5 Best Window AC In India 2021

You’ve got plenty of great options to consider when finding the best window AC in India. You need to look for a comfortable model and provide you with enough air for any intention.

Each window unit is useful in many ways. You’ll have to notice how well a unit model works and that you have something worthwhile and easy to plan out.

5 Best Window AC In India 2021

1. Voltas 1.5 Ton 5 Star Window AC

You can start searching for a unit by looking at this Best Window AC In India 2021 model from Voltas. The 1.5-ton capacity ensures you can get a room about 150 square feet in size powered up well.

A rotary compressor is also included in this model. The compressor allows for air to move in many directions.

An anti-dust filter keeps the dust inside your unit from being clogged up or too messy. You can use the filter to keep the air in check.

The 5-star design ensures you’ll have more control over how well the air is produced. There is no need to worry about the unit using more energy than necessary.


  • The cool air that comes out of it moves through well
  • Works instantly
  • Changes its temperature fast after you adjust it


  • The noise produced by the Window AC can be bothersome
  • Not as accurate as of the temperature shows

2. Lloyd 1.5 Ton 3 Star Window AC

Your next option to see here is this Lloyd AC. The 1.5-ton Window AC In India has the best options of a copper condenser coil that offers a better cooling system while also requiring a limited amount of maintenance. The copper unit keeps the air moving out well without producing more energy than what space needs.

The dehumidifier feature also helps you with keeping the air where you are dry. The design provides you with the help you need for managing the conditions during a monsoon. A self-cleaning feature also works inside the Lloyd units to clean off the evaporator coil to keep dust and bacteria from getting in the way of the surface.

A BLDC motor is also included in this model. The BLDC motor uses fewer power thanks to the brushless design utilized here.


  • It comes with a five-year warranty on the compressor
  • You can get the Llyod to work very fast
  • The swinging setup allows air to move through the room at multiple angles


  • Features a low SEER rating of 2.92
  • It takes a bit for air to move through all parts of your room.

3. Hitachi 1 Ton 5 Star Window AC

You can use this Best Window AC In India with 1-ton Hitachi AC if you have a room less than 110 square feet in size. The SEER rating of 3.4 is one of the highest in the field, with the 5-star rating being featured here. The copper condenser coil here includes a firm body that is reliable and durable while allowing for energy to move through the system a little faster.

The automatic fan speed feature works when the compressor is cut off. The fan speed will go low when the compressor is off. Meanwhile, the compressor will start up again when the fan speed is high. The Window unit’s design ensures you’ll keep the air moving through well while keeping your space comfortable throughout the year.


  • The R22 refrigerant gas included does not produce lots of stress
  • Auto Restart will go back to work after a power failure occurs
  • An indicator lets you know when you need to get your filter cleaned out


  • The fan makes too much noise
  • It takes a bit for the fan to circulate air well enough.

4. Whirlpool 1.2 Ton 5 Star Window AC

The 1.2-ton Whirlpool is Best Window AC In India 2021 models designed for smaller rooms under 110 square feet in size. The 3.46 SEER rating provides a better approach to your work. The Window unit also comes with a copper condenser coil that is easy to support and utilize. A five-year compressor is also included for what works for your needs.

The Turbo Cool system works with optimized hardware for making everything easy to support. The 6th Sense Sleep feature works by monitoring the environment in the room at night. The unit will adjust the temperature setting based on the conditions in your room.

This is brilliant when you consider how uncomfortably cold your space might get at night when you aim to keep everything down.


  • The efficient cooling setup uses less power
  • The five-year compressor warranty is solid
  • The products respond well to various controls you put in


  • The capacity for the unit is not all that strong
  • It takes a while to start up
  • The dehumidifier is lacking

5. Blue Star 1.5 Ton 5 Star Window AC

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Your last option is this choice from Blue Star. The 3.31 SEER rating provides you with enough power for all your cooling needs. The dust filter and dehumidifier that comes with the Window AC model keep the air comfortable and let you use it during humid conditions. These include concerns about where the monsoon is coming along.

This is the best product of Blue Star 1.5 Ton Window AC: No 1 Brands of Best Window AC in India 2021.

You can use the dry mode on this unit. The dry mode reduces the excess humidity in your home. A built-in accumulator also works in the model to improve the cooling performance all around. You can use this while the model will not produce as much energy as what you might find through other comparable models.


  • The memory function restarts the model at the same setting when the power is lost.
  • Sleep mode keeps the conditions in check when the room gets cooler at night
  • The copper condenser coil keeps the air moving well


  • The model can be noisy
  • It can be tough for the refrigerant gas to work at times

Find the Best Of Best Window AC In India?

You’ve got plenty of options to consider when finding the best window AC in India unit for your needs. But you must also look at a few features when finding a quality unit you can trust:

  • Analyze the SEER rating on your Window AC. The Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio is a measure of how much effort is needed for reducing the temperature to a certain point. A higher SEER means that the model uses less power to get where you want it to be.
  • Figure out how well the model can handle a large enough room. A model can handle rooms from 100 to 150 square feet in size, depending on your choice. An item that produces more tons of air at a time will be better suited for use.
  • Review the quality of the refrigerant gas being used. R22 gas is ideal for producing any harmful emissions or being at risk of hurting the ozone.
  • Dehumidifying features are critical for today’s window AC models. You need a unit that keeps excess moisture from being a burden in your home, especially when the conditions are wet where you are.
  • The sleep mode feature on your AC model is also vital for ensuring you will feel comfortable at night. A good unit will adjust your room’s conditions to where the temperature will be lowered based on the surrounding conditions where you are. This entails not worrying about the place being too hot at night.

Everything you do when finding a unit should be planned well. You’ll need to ensure you have a useful and convenient model for any needs you’ve got when cooling a room.

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