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Wakefit Mattress Review India 2022

Our team after a lot of research and experiments describes the Wakefit Mattress Review. We hope this article will be very useful as this Wakefit Mattress review covers all the specifications, benefits, and even the customer support in detail.

Wakefit Mattress Review

Wakefit was founded in March 2016 with just a vision to revolutionize the Mattress industry by building India’s largest mattress community. Since then, Wakefit has expanded its team to offer an online portal for mattresses in the country. The Wakefit portal has successfully connected lakhs of customers across India. 


Wakefit mattress is an environmentally responsible product without compromising on comfort and durability. Wakefit has researched, tested, and retested the best materials, processes, and technologies to make an excellent mattress that’s easy on your pocket.

Wakefit have spent over 1500 hours in research and development to ensure a hassle-free experience for all our customers. They cut out intermediaries, brands, showrooms, and retailers to offer quality products at half the price. Having worked with top-notch partners from India’s premier IIT’s in the materials and manufacturing industry worldwide, Wakefit brought India our first line of mattresses that are affordable yet technically superior. 

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Source – Wakefit

Wakefit Mattress Types

Wakefit doesn’t believe in selling you a product you don’t need. They have kept only two versions of the core product – the Orthopaedic Memory Foam Mattress and the Dual Comfort Mattress. Wakefit also have one Firmness level, which makes it simple for everyone to understand. You pay for the bed you want- and it’s easier to make a choice.

  • Orthopaedic Memory Foam Mattress

It is one of the first Wakefit mattresses that adapt to every curve of your body. With this, you can say goodbye to tossing and turning throughout the night. It creates a perfect blend of comfort, support, and cooling. Plus, Wakefit has worked diligently to develop its own unique high resilience foam that provides an excellent balance of comfort and support.

This high premium GSM spun knitted fabric mattress is the best way to provide the right support and comfort in a quality mattress. Using this fabric, Wakefit produces all our products only from the highest standard using only the best quality components. Plus, Wakefit’s seven-layer pressure zone has been specially designed to allow air to circulate. It helps keep a comfortable temperature throughout the night. It makes sure you wake up refreshed and revitalized in the morning. 

Sleep like a baby with Wakefit Mattress, which is designed to take care of your body requirements. Be it back pain, spine issues, or other body ailments, this mattress has the right mix of comfort and support to provide you with much-needed relief. 

  • Dual Comfort Mattress

Most people are used to sleeping in a fixed position on their backs or sides, which means feeling uncomfortable when they unintentionally roll to the other side of the bed. Unlike standard mattresses that force you to compromise between quality sleep and comfort, Dual Comfort Wakefit Mattress caters to both your requirements with its two separate, independent comfort layers. Just flip over the mattress to switch between each side depending on the temperature and weather. Also, the Wakefit mattress is the best mattress for back pain in India due to its high health benefits.

Many mattresses can be flipped. But Wakefit comes with two completely different surfaces. One can use it on both sides –Medium-soft and medium-firm surfaces for a perfect night’s sleep. This gives individuals more comfort options as the temperature changes. Additionally, ultra-durable materials ensure support over time.

This Wakefit mattress offers two comfortable sleeping surfaces with independent temperature control. With this mattress, you can sleep your way every month of the year. It helps you enjoy the best of both worlds. The soft side can help you sleep better in hot city summers, while the hard side is better suited and more comfortable in cold winters. Depending on your need, it eliminates the need to have multiple mattresses for varied seasons and temperatures.

The Dual Comfort is perfect for those who love to sleep on either side but may have trouble finding a mattress that creates the optimal sleeping position. The Wakefit Dual Comfort contains layers that contours to your body, providing back and neck support.

With a soft, quilted top with a fantastic stretch that lays flat under your body weight, the fiber technology also prevents motion transfer, so you enjoy great sleep no matter what partner moves around in bed. Wake up refreshed without feeling stuck in one position all night!

wake 4
Source – Wakefit


Wakefit started out as a couple of ordinary people who saw the issues with the current marketplace for high-quality mattresses to be exorbitantly priced and deliver low quality; often the same low-quality, overpriced products being recycled from manufacturer to manufacturer.  

Wakefit exclusive crafts organic and eco-friendly mattresses for all types of sleepers. Plus, their price is, at an average, 50% lower than traditional stores. This is because they cut out intermediaries to sell Wakefit mattresses directly to customers at fair prices. Wakefit has cut out the hassles of conventional retail pricing with no commission, no mediator, and no sales tax. This helped them create an affordably priced, high-quality mattress company that stands behind its products. Still, if you want to compare more, you can consider other best mattress in India before the purchase.

Ergonomic Quality


Usually, the truth is that most of the foams in other mattresses are adulterated with calcium carbonate and other dangerous chemicals. It is a mixture of recycled foam scraps molded by “Hot Processing.” The actual quality of these foams is next to zero, as Wakefit mattresses have very high void content, which results in less firmness and stability.

