10 Best 65 Inch Smart TV in India 2021

After analyzing multiple features, our team conclude the new Redmi 65 inches 4K TV (deal link below) as the overall best 65 inches one can get in October 2021. This TV comes with the best in class features and offers great value for money.

The Redmi 65 inches 4K TV is also the cheapest 65-inch TV available right now with discounts that can be purchased at around Rs. 55,000.

List of best 65-inch Smart TV with deals from Amazon Great Indian sale October 2021:

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Rs. 64,999
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Sony Bravia (65 Inches) 4K Ultra HD Smart TV
  • Screen Size: 65 inches
  • Resolution: 4K Ultra HD (3840x2160)
  • Refresh Rate: 50 hertz
  • Sound: 20 Watts Output
  • Number of HDMI Ports: 3

If you are looking for the best 65 inch TV in India, be happy that you are at the right place. As we have curated this best 65 inch TV in India list based on reviews from several websites.

Best 65 Inch TV In India 2021

1. Sony Bravia 65 Inch Smart Android LED TV

Sony Bravia (65 Inches) 4K Ultra HD Smart TV
  • Screen Size: 65 inches
  • Resolution: 4K Ultra HD (3840x2160)
  • Refresh Rate: 50 hertz
  • Sound: 20 Watts Output
  • Number of HDMI Ports: 3

In my personal view, the Sony Bravia is the best 65 inch smart TV in India 2021. Isn’t it a cherry on top when you get to watch television which gives you a wholesome recreation joy with spectacular audio quality, indomitable display and luminosity, immersive view and unbelievable features of Netflix, Amazon Prime, Google play store and other mobile-laptop attributes, shaping itself into an unbeatable all in one gadget? 

65X7400H’s fantastic X1 4K HDR Processor gives you floating advantages of crystallized images and refined sounds under the latest technology usage, giving you a resolution of 3840×2160 pixels. Furthermore, the 4K ultra HD resolution intensifies the image quality by giving it a sharp, subtle, and very precisely & fine-drawn quality along with a deep-dwelling image effect. 

The color concoction effect mesmerizes that you could hardly waver your blinks from the beautiful blend on the front screen display. Greatly, You relish the cinematic experience sitting on your sofa!

Sony Bravia 65X7400H offers you a refresh rate of 50hz, giving you extra leverage to own a phenomenal experience with a better display, great eye support, smoother movements, no blur effect, and ongoing engagements for a long time.

Significantly shaped enclosures, the bass reflex speakers embedded in Sony Bravia provide you multiple times more than the average models with similar(or less) wavelength and frequency. It offers you excellent tonal quality, a transparent flow of sound, and efficient service. 

Another technology owned by it is ClearAudio+. Indeed, this technology can alter the modulation according to the track it is yet to play with a highly worthy sound effect. This transition in the audio development gives you rigorous and more vibrant hearing upshots. So carve some time, provide a specific thought, and have your front wall occupied with something valuable and splendid!

2. LG Smart IPS LED 65 Inch TV

The LG Smart IPS is the premium 65 inch smart TV in India 2021. Needless to say, your aspiration for television with such selective and breathtaking features endowing you with easy connectivity, extraordinary resolution, remarkable display technology, and stunning visuals. 

65UM7290PTD’s 4k resolution offers you dynamic color concoction, intense images, shows HDR content, and provides animated and shadowy visuals making your drama experience virtual reality. In addition, its LED display technology not only functions on low power needs but provides you with immediate luminosity without flickering multiple times or even once with high brightness and color variants.

You know about the best technology that it harbors? Sustainably futuristic AI ThinQ technology offers you a dreamlike display arena with contrast and color range, high resolution, and self-employed remote working from all directions at a single command. What magic, isn’t it!

Another feature spotlighting IPS display panel possesses intact and in-depth clarity, quality, redefined contrast ratio, superior screen performance, wide viewing angle, and rapid response time.

