5 Best Soundbar Under 15000 In India 2023

Are you searching for the best soundbar under 15000 in India? 

Well, you are at the right place as we have come up with the best Soundbar under 15000 list in the market and the reviews. 

Without any further ado, let’s get started.

Best Soundbar Under 15000 In India

1. Philips Audio HTL8121/94 120W Soundbar


In my personal opinion, Philips Audio HTL8121 is the best soundbar under 15000 in India as of 2023. Philips is a well-known brand for electronic items, and we can trust them to deliver good products. This woofer/ soundbar speaker with wireless, Bluetooth, and HDMI connectors. This 120-wattage soundbar has a glass-top elegant look to it.

This soundbar has an integrated subwoofer along with touch control. You can adjust the bass and treble according to your liking through the remote provided with the soundbar. It also comes along with a user’s manual and a warranty card. If you purchase your soundbar through Amazon, you can buy an extension on your warranty time length for one or two more years, depending on which you choose to purchase and extend your warranty. 

Since the soundbar has a Bluetooth option, you can connect any device to it, like your mobile phone, tablet, etc. The product has great reviews on Amazon. About 46% of the buyers have given a 5-star rating for the product, with an average rating of 4.3/ 5 stars. 

2. Samsung T450/XL 2.1 Wireless Soundbar

Samsung T450/XL 2.1 is the premium soundbar one can buy for under 15000 in India. Just like Philips, Samsung is also a well-established brand when it comes to its electronics. So it is yet again you can count on them to deliver a good product. This comes under the surround sound, subwoofer, and soundbar speaker types. 

As mentioned earlier, this soundbar comes with a wireless subwoofer and a remote control along with Dolby digital. It is a 2.1 ch soundbar with a one-year manufacturer’s warranty. Like the first soundbar, you can buy an extended warranty for a year or two depending on which warranty you choose to purchase and how you are ready to pay for the extended warranty. 

This 200-wattage soundbar supports different audio formats like MP 3 audio, Wma, etc. It has many sound modes like surround sound expansion, game, and standard, from which you can choose according to the situation. It can be operated from a maximum of 6 feet. 

It does not have excellent ratings on Amazon. About 26% of the users have voted for the five-star ratings, with an average of 3/5-star ratings. 

3. Zebronics Zeb-Juke Bar 9400 Pro Soundbar


Zebronics Zeb-Juke is the affordable soundbar you can look for under 15000 in the market. This soundbar is from yet another well-known brand called Zebronics. This is a 150 watts soundbar with 525 watts of audio wattage and a subwoofer that supports HDMI, optical input, AUX, wireless Bluetooth, USB, and Dolby Digital Plus. 

It also comes with black dual rear speakers, two remote control units, 1 unit of the user manual, and 1 unit wall mount bracket with fasteners. It also has a LED display, volume/ media controls, and remote controls and comes with wall mounting provisions. The Zebronics product dimensions are 24.5 x 96.5 x 50 cm and 7kg 700g. 

The ratings for this product are good, and most users enjoy this soundbar very well. About 52% of the users have given it a five-star2 rating, with an average of 4.1/5-star ratings. Some common customer complaints are that the remote does not have a dedicated button for Bluetooth and HD mode, and it is also a wired unit, so that you might have some difficulties with the installation. Some users have also reported that there has been a delay with the sound when they are streaming it.

4. JBL Cinema SB130 2.1 Soundbar 

JBL Cinema SB130 is the latest addition to our best soundbar under the 15000 list in India in 2023. JBL is also a great brand that delivers good quality electronic items. This soundbar is a 110 Watt power output with a wired subwoofer for extra deep bass. It also has an embedded Dolby Digital for improved sound quality, especially for a more extraordinary movie experience. 

