use Whatsapp in India – Techcrunch
  • 47 million WhatsApp downloads have occurred in February – Report
  • Around 21.3 hours is the average time spent by Indians every month on WhatsApp – App Annie
  • 15 million users use WhatsApp business according to July 2020 – LiveMint
  • 20 million Indian users have access to WhatsApp pay – First Post
  • 11 Local languages are available in WhatsApp India – Indiatoday.in
  • WhatsApp video calls are the most preferred video call in India – LocalCircles

WhatsApp Users and Its New Privacy Update 2021

WhatsApp and its new privacy policy require users to comply with updates. It allows WhatsApp to process user data. It also depicts how Facebook-hosted services can store and manage WhatsApp chats. 

According to the report, it was stated in indiatoday.in, Google and Chrome apps have surpassed a total of 400 million monthly users in India recently. Facebook has gone across 325 million monthly active users in India since December 2020.

When you consider the tractions, other messaging apps like Signal and Telegram have witnessed about 4 million downloads in India. As the popups of the WhatsApp update created chaos among the users, the downloads increased a bit. (source: Sensor Tower)

WhatsApp’s downloads fell by 35 percent during the same period. But, good news!! It also encountered 1.3 million new downloads between the same period.

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WhatsApp – A mobile-friendly Approach

With a mobile-friendly approach, WhatsApp has been growing in numbers and in terms of popularity too. The use of social media applications is usually high in India compared to other countries. By 2021, studies found that 29 percent of the total population was into social media applications. 

Some of the popular social media include Facebook, YouTube, and WhatsApp. Based on user research, WhatsApp has been ranked among the top social networking and messaging platforms. 

As expected, WhatsApp transcends the socio-economic boundaries. The penetration of mobile messaging apps is increasingly growing in the last few years. Though the number of WhatsApp users increases in urban areas, the count in rural areas tends to double in recent years. With growing social media usage, the information shared on these platforms leads to an increase in fake news and cyberbullying. 

Source: Statista.com

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WhatsApp Users and Its Blocked Accounts In India

According to the recent survey, it is said that WhatsApp has blocked over 2 million accounts in India during May and June. Whatsapp cleared the statement stating that the accounts were blocked for violating the rules. Almost 95 percent of these users were blocked for violating the limits of the number of times a message was forwarded in India.

In the first compliance report by WhatsApp, the reason was stated along with the submissions. Facebook-owned messaging service has its top focus on privacy policies and blocked accounts. It helps to prevent accounts in India from sending harmful or unwanted messages to other WhatsApp users.

Through advanced machine learning technology,  WhatsApp bans around 8 million accounts worldwide every month due to their violations.

WhatsApp Business Users In India

According to HindustanTimes, there are more than 15 million users in India who indulge in WhatsApp Business. Mark Zuckerberg also added that WhatsApp has around 50 million users globally. As the communities have held up due to the pandemic, WhatsApp has become a way for many entrepreneurs to reach out to their audience. 

He also added that the WhatsApp business helps those entrepreneurs who need digital tools. It allows them to communicate with their customers and grow their business virtually. Apart from this, Facebook CEO said that the scenario in India is important for the entire world as the reflection of India affects the whole world. 

Say, India’s building local capabilities and tech capacity helps in innovative business models and enroute the citizens with digital financial inclusion. So, decisions made in India will drive more popularity, opportunity, and better outcomes for the people. 

Added to the WhatsApp Business, there are other third-party messaging apps, including WhatsApp plus. It is said that these apps mimic the original messaging app. And, it has features including auto-replying, chat scheduling, and other features that are not present in WhatsApp.

By downloading such apps, you may risk your security and privacy. It also leads to losing access to WhatsApp. 

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Future “Features” Of WhatsApp

According to IndianExpress, there are four new features in the upcoming WhatsApp update. They are, 

  • Payments Background (Enjoyable feature)
  • Chat History Transfer ( Let iOS users enjoy it first)
  • View Once  (Probably useful when sending images, videos, etc.) 
  • Re-join calls ( Busy Buddy, this is for you!)

WhatsApp has no future when it lacks privacy. Knowing it well, it has made additional features safeguarding the privacy of its users. Make use of the information, and stay tuned for the next update! Cheers!

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