You’d be stumped by its altogether WiFi, USB, and HDMI connectivity wherein WiFi as the wireless connection is very flexible, compliant, subject to easy setup, and is highly cost-effective. In contrast, the wired USB cable enables efficiency in its actions, allows effortless usage, makes low use of power, owns a pliable end, and fits with all devices.

Don’t pull your pocket for some 10k-15k or so because this is a worth buying product with seamless service, strenuous and surreal device capability, incredible voice quality, and subtle visual ability, highly-ranking it under the best 65-inch smart tv. Although its brand value and fame are enough to spotlight and engage repeated sales yet, LG 65UM7290PTD TV has made a mark in its genre with incessantly new and latest adoption of technical nuances.

3. Redmi 65 Inch Smart LED TV


Redmi Android is an affordable 65 inch smart TV that one can get in India 2021. It has paced and carved a place for itself in the competitive environment, attaining an edge over the best 65-inch smart tv. Its 4K ultra HD resolution with 3840×2160 pixels has baked the quality of 3D experience, crafted a cinematic scene, added more detailing to images, and intrigued the virtual machine into a real, wholesome experience.

What a soaring refresh rate of 60Hz it offers! It ensures faster frame display, better onscreen image, and superior graphical put up, all of these ending up into a big pool of pragmatic presentation; a  perfect paradox!

The 4k L65M6-RA LED panel display is another cunning clinch leveraging Redmi’s position by providing highly contrasting yet effective pixels, refined and resolving views, mind escalating video quality, and of course, an essence of originality securing a place in head and heart.

A great connection of eye & ear, just like its Dolby audio technology, which provides you with crystallized audio, amplified volume, enhanced speaker quality, engaging soundtrack, and elementary yet eminent experience, the Dolby vision technology complements it with a distinctively delicate & dwelling spectrum, nuanced transformation, high-resolution views, HDR content and conventional & classic dynamics accommodating every new entrant technology and putting up a seamless show.

Undoubtedly a competent, convincing, and cumulative featured product with blur-free software and HLG technology that can stand compatible with dynamics, transitions, and transformation, keeping the visual quality intact. 

L65M6-RA goes without saying about the abode and abundant language and ott platforms Redmi can offer you and let you operate single-handedly.

4. Samsung 65 Inch HD LED Smart TV

Samsung HD LED is a popular 65 inch smart TV that is highly selling in India nowadays. With its Samsung brand, South Korea has left a subtle seal in the world with the supremacy of its evergreen products. The Samsung Wondertainment television is one of many sole & unique systems engaging, endowing, and immersing you in a virtually wonderful world. 

Its 4k ultra high definition (HD) resolution with 3840×2160 pixels spurr even a blurry image into a sterling piece by its quality resolution, optimized brightness standard, sequential framing, and relatively attractive display features.

The multiple connectivity system, including built-in WiFi, provides better and speedier networking than cellular Internet, provides mobility by avoiding redundant wires around, and ensures centralized and decentralized connectivity by perfectly deploying server requirements in every device. What a juxtaposed advantage!

3-sided Bezel-less design is well aligned to give a curvy, sharp, and creatively admirable look to your television. In addition, the bezel works as a screen resizer by enabling more screen dimension and magnitude by marginally swapping away the side bezels. Indeed, an advantage with screen accentuation! Built-in Alexa (in UA65TUE60AKXXL television) works for you on your command, switching on/off, changing the channels, increasing volumes, and commuting to your favorite tv show without any effort from your part except for a word. 

Its crystal processor 4K is well known for its PurColor technology, which enriches your screen with a shady and optimally altered color display providing a natural appearance to the reel. In addition, this UA65TUE60AKXXL processor lets your vision envision the immersive display with four times better resolution and color dynamics.