However, Wakefit provides you with the opportunity to buy genuine, honest, quality mattresses. These Wakefit mattresses have no fillers and are made of pure foam only. These pure foams provide you with the most comfortable nights’ sleep at a much lower price than your previous purchase has cost you.

wake 5
Source – Wakefit


In general mattresses, the layers of foam are supposed to work together to spread the impact out and then compartmentalize the effect so it doesn’t transfer to other foam zones – but this is an entirely false claim. This traditional bed is much less safe; and will not work correctly as advertised. It is made with an inferior composition of foams that fit poorly into each other, causing curled-up edges on every layer that make no sense.

However, at Wakefit, they make sure that the mattress provides a safe and comfortable sleeping experience. The layers fit nicely into each other and work well together. Thus, they adapt to each contour throughout the body. This helps the Wakefit mattress press all the appropriate pressure points to help you sleep. They also have great ventilation technology to keep you cool. The Wakefit mattress has layers of gel foam that keep you more relaxed and sheltered. 

Wakefit’s advanced technology helps to improve sleep. The special designs in the Wakefit mattresses ensure that the sleeper’s spine is given the attention needed to improve their sleep. Due to the presence of body shape conformity, the uniform bodyweight distribution promotes a healthy sleep posture.  

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Source – Wakefit


The Wakefit mattress is a symbol of comfort for most people. It is the last thing we use before going to sleep and the first item we wake up every day. But choosing a high-quality mattress is not as simple as looking at the design, color, or texture. Aside from that, you also have to consider other factors like density, core materials, and thickness. If quality matters for you, you need to take a look at these factors.

One of the main drivers of thickness and comfort in foam is density. Density is foam’s weight per unit of volume. Generally, denser foams are of better quality, offer higher resiliency, and last longer than less dense foams. A higher density can create more foam layers in the same space as a lower-density product, improving a thinner overall product weight.

Thus, every Wakefit mattress is designed with a combination of varying layers of foam, latex, and pocket springs that work together to optimize support and comfort. Plus, there is a very high density of pure foam to make sure it lasts. The 7-10 year warranty for various Wakefit mattresses shows how much faith Wakefit has in their products.


Wakefit Mattresses have two layers of covers. Each layer provides extra protection, preventing the foam from being contaminated by sweat or dust. This makes the whole mattress fresher and more hygienically safe than others. Also, since both the materials are of top quality, they can last for several years without wearing them out.

Plus, the Wakefit mattress is made up of spun knitted fabric. It is more robust, lighter, and more breathable than the conventional woven fabric. This is because the filament yarn is spun and twisted around each other by a machine. It creates tight loops, almost perfectly circular shapes joined together to create a more substantial fabric with better air permeability. Plus, it can be easily removed and washed to make a fresh, new look. 

wake 1
Source – Wakefit

Wide Range of Wakefit Accessories

At Wakefit, they have experts in everything that has to do with sleep. In addition to having one of the widest ranges of mattresses, they also have the broadest range of sleep products. Between its many pillows, duvets, bed covers, and so on, Wakefit has a solution for you no matter what your sleeping needs are.

Snooze in peace with our pillows that will support your head just right. The bed rests and mattress protectors are all-rounders that will keep you safe and secure, come rain or shine. The back support cushions are great for easing back pain, and Sheesham wooden bed frames will prove to be great companions for any home, no matter how many ups and downs life throws at it. 


You can expect your order to be processed and shipped in approximately three business days. For orders completed after 11 AM IST on a given day, the processing begins the following business day. The shipping and processing time always stays within the promised time frame. If you want to track your order, simply enter the order number into the website, and you will be able to do so!

Wakefit’s 100-day policy

We buy many things to make our lives more comfortable- A better TV to entertain us, a new car with its functional features, designed not just to show off. We buy new furniture that makes us feel at home. And we spend hours in the gym to keep up our physique. But there is only one thing we spend nearly half our life resting on, and that’s a mattress.

Customer satisfaction is Wakefit’s top priority. They understand that you cannot make a vital decision online or within 2-3 minutes in a store. Furthermore, Wakefit is so confident that you will love your new mattress that they offer a 100 night trial period, so if you find that you don’t love it, just contact them, and they will take it back.

Customer Support

Wakefit aims to be one of the most customer-friendly companies in the world. At Customer Support, they strive to provide the best service possible. They take great pride in knowing that their customers are happy with them and enjoy using the products.

Wakefit believes in listening to the customers and providing them with products that make their lives easier. This has been the guiding ethos since day one and will remain so in the years to come. Customer support is offered by phone (or live chat if you prefer), and we only employ friendly support reps knowledgeable about the mattress industry. So, if you’re still on the fence, we recommend giving Wakefit a try. 

Wakefit Mattress Review Summary

We believe that everybody deserves a better sleep. In fact, it’s one of the essential parts of our daily routine, and we all should do everything to get more of it. For this purpose, Wakefit’s mattress range has been carefully selected to provide the ultimate comfort level proper at an affordable price. All their products are carefully selected and rigorously tested to offer the perfect balance between comfort, durability, support, and reliability. Thus, Wakefit is one of the best choices you can make for your mattress.

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