13 Best Soundbars In India 2023

Several good reasons to bring home the best soundbar in India, right? Let’s see which soundbars come under the category of the ‘best soundbars in India’ as of 2023.

Best Soundbar In India 2023

1. Sony HT-G700 Black Soundbar

In our personal view, the Sony HT G700 is the best soundbar in India 2023. Equipped with Dolby Atmos and DTS:X along with Bluetooth Technology, this soundbar from Sony offers the best audio experience that will make you feel as if you are chilling in your seat in a movie hall. Yes, such is the clarity of the sound output! You also get a wireless subwoofer that enriches the sound quality with excellent bass. So place it anywhere you wish to! Perks of using a wireless subwoofer, you see? 

The center speaker of the soundbar has been designed to emanate noise-free, clear sound. Furthermore, thanks to Bluetooth connectivity, you can easily connect your TV with the soundbar via Bluetooth or by using the optical digital input/HDMI eARC. So, you can easily make the connection wirelessly!

The upscaling up to 7.1.2ch ensures that the sound surrounds the entire area of the room. Just tap on the Immersive Audio Enhancer and feel your room getting wrapped by sound. The production of vertical audio makes you seem like a part of the action taking place on the TV. 

Switching into the Cinema Mode takes you to the world of your favorite characters while pressing the Music Mode makes you learn and understand the lyrics of your favorite song. The Night Mode is the best part of this soundbar. The sound is automatically adjusted and tailor-made to be played at night. Play it at a low level, yet experience hearing crystal clear audio. 

This soundbar syncs with Dolby Vision, HDR10, and Hybrid Log-Gammayour. The only disadvantage is that there is no room for Wi-Fi connectivity. This is quite surprising while particularly taking into consideration its price. 

2. boAt Aavante Bar Bluetooth Soundbar 


boAt Aavante is the premium soundbar available in India. Give your home a splendid look and feel with this ultra-sleek soundbar producing good quality sound. Its lightweight makes it all the more popular in the market. In addition, the easy remote control device and the various operational controls result in swift handling of the soundbar. 

The soundbar has four good-quality speakers/drivers, with 2.25” in each dimension. The 60 W sound from boAt speakers is of a different level altogether. The wireless communication mode via Bluetooth lets you avoid getting all messed up and tangled up with wires. The connection can also be made via USB. 

The 2.0 Channel Sound lets you experience rich audio with excellent bass for video games, movies, shows, sports, and news. With this soundbar, you will get a remote, Warranty Card, and a User Manual. 

The highly labeled and illustrated remote has different buttons representing various music modes, movies, and news. Just press the button, and you will be directed to your intended mode of entertainment. The crisp and clear sound with great bass makes it a favorite choice among music lovers. 

3. JBL Cinema SB231 Soundbar


JBL Cinema SB231 is the economic soundbar one can get in India in 2023. This soundbar from JBL is the perfect choice to pair up with your smart TV and Home Theatre. The speakers come with an excellent output of 110 watts and immerse yourself in the world of powerful sound production. It has a wired subwoofer that produces excellent bass and excites your nerves. Who doesn’t love to have a thrilling experience while viewing their favorite content? 

The 2.1 Channel Soundbar produces crystal clear sound and makes you absorb every detail of the dialogues being spoken and the words being uttered. In addition, the Dolby Audio Technology of the soundbar promises a great audio experience to everyone using it. 

You can seamlessly stream music by availing yourself of the wireless connectivity feature using Bluetooth from your mobile, laptop, or tablet. HDMI ARC is a way of connecting your soundbar with a TV via cable connection. 

The soundbar installation will be free, and no charges must be paid. You will get a user guide, Warranty Card, and remote with batteries in a box packed with the soundbar. 

You cannot connect this soundbar if you have an old LED TV or Plasma TV at your home. The lack of LED indicators makes it difficult to understand the various functions of the soundbar. 

4. LG SJ3 2.1 Ch Soundbar 


LG SJ3 is an excellent soundbar from LG in India. This impressive soundbar comes with a net sound output of 300 Watts. The Auto Sound Engine of LG adjusts the sound level perfectly to ensure you hear sharp and clear sound with appropriate frequencies of the sound waves. This way, you will always get a crystal clear sound irrespective of the volume. 

The elegant finish of the soundbar perfectly blends with your modern room and is sure to match up with your TV and will complement together to give a new look to your room. Furthermore, a simple, easy connection to TV/other devices via Bluetooth will aid you in avoiding messy wires. Besides, optical and portable portals come as built-in features with the soundbar. 

