3 Best Smartwatch Under 2000 In India 2021

The best smartwatch under 2000 that you can choose with confidence needs a little research and thought. Hence, based on a few quick tips and factors, here is a short guide designed to help you choose the best smartwatch under 2000 for you. 

Best Smartwatch Under 2000 in India 

1. AQFIT W8 Bluetooth Smartwatch

AQFIT W8 Bluetooth Wireless SmartWatch
  • Screen: 1.33" LCD Display
  • Battery backup: 10 days

In my personal view, the AQFIT smartwatch is undoubtedly one of the best fitness watches under the 2000 price range category. In addition to being affordably priced, the watch also has a myriad of other exciting features that you will love. 

The nominal price of the watch does not compromise the features or performance of the gadget in any way. The smartwatch has a complete fitness tracking system in place.

The display has a square shape with rounded edges for an optimal viewing experience. The screen size is 1.33 inches, and the watch has a full-touch IPS display that displays a bright range of colors.

The W8 houses a Nordic chipset, which also supports an ST LIS2DH12TR sensor. This sensor is known for its capacity to deliver 40 percent more efficiency but consume 50 percent less charge. This feature is one of the main reasons why the W8 is able to pack so many good qualities in the slim and elegant exterior. 

The AQFIT W8 can track all kinds of sports like swimming, badminton, and biking. The watch has fifteen different activity modes that you can choose from to track your workouts. In addition, the watch is waterproof up to 5 meters in water. 

Apart from step count, calorie count, blood oxygen, and sleep monitor, the AQFIT W8 can also be used to control features like the camera, alarms, and music of the phone.

2. Mabron D609 Activity Tracker Smartwatch

Mabron D609 Intelligence Bluetooth Smart Watch
  • Screen: 1.3" HD Color Display
  • Battery backup: 1 day

The Mabron D609 is one of the finest budget smartwatches under 2000 in the market. This fitness smartwatch has an elegant square screen with full touch capacity and a bezel with rounded edges that give it an edgy appearance. 

The fitness smartwatch has five different strap color options that you choose from. The smartwatch has a sleek display and no other button controls. The display is color and displays the battery level, step count, and a selected few statistics that you choose.

You can use the D609 smartwatch to access different features on your phone. This watch can be used to set alarms on your phone, control the music, has calendar capabilities, and also remote camera facilities. This smartwatch also has a unique find my phone feature that will allow you to track your phone if you lose it. 

The Mabron D609 smartwatch, once connected to your phone, can send you notifications from social media apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, Linked In, Snapchat, Slack, and even Twitter. You do not have to reach for your phone every time you receive a notification. You can check it right on your watch. There are also options to configure instant, pre-enabled replies to messages. 

3. Rhobos D116 touch screen Bluetooth Smartwatch 

The Rhobos D116 touchscreen smartwatch is a great choice of accessories for you. The fitness band fulfills your expectations of a basic fitness accessory quite well. 

The smartwatch has a square dial with round edges that elevate its elegant and stylish appearance. The display is 1.3 inches in size and has a full touchscreen display in color. A clear smartwatch face and optimal font size make it easier to view the details.

You can use the Rhobos D116 smartwatch to receive notifications from all your social media applications like Slack, Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, Whatsapp, Snapchat, and even the normal message app. With this feature configured, you can access all your notifications on your wrist without having to check your phone every two minutes. 

The watch has multiple activity modes that you can choose from to track your exercises. The smartwatch also has a lot of sport modes like badminton, yoga, running, and swimming. The watch is waterproof and can withstand being in the water without any damage. 

The Rhobos D116 smartwatch also has a lot of useful features like configuring your band to set alarms on your phone, control the music, calendar capacities, and even remote camera control facility.  

Which is the Best Smartwatch Under 2000 For You?

Smartwatches are a great way to keep yourself fit and also make for an elegant accessory. When you go a bit high, say the best smartwatch under 5000, has various features and can provide you with many insights regarding your health and fitness, thereby improving your lifestyle. 

If budget is your primary concern, the Rhobos D116 smartwatch is the perfect choice for you. This fitness band has a neat, square-shaped display and a touchscreen with full-touch capacity. It can accurately track a lot of different sports and has a variety of activities that you can choose from.

If Performance-oriented smartwatches are your thing, the AQFIT W8 Bluetooth smartwatch is a perfect choice. The W8 has a full touchscreen display with IPS and has a 2.5D curved screen. The display is square in shape but with rounded corners. The watch also has a 150 mAh battery that lasts for 5-7 days per charge. 

If like most people, you want to keep it within budget but cannot afford to compromise on quality, the Mabron D609 is a great choice of fitness watch. This smartwatch can accurately track steps, calories, blood pressure, and heart rate. It also monitors your sleep and calculates the distance you cover each day. In addition, this best smartwatch in India can be directly linked to your phone to receive notifications and messages directly onto your watch all day. 

I hope the information about the best smartwatch under 2000 is beneficial for you. 

Best Smartwatch Under 2000 in India with price (2021)

Best Smartwatch Under 2000 in IndiaPrice
AQFIT W8 Bluetooth Smartwatch₹ 2,299
Mabron D609 Activity Tracker SmartwatchPrice not available
Rhobos D116 touch screen Bluetooth Smartwatch₹ 1,499

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