Many other accessories that come along with the soundbar are a wired subwoofer, remote control with two lithium-ion batteries, power cords (they provide up to 4 pieces depending on the region), HDMI cable, wall-mount bracket kit with screws, a quick start guide, warranty card, and a safety sheet. The warranty lasts for a year long. The dimensions of the product are 6.3 x 90 x 6.7 cm, and 4kg 300g

The JBL soundbar has an average rating of 3.6 stars out of 5, and about 42% of the people have given it a 5-star rating. There are also not many negative reviews. You can even find more specific ratings for the product like:

  • Bluetooth connectivity – 4/ 5 star ratings
  • Sound quality – 3.4/5 star ratings
  • Remote control – 3.2/ 5 star ratings
  • Value for money – 3.1/ 5 star ratings

5. Zebronics Zeb-Juke Bar 9001 Pro Soundbar

Zebronics Zeb Juke 9001 is the stylish soundbar under the 15000 price range in 2023. This is another soundbar from a brand that we already discussed earlier. This soundbar comes with a wired subwoofer that supports Bluetooth, HDMI(ARC), optical input, AUX, USB, and Dolby Digital Plus. The product dimensions are 23 x 45.1, 97.3, and 7kgs.

The soundbar has a high fidelity overall output at 120 RMS and a subwoofer that is 16.51 cm long. It also has a LED display that allows you to control the volume, and the Dolby Digital plus improves your movie experience to a maximum level. 

The Best Soundbar in India comes with a power cord, 1 unit; remote control, 1 unit; input cable, 1 unit; wall mount brackets with fasteners, and a user manual. You also get a 1-year of service center customer care. 

The customer ratings for this soundbar are similar to the Zeb-Juke bar 9400 pros by the same brand. It has an average rating of 4.1 stars out of 5, and about 52% have given the product 5 stars. If you wish, you can also find another Zebronics variant in our Best Soundbar Under 20000 post.

Buyer’s Guide

How many of you guys are missing going to concerts and karaoke nights? I am sure we all are. The pandemic has undoubtedly taken a toll on our social lives, but we have adapted to this kind of lifestyle so well that we do not want to go to places with many crowds. We have learned to party from home, and an essential part of a party is good music. This is where we come into place.

We have created a list of the best soundbar under 15000 rupees. Next time you have a zoom party or a solo party, you will be in charge of music because you have the best soundbar. 

These products are not listed in any order. They are just some of the best soundbars you can find for less than 15000 rupees. Read along the article to find a buyer’s guide to discuss the factors you need to consider before choosing a soundbar. 

Now that we have looked at some great options for a good soundbar. Let us see some of the things you need to consider before choosing the one for you.


In our opinion, it is always best to go with some well-known brands when it comes to electronic items. Some of us may even prefer a particular brand, and you may only choose all your products from that specific brand. So, pick your brand carefully and make sure to purchase from an authorized dealer for a good product. You also need to make sure that they provide you with a warranty. 


Since most of the soundbars are heavy and big, you first need to decide where you will fit the soundbar. Once you have decided that, you can start looking at options that match the particular dimensions of the place where you will fit in. You do not want to buy a soundbar and have no place to fit it. So, be sure of the place where you are going to fit it in. 

Number Of Channels On The Soundbar:

Make sure to buy one with at least three channels, as experts feel like a soundbar with two-channel is just “glorified mini- stereos.” With three channels, the surround system will be amplified, and this will, in turn, give you a good movie experience. 


Firstly, ask yourself, “what do you need the soundbar for?” If you want to connect it to your TV for movies and other purposes, you can opt for a cheap one, but if you also want to play music, then it is best to choose a good-quality soundbar with great features. 

Which Is The Best Soundbar Under 15000?

Suppose we decide to update ourselves at pace with technology. In that case, we will never be able to catch up with it as so many innovations, and inventions help develop the world and make us more dependent on technology. This has pros and cons, but putting that aside, we can only try and keep up with the fast-paced technology, and what is best right now in the market for sound systems was covered in this article. 

So here are our personal picks to fasten your shopping. Philips Audio HTL8121 soundbar is the best in class soundbar which delivers the cinematic audio experience even in your home. For a budget range, you can go for Zebronics Zeb-Juke 9400 soundbar. In case, if you wish to get some advanced features, Samsung T450/XL 2.1 soundbar is perfect for you as it comes with a remote, wireless woofer, and so many others! 

We hope you found this article about the best soundbar under 15000 rupees useful! Happy shopping! 

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