The outstanding feature is that you can keep the soundbar in sleep mode and take it back to action the moment you wish by switching on Bluetooth connectivity. Revel in the fantastic audio experience! The soundbar comes with a separate remote, but the remote of the TV is also functional. In case one remote gets lost, you can use another. Simple and easy!

You can also get a wireless subwoofer with the soundbar and place it freely anywhere you like. So enjoy the high bass of the music and have fun doing your dance/Zumba classes with the super energetic feel of the songs. 

The feature of Adaptive Sound Control is another great feature of it. Various types of content, such as movies, shows, sports, and news, have different audio profiles. The job of the soundbar will be to detect the type of content you’re watching and accordingly adjust the sound level to present a significant sound effect on your ears. 

5. Portronics Pure Sound Pro III Soundbar

Portronics Pure Sound Pro is the latest addition to our best soundbars in India. Armed with a pair of speakers producing a net sound output of 10 Watts, this soundbar has the most fantastic sound that is further enriched by the presence of the amplifiers. The sound frequency range usually stays within 180 Hz to 180 kHz, with the Signal to Noise Ratio being 75 dB. 

This is the best soundbar you can get at a cost-friendly price. Its black glossy body with a strong frame gives it a cool and funky look. It is an excellent, maddening deal, for sure! 

This portable soundbar comes with remarkable battery life. Thanks to its 2500 mAh battery of lithium-ion, welcome the beautiful days of your life as you enjoy grooving to your favorite tracks for 7 hours, just by a single recharge. Spare only 3 hours for a full recharge, and keep enjoying soulful music for as long a period as you want. 

The soundbar comes with a Bluetooth version 4.2 that lets you connect your soundbar to a wide range of devices. Say bye-bye to the time wasted on untangling the wires! Wireless connection is what we love, right? The other forms of connection include USB, AUX-IN, and FM. This package also comes with a 1-year warranty card. 

6. Mi 8 Speaker Drivers Soundbar

Mi Soundbar is the most popular launch in India as of 2023. Packed with eight strong speakers, it maintains a sound frequency range of 50 Hz to 2500 Hz and circumscribes the entire room. Listen to each great detail of the audio and never miss out on any dialogue of your favorite character or any critical update in the news headings and sports matches. If you are up to treating your ears with an excellent cinematic sound experience, this soundbar from Mi will surely match your interests. 

The highly improved base comes with passive radiators to make you feel like the audience in a movie hall. The sleek design with a glossy polish gives it a super elegant look and is sure to heighten the aesthetics of your room. 

You can keep it wall or table-mounted as it comes with special screws for wall mounting. Besides, the rubber grips that come with the package help keep the soundbar firm without getting slipped or displaced. 

The compact soundbar’s compact design and lightweight make it portable and easy to handle. It has a tall and slim bar shape with an overlay of fabric mesh that further beautifies your room. 

The Bluetooth 4.2 LE feature lets you connect the TV, mobile, laptop, or tablet to the soundbar seamlessly, without any hassle. The treble, thrilling bass, and mids will impress you and blow your mind away. 

Another great thing about this Mi soundbar is that you can easily set it up with your TV by inserting the SPDIF cable, then switching ‘on’ the soundbar and switching the source on the TV to SPDIF. Apart from Bluetooth and SPDIF, other connectivity means include optical, Aux-in, and Line-in connectivity ports. 

7. ZEBRONICS ZebJuke 9800DWS Soundbar

Take the step of giving your room a feel of a cinematic touch and experience with this soundbar from Zebronics. Powered by Dolby Atmos, you have the best audio experience with a net sound output of 450W RMS. 

The wireless subwoofer has a 16.51 cm driver, making the sound emanate with the perfect pitch and bass. You have the liberty to place it anywhere you like. Perks of having things wireless, you see? 

Things become a lot easier with the excellent quality remote that comes with it. Relax on your sofa and change your entertainment options as per your wish by just pressing the desired button on the remote. 

All this while, you yearned for a great buttery smooth gaming experience, right? Your day of full-on enjoyment has arrived. Thanks to Dolby Atmos, you can now play your favorite action or racing games while getting all the more energetic with the super-rich and loud sound of the game. Here is some good news for all the gamers! 

You can easily connect the soundbar to a wide range of devices such as laptops, TV, smartphone, or tablets via wireless connectivity of Bluetooth. Besides, various USB ports, 2xHDMI IN, AUX, and Optical IN, are available with the soundbar to allow music streaming easily. 