5. IFFALCON 65 Inch Android Smart QLED TV

  • Screen Size: 65 inches
  • Resolution: 4K Ultra HD (3840x2160)
  • Refresh Rate: 60 hertz
  • Sound: 30 Watts Output
  • Number of HDMI Ports: 3

IFFALCON Android is the latest 65 inch smart TV you can get in India 2021. This 65 inched QLED TV has sprung a significant lead by scoring the title of (one of the) best 65 inches smart TV.  Its 4k ultra HD resolution has escalated in the HDR arena resulting in the most exemplary content display, screen color, brightness, depth, and density of the image put up. 

Next, 65H71’s QLED display technology is a sugar coat over the iFFALCON feature provisions. It offers you significant advantages like color nuance, catchy concoction,  eye-bewitching conventions, fantastic visuals & nanocrystalline visibility accuracy, refined contrast ratio, and long lifespan because of the organic material used in QLED panels. 

Detailing about minute yet powerful internals, the A+ grade panels as a part of display technology eliminates color deviation and leads to near-targeted color representation. Apart from these stunning feathers, the most significant advantage of the QLED display is the power-saving capabilities of this display technology, mechanically saving more energy by employing it to its minimum.

Switching to the Dolby Atmos sound technology adopted by IFFALCON, it is a perfect speaker to have in your hall that’d lit fire all around by its aerial sound recreation, hit acoustic waves, sensational soundtrack, and fantastic audibility. Isn’t it a sound package?

Catching hold of your remote every time while watching TV is just another nuisance. Well, a blessing in disguise, the android processor’s voice recognition functionality-based voice search gives you the privilege to input your demands into the televisions according to your mood anytime at ease. This 65H71 enables you to control your television channels, change, enhance volume, brightness, or any other functions by a single command.

6. TCL 65 Inch Android Smart LED TV

TCL Android is the recent addition to the 65 inch smart TV list in India 2021. TCL’s television model has been a highly consumer-friendly electronic by upscaling its brand value and identity by providing technologically rich features. 

Right from its 4k ultra HD resolution with 3860×2160 pixels, you get in-depth visual elucidation, color combination, striking image density, subtle stripes, and selective and cost-effective service, saving your pocket from redundant extravagance!

You get to enjoy LED display technology which aims at providing a paced & accurately motioned images with no flickers, flaps, or blurry pit. Like the IPS panel, it also endows you with a broader view angle, giving you a masterpiece look (as high as 175°) at low power needs. This display is typically enshrined to devote bright and beautiful images in slender designs.

65P615’s refresh rate is 60Hz, signifying 60 frames per second in full HD. This refresh rate is successfully potent for gaming and watching videos giving a more delicate quality, view, and visuals of the content currently being played. 

The supplemented advantages of sleek sides, slender design, and curvy edges create a cinematic experience with less eye strain, providing a more detailed look. One of the intrinsic technologies elevating television supremacy is micro dimming. Although the name leans on its ability, 65P615’s ironically enthusiastic that micro dimming can significantly change the screen color by turning off the backlight and giving it a complete black & white appearance.

Of course, with such embedded intellectual technologies & resources, TCL leaves persistently provides Dolby audio technology for a clear, crisper, and clatter-free voice delivery and voice functionality for handy commands with accurate and instant responses all at once!

7. Sanyo Android LED 65 Inch TV


A blend of ultimate experience and a world of amusement, Sanyo Android enriches your recreation time with superior features endowed with ample storage capacity, sound technology, classic streaming services, actual refresh rate, and countless other attributes complementing its glory brand.

A seemingly new yet inspiring sound technology named Digital Sound Processing works as a sound refiner by reducing the noise & distortion and enabling downloads without any pathway glitches. This is a reliable and well-designed system providing you ease at visuals without any optical hurdles.

XT-65UHD4S also holds a two-way audio link such that you can be a freaky multitasker with all your security needs getting fulfilled right in front of you via your television through indoor & outdoor security cameras. The wireless connections and high networking present smooth movements of people or goods now and then.