The four sound drivers of 6.35 cm and the pair of 5.08 sound drivers allow music streaming to create the best audio experience with fantastic bass easily, a  

8. boAt Avante Bluetooth Soundbar 

Powered with 160 watts of RMS solid and clear sound, this 2.1 channel soundbar will magically transport you to a different theatre world with a rich audio experience. The sleek design of the model with an attractive finishing makes it perfect to be a part of the ambiance of your furnished modern living room. 

The remote control device helps you navigate the vast available content and lets you switch from one type of channel to another with the EQ modes on the TV, such as ‘Music, News, Movies.’ Operating it has been thus made easier!

You can avail yourself of the grand benefit of quickly connecting the soundbar to any device you wish to via Bluetooth connectivity. Every one of us hates handling those messy wires. All these problems have been solved with this super easy mode of Bluetooth connectivity. 

A plethora of connectivity ports is available with this soundbar. These include USB, Optical, HDMI(ARC), and AUX, by which you can connect other devices to this gorgeous soundbar. The integrated soundbar control ensures easy access to it by everyone. There is no rocket science in handling it!

The wireless subwoofer produces a sound output of 80 W with excellent bass to make you feel as if the ground is shaking. Yes, such as the intensity of this subwoofer!

Enjoy the cinematic experience at a theatre now in your sweet home. Isn’t it something super great? 

9. JBL SB110 by Harman Wireless Soundbar 

Designed with Dolby Digital Audio, this JBL soundbar will provide you with the best audio experience with utmost clarity and sharp sound. This 2.0 channel soundbar comes with a net output of 110 Watt, making your room teem with the sound of your favorite show. It won’t be surprising to think of the action happening in your room. Yes, such is the sheer sound intensity of it!

The soundbar has a built-in woofer that imparts the element of bass to your sound output. The deep bass offered by the two 2.5” woofers is thrilling and lifts your mood every time you listen to your favorite music on your playlist.  

Gone are the days of creating clutter with cables and wires. With the advent of Bluetooth technology, you can easily connect your JBL SB110 soundbar to various devices without hassle. Be it a laptop, tablet, or smartphone; you can connect any device to this elegant soundbar. 

The soundbar’s HDMI ARC (Audio Return Channel) lets you use just one cable to connect with other devices so that your entertainment is not disrupted. You can play music from any device and get awesome sound output from the soundbar. 

The room-encompassing audio experience by the soundbar is sure to offer you the best TV viewing experience. Besides, the brand value of JBL is another factor that ensures the product’s awesomeness. 

10. FD E200 Speaker System Soundbar

This is the best soundbar you can get, along with many unique features at an unbeatable price. The 2.0 channel output delivers the best audio experience that will be a blessing to your ears. 

Lift your mood with this ground trembling sound. With a net sound output of 3 Watt, you will feel the sound buzzing in your room. The speaker system also has a built-in bass enhancer that delivers super sound with exciting bass. After all, who doesn’t love to listen to music with great bass? 

The metallic speakers with the soundbar are designed to produce a clear sound. You can hear every little detail of the sound. Thus, you can stay assured of not missing any significant news headline, sports highlight, or dialogue of any character in a movie or web series. 

To produce an in-depth sound effect in the entire room, the speakers have been constructed in a way so that these two tilt at 11 degrees. A special metallic grill has been designed to protect the speakers from scratches or damage. With a frequency response of 100 Hz to 20 kHz, the audio experience with this soundbar is excellent. 

The sleek and compact body of the soundbar makes it a great match to your stylish smart TV and super modern room. Its lightweight and slim design do not occupy much space in the room. 

You get several connectivity options with this soundbar. Connect your headphones/earphones quickly with a 3.5 mm audio jack. The USN port of the soundbar is a great feature. You can easily connect your laptop, iPad, smartphone, or tablet to the soundbar and play music from any device you desire. 

The plethora of features offered by it at such a great deal will allure anyone to pick it up. There is a LED indicator that glows in a red hue, thus letting you know when the device is ‘ON.’ The corner of the soundbar shelters the sound monitoring button that aids you in regulating the volume easily. 

11. Blaupunkt SBA01 100W Soundbar 


This soundbar from a Germanic brand, ‘Blaupunkt,’ has been designed to produce crisp and sharp sound output. The room surrounding sound will give you a lovely cinematic experience in your sweet home. 

You get a myriad of connectivity options with this fantastic soundbar. Its ports include HDMI (ARC), Optical IN, USB, Line In Your, and AUX. Play music from across various devices and enjoy superb sound quality. 

Specially designed with four separate sound modes, this soundbar has tailor-made audio specifications depending upon the types of content- news, movies, music, and 3D. The audio laboratory’s sound specifications and frequencies have been adjusted to match the content. 

The dual 3-inch woofers of the soundbar produce sound with intense bass that makes the audio experience a fun one. The Digital Signal Processing Technology of the soundbar results in optimum functioning by perfectly syncing with the hardware and software. The four speakers work simultaneously to produce a strong sound output of 100 W. 

The LED indicators of the soundbar help you in monitoring it easily. Just a glance, and you obtain your intended information. The remote control feature lets you switch to the mode of your favorite content by pressing the special buttons designed for each type of content. 

12. TCL Home Theatre Soundbar 

This TCL soundbar creates a theatre-like ambiance with its excellent sound output of 180 Watt. It comes with a subwoofer that emits sound with the much-needed bass that makes you enjoy the deep music. Besides, you don’t have to juggle the wires to install the subwoofer as it is wireless. 

No matter in what corner of the room you settle, you’ll always get a clear, transparent sound, thanks to the room-surrounding audio technology. The slim structure and elegant design make the soundbar an item of room beauty enhancer. 

The Bluetooth technology lets you connect your smartphone to the soundbar and enjoy fast, wireless connectivity to listen to your favorite music anytime. Thanks to its special HDMI ARC ports and optical digital and analog audio connections, almost all TV can be connected to this soundbar. 

The particular category of sound modes further contributes to an enriching audio experience. For instance, if you crave to watch movies, switching to Movie Mode will automatically make the TCL soundbar act towards producing a sound that will let you hear each dialogue with the greatest detail. 

Whenever you plan to chill and listen to music, you will hear clear sounds focused on the tracks and lyrics of the song. While watching the news, the special mode will produce a sound that will focus on the news headlines and the words spoken by the reporter. Overall, this is an excellent soundbar as it has excellent sound output. 

13. Amkette Boomer Bluetooth Soundbar

Powered by a pair of 40mm tweeters producing a sound output of 10 W, this Boomer Soundbar promises a cinematic experience with loud, clear sound that will be pleasant to the ears. It also has two well-integrated subwoofers that add deep bass to the sound. Enjoy listening to the thrilling sound and have a helluva experience. 

Imagine how great it is to hear audio with your favorite classified sound type ingrained in it. The clear LED display lets you see the EQ mode in which the soundbar is along with the current positioning of the radio station by means of a red hue. You get the scope to select between Rock, Jazz, Pop, and Classic. 

Have fun watching endless series with excellent sound, as the soundbar has 12 hours of playtime. You can use Bluetooth to connect any device to the soundbar. Besides, you can also access any connectivity options- AUX, USB, FM, and SD Card. 

The ‘house wrapping’ sound makes the soundbar a perfect choice for all entertainment lovers. The built-in mic feature aids you in receiving calls quickly and conversing with the person at the other end, and catching every detail of what is being spoken by the other person. This option works great if you are on a business/work-related call, as you can note down the main points of the conversation quickly. 

Buyer’s Guide For The Best Soundbar In India

Having a good soundbar for the perfect TV viewing experience is a must! Who doesn’t love listening to good-quality music? Play your favorite songs and set your mood right with a great audio experience. Here, we have listed the best soundbar in India to ensure you have a fantastic time watching your favorite shows and movies. 

It’s the time to jazz up your entertainment life. Immerse yourself into the world of TV content and sway your body to the tunes of good quality music. Soundbars aid in producing high-quality sound with great bass and zero noise. Oh, did I say it also enhances the beauty of your modernized room?

The market is flooded with soundbars as many manufacturers launch their products every day. With so many options surrounding you, it gets tricky to choose the correct option. To sweep all your worries away, we have come up with a list of certain important factors to consider before purchasing any soundbar. 

  • Size

Deciding about the size of the soundbar is very important. Usually, soundbars fit well and look great in small to medium-sized rooms. Keep in mind your TV screen size and accordingly buy the soundbar. This is because it seems odd if the soundbar happens to be way too wide than the TV screen. 