You’d be amazed to know about its spacious storage ascertaining and holding Quad-core CPU + Triple-Core GPU. To list a few advantages of quad-core processors, it enables speedy multitasking. Each such core is designed to handle different systems, increased efficiency, smooth transition, and simultaneously swifter movements. This increases the overall effectiveness of your television performance.

Again, its 4k ultra HD resolution with 3840×2160 pixels has great chunks to offer in terms of pristine image, video, gaming, and all other system crisp cores your television has to offer. Also, XT-65UHD4S gives you sufficient liberty to sit free-handed and give voice commands to and watch your channel via the Google assistant button. So, take the joyride of best-featured audio and visuals movies, serial and most trendy web series through a perfection driven virtual environment.

8. Kodak 65 Inch Smart LED TV

Kodak 164 cm 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV
  • Screen Size: 65 inches
  • Resolution: 4K Ultra HD (3840x2160)
  • Refresh Rate: 60 hertz
  • Sound: 30 Watts Output
  • Number of HDMI Ports: 3

With high-tech screen software and earnest qualitative services, Kodak’s intelligent LED TV has captured a powerful part amongst its competitors. Beginning from its A+ grade DLED panel, this panel owns a transparent appearance yet reflects stunning color creation. Its super dimension is made to provide engaging brightness and also supports rigidity.

Its Digital Theater Systems (DTS) feature is impeccable and incredible with its operation. 65CA0101 uses the psychoacoustic principle, which measures your stimuli and reflexes to the audio quality being heard and accordingly shapes the track to give you a profound tonality experience. Moreover, it ensures steady operation even at a lower bit rate.

Next, its motion estimation, motion compensation (MEMC) technology is fuel on the fire as it intermittently increases the frame rate and displays more smooth & stirring content. It simultaneously enhances the visuals effect giving you a versatile experience.

Of course, 65CA0101 has 4k ultra HD resolution with 3840×2160 pixels which is one of the choicest and most satisfying resolutions by all the televisions, providing you with sharper, well-shaped, and subtle visuals. Surf, stream, and select seamlessly on Hotstar, Zee5, Netflix, and many other trendy ott platforms, besides providing varied and various channels in multiple languages. A full-on package to comfort your recreation time.

The bezel-less designs, voice search system, fantastic connectivity, and vibrant visuals fill up the nuances in perfection, thereby ending you with a complete visual binding your interest boundary in the virtually fantasized imageries. Indeed, a must-buy product!

9. Vu LED Smart Android 65 Inch TV

Indeed a user-friendly product with versatile feature and vivid attributes carving a niche in the best 65 inches Smart TV, Vu LED gives you ultra HD resolution with 3840×2160 pixels endowing you with unbelievable blue rays display, fantastic sound technology, immersive visuals output, and compatible system functionality helping you operate even multiple things at ease and comfort.

It is no wonder its dual-band WiFi technology, mainly dedicated to video and gaming, endowMoreover; it is up-gradation your television with automatic networking, better frequency videos, blur-free images, and fast loading capacity up-gradations. Moreover, its richness transfer speed and interface.

At last and most, what you primarily require is the best display angle presenting wholesome resonating audio, impressive view, and comprehensive- angular & family size array so that even the corner most people can view the accuracy television provides. Again, 65LX is provided MEMC technology which enhances the content quality and increases customer rating in terms of the audio-visual effect it offers.

The transfixing amazement is noise cancellation technology that eliminates the needless snags in audio by measuring the background distortion and converting that signal into anti-noise signals, successfully canceling the actual and realizable background noise into nil. This 65LX provides a more refined edge over the existing sound you receive.

The pixel light technology is another elaborative and enhancing technology that can improve light reflection by 40%, ensuring better picture quality, brightness, and angle. A collective view of a whole product would make itsendowMoreover, its gradation worth incalculable and compel you to have it on your front wall right in the entering hall!