A 12-inch soundbar will go well with a small TV screen, while a 50 to 60-inch soundbar will match up with a TV having a screen of 50 to 70 inches. If you wish to upgrade your TV, consider our related posts, Best 55 Inch Smart TV, which consists of perfect TVs for your new soundbar.

Click Here to check out 65 inch TV.

You can choose a slim soundbar compared to your TV screen, but a wider soundbar doesn’t look good if the TV screen is not that wide. 

  • Channel Configuration 

Specific figures such as 2.1 or 3.0 are labeled on the soundbar package. Knowing these figures is crucial to get your hands on the best soundbar that produces clear and sharp sound. 

For instance, a 2.0 channel soundbar indicates that it is equipped with two speakers at either end of the soundbar- one on the right and the other on the left. Suppose there is a 5.1 ch soundbar, which means that there are five speakers with three speakers located centrally and the other two at the respective ends of the soundbar, along with one subwoofer for bass-enriched sound. 

Now that you know its meaning just glancing at this figure will inform you of the number of speakers and woofers offered by any soundbar. 

  • Audio Technology 

Two kinds of technologies and audio decoders are used in a soundbar- Dolby, and DTS. While both are good at delivering excellent sound output, DTS is thought to be a likable option owing to its high bitrates. 

Dolby uses audio compression technology and delivers unhindered loud and clear sound output. Dolby Digital has a bitrate of 640 Kbps with a 5.1 channel, and Dolby TrueHD has a bitrate of 18 Mbps with a 7.1 channel. 

On the other hand, DTS stands for Digital Theatre System and is mainly used by home theatre sound systems. The sound produced is exceptionally high quality that pays attention to every detail of the audio while eliminating any noise to deliver deep and sharp to your ears. 

While DTS Digital Surround has a bitrate of 1.5 Mbps with 5.1 channels, DTS HD High Resolution has a bitrate of 6 Mbps with 7.1 channels.

So, you can see which one is the better of the two! Both are equally good unless you wish to buy the best one. You can be picky and buy the one that suits your interests. 

  • Connectivity

Make sure the soundbar has Bluetooth so that you can wirelessly stream music. Having an HDMI port lets you easily connect the TV to the soundbar. The more connectivity options, the greater the fun of handling the soundbar. 

Wi-Fi connectivity is in vogue these days. With this mode, you can easily connect the soundbar with devices by means of the internet. Optical ports are also excellent and convenient options to link your TV to the soundbar. 

You won’t probably get more than one USB port in a soundbar. Also, managing with such a soundbar should not be a problem, as a single USB port usually suffices. However, if you need more USB ports, you can browse for more soundbars that offer the specifications you want. 

Which Is The Best Soundbars In India?

Let’s wrap up our discussion on the best soundbar in India. Please note that millions of soundbars are currently available in the market. Make sure with your choice in the brand of the soundbar.  

Here are our top picks that will simplify your buying process further. First and foremost, I recommend the Sony HT G700. It is because we all know how excellent the brand is in producing the top sound. So if you are concerned about the budget, you can go for boAt Aavante Bluetooth soundbar in India as it is an absolute treat to the ears. Then, I would recommend JBL Cinema SB231 as it comes with 110-watt sound output and the channel bar makes you hear even the uttering dialogues spoken in movies.

Good luck in making a choice! It is recommended to select a product that belongs to a reputable company. Explore the soundbar options that sync with your interests and conduct the research in your special way to make the best decision. 

Get excited to welcome the cinema-like feel to your home! Have fun! Bless your ears with a great audio experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which soundbar is best in India?

Sony Soundbar is the best soundbar in India compared to the other soundbar. It gives a realistic experience to its users with its best audio bass. It is also equipped with Dolby Atmos and DTS to boost its performance.

Which soundbar is better, boAt or TCL?

boAt soundbar is the best soundbar compared to TCL. It is compatible with all brand TVs with an HDMI port. It supports Dolby Atmos and gives a loud sound output with lesser compression.

Which soundbar has the best sound quality?

When it comes to voice clarity, Sony is the best soundbar to buy with the best sound quality. If you are looking for a budget soundbar, then the JBL soundbar is affordable with the best sound quality.

Is the JBL soundbar good?

JBL Soundbar is the most affordable soundbar that anyone can purchase. The bass is too powerful without much boomy. The high noise output is also sharp and clear even when you are not around.

Which soundbar is best for TV?

Sony Soundbar is the best soundbar for your TV. With true stereo speakers, the audio streams over Bluetooth and USB. Multiple audio modes can change the modes suitable for movies and songs. 

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