10. eAirtec 65 Inch Smart LED TV

Could you believe buying a cost-effective and equally efficient television lying in a low range with many features? Well, eAirtec is one out of the best electronics in this television genre, providing you with extended attributes like stable warranty, finest audio quality, inbuilt WiFi connections, and many more.  

The 65AT television is also layered with a double glass panel as an insulator, noise absorber, power saver, and damage controller. It is an eco-friendly panel promoting lessons for environmentalism apart from edging perfection. Not an inbuilt streaming function but an outward mirroring, eAirtec provides you with screen mirroring so that your mobile content can be duplicated to your television, giving you a broader and crisper visual entertainment.

Its box speaker sound,  specifically the loudspeaker enclosure, is well designed to produce amplified soundtracks and incredibly enthralling audios to make your day.  Needless to worry about any original internal damage as the television is subjected to refund or replacement within the ten days of delivery, giving you a vivid sense of sigh and, of course, guaranteed warranty.

It, undoubtedly, owns 4k resolution bringing home quality images and fantastic audio-video combination and 60Hz refresh rate to ensure required and responsive frames per second to avoid any stutter in the motions of your television. Moreover, a blend of every subtle to complex feature can end you with the best among the rest.

So buy this 65AT product which can suitably stand out with its classic feature & color and give you endless connectivity options for DVD, Gaming, CCTV, or other linking to prove its versatility top to bottom.

Buyers Guide For The Best 65 Inch TV In India

Before any execution, humans, even in their micro-level livelihood, follow the business rule of planning, organizing, staffing, directing, and controlling. This evenly goes with the buying decision: what to buy, which features it should be managed with, how to scrap additional requirements, how to own a self-uplifting quality product, and how to look for deviations. Isn’t it? 

Therefore, a general guide is an essential toolkit to personalize the features and predict if the buying decision is beneficial in the long run. Therefore, the following is the buying guide of general parameters which you must consider before buying a television :


Primarily, your preference would be to have a classic, sleek, impressive, and angular display which not only owns multiple cinematic effects but also reflects your class or glory. Of course, you’d avoid buying a television with a fat backend, stout panels, and a narrow angular edge. A further and detailed analysis would drive you into the type you can have :

LED: Led displays are a high-quality display providing decorative brightness and luminosity and are backlit with full arrays. 

QLED: Utilising quantum dots, QLED displays not only aces in screening monochromatic crystals with a narrow focus but also aces in color variations. It offers you superior quality screen visuals. 

OLED: OLED, again, displays fantastic contrast and significant motion & movements on screen. Its slim appearance makes it more attractive and buy-worthy.


The pixel placement and configuration on the display screen sculpt the screen view. Therefore, purchasing a higher and better resolution television would add liveliness and sharpness to your television view presence. To distinguish a few. 

•HD displays games, videos, and more OK dimension image size. 

• Full HD provides graphic-intensive play, customized characters, accessible tasks, and visuals within eye limits to minimize eye strain conditions. 

• 4k UHD enables color fineness, contrast, image detailing, realistic presentations, and a virtually live 3D experience.

Refresh Rate 

Refresh is nothing but a number of frames per second your television can display on the screen. Electronic with higher refresh is generally preferred as it does not give pixelated visuals, enables consistency and compatibility in the transitions, enhances the gaming experience by reducing loading time or increasing action pace & intensity. Therefore, a must-deem feature before making a purchase decision!

Screen Size

Buying decisions should necessarily entail the screen size. This factor depends upon its other two sub-factors, namely the wall size and the family size. Purchase a television that suitably fits on your wall without hiding any other wall-embedded tools. Its space should be compact and intact to avoid any further perplexing situation. 

Also, family size equally matters. A small TV with 15 members may become a source of conflict rather than recreation because of the distance and viewership. Again, a large TV with two viewers would be a fool’s goal to kick in as it is only a useless occupancy of space and deployment of money.


The price shall not be a constraint if you look forward to splendid and classic television ownership with high resolution, fabulous display, invincible model, and glorious experience. The range, therein, varies but with a marginal difference and, of course, with a small chunk of software or feature distinction. 

However, suppose you believe that price is a decisive and well-pondered factor and equally effective for the long run. In that case, you can go for choices that endows you with plenty of features, excellent resolution, and more OK display models. The experience shall remain stunning and satisfactory because of the trusted brand value and goodwill the company is likely to own and disseminate in terms of range to all sections of people. If you want to have a look at some of the small size screens, you can check our best 32 inch TV under 15000, which is also budget-friendly. 


Don’t purchase, do marketing! A purchase decision should start right from identifying the range of products the company has to offer and end on its after-sales service. Warranty, in this regard, becomes a much-needed factor to affect onboard. Consider the warranty tenure ensured by the company so that you can claim your right in case of faulty mechanisms or default features within the time frame mentioned in their T & C. 

Television is, indeed, a source of entertainment, engaging you into news, bullions, serials, music, and videos of the kind and quality you desire. With the advancement in technologies and upgradation in every field, televisions have also inbred many new features or adopted some of their electronic peer features.

The best of these have been jotted and compiled in this article which would be a helping hand for you to make a buying decision. Thus, you can end your buying decision regarding the best 65 inches Smart Tv.

Which Is The Best 65 Inch TV In India For You? 

To save your time and reduce further confusion, we recommend a few models. Firstly, Sony Bravia is the top pick as it makes you enjoy a theatrical feel with the stunning display. Then we suggest LG Smart IPS TV, which is affordable for everyone and also with amazing features. 

Moreover, we have also listed the best 55 inches smart TV under 50000 and the best 43 inch TV in India, which is suitable for many homes. 

Best 65 Inch TV in India with price (2021)

Best 65 Inch TV in IndiaOfficial PriceAmazon price
Sony Bravia Smart Android LED TV₹ 99,999Check Amazon
LG Smart IPS LED TV₹ 80,999Check Amazon
Redmi Smart LED TV₹ 58,999Check Amazon
Samsung HD LED Smart TV ₹ 85,990Check Amazon
IFFALCON Android Smart QLED TV₹ 79,999Check Amazon
TCL Android Smart LED TV₹ 56,999Check Amazon
Sanyo Android LED TV₹ 61,999Check Amazon
Kodak Smart LED TV₹ 54,990Check Amazon
Vu LED Smart Android TV₹ 69,999Check Amazon
eAirtec Smart LED TV₹ 51,500Check Amazon

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the best smart TV in India 2021?

In my opinion, the Sony Bravia 65X7400H is the best 65 inch smart TV in India 2021. This TV has an X1 4K HDR Processor, which produces crystal clear images and well-refined audio. Also, it offers you a refresh rate of 50 Hz, and you can watch Netflix, Amazon Prime, Google play store on the Smart TV so clearly. 

Which brand is best for Smart TV in India?

The best brand for Smart TV in India is LG and Sony. The LG Smart IPS is a perfect choice (if Sony is not affordable for you), consisting of 4k resolution, IPS display panel, WiFi connectivity, USB, HDMI ports, superior screen performance, high contrast ratio, and many more.

Which Smart Android TV is best in India?

Redmi Android is the best smart Android TV in India from the list. The TV containing the 4k resolution with 3840×2160 pixels delivers astonishing images, and you will find a surprising refresh rate of 60 Hz here. The LED panel is another amazing feature providing refined contrasts and wide viewing angles. The Dolby audio is responsible for clarity audio, and overall, Redmi Android is a must to try! 

Which TV is best smart or non-smart?

The Smart TV in India is always the best choice than a non-smart one. Because it offers you several advantages like watching your favorite movies on Netflix, Amazon Prime, and many other online videos. Another biggest advantage is you can browse on a large screen and also use Alexa. One such great example of the best smart TV in India is the LG 65UM7290PTD TV. 

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