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Vaio SE14 Review 2022

Are you on the way to purchase Vaio SE14? Here is my honest Vaio SE14 review in 2022.

In this Vaio SE14 review, I cover its performance, display, battery power, audio quality, connectivity, storage, and all the entire details. So let’s jump in.

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Source – Vaio

Vaio SE14 Review

Vaio SE14 is a good choice to opt for as it is one of the most recognizable brands. It provides good customer service, and it is easy to contact customer care. With a smooth fingerprint sensor and overall high-speed performance, it is provided with pre-installed Windows 10. A thin and lightweight laptop is good for all businessmen and students as it’s easy to carry. The Vaio SE14 has 512GB of SSD storage. A Core i5 processor with 8GB of RAM is installed in it.

Amazon does not have many reviews over it, and neither do other shopping sites have. It is pretty clear that this laptop is not very widely used, but we can’t ignore the fact that it could be underrated. 

We can compare the specifications of the Vaio SE14 version to its twin laptop, the Vaio E15. We would find out the dissimilarities along with the advantages over one another. Though the marketplace is full of various options, why do we buy Vaio SE14? Read along and help yourself come to a conclusion!

Pros And Cons Of The Vaio SE14 Laptop

1 Watt stereo speakersRYZEN 3000 series (when RYZEN 5000 IS available in the market)
LightweightOverpriced for a 3000 series processor
Fingerprint scanneri5 8th generation (when 11th generation is available in the market)
More portsNot mentioned whether the SE14 series is upgradable or not
Wifi ver. 6Possibility of finding laptops of similar specifications at very reasonable prices.

Comparison Between The Vaio SE14 And E15 Series

We call the two versions twins because almost all features in the SE14 laptops are the same as that of the E15. Though having so many similarities, it has dissimilarities based on performance, battery, display, and other stuff. Following are some major points that they differ upon-

DISPLAY: Vaio E15 exceeds the display size by 1.60 inches as SE14 has 14.00 inches of display and E15 has 15.60 inches.

CPU: The CPU in the E15 series is RYZEN 3500U and the CPU in the SE14 model is RYZEN 3700U. For the E15 series, the base clock is of 2.1GHz, and the boost clock reaches up to 3.7GHz, while the base clock for the SE14 model is 2.3GHz, and the boost clock reaches up to 4GHz. 

A base clock speed of 3.4 GHz to 4GHz is usually considered a good clock speed. Having a good clock speed simply means that the CPU of your laptop understands tasks and instructions fast and completes them at a faster rate. The higher the boost clock, the better. A high boost clock means that the CPU can carry out tasks that are high in load. This upgrades the overall performance of the laptop.

WEIGHT: Vaio SE14 weights 1.39 KG, pretty lightweight, comfortable, easy to carry. On the other hand, Vaio E15 weighs 1.77 KG and is comparatively heavier than SE14.

COLOR: Ink Black and Tin Silver available for Vaio E15 while Dark Grey and Red Copper available for Vaio SE14.

PRICE RANGE: Vaio E15 is cheaper than Vaio SE14, and it also has better performance. So, you know what to do.

CONNECTIVITY PORTS: Vaio E15 has a comparatively lesser number of ports than the SE14 model. Also, Vaio E15 has a Micro HDMI port while SE14 has a Standard HDMI port.

BATTERY LIFE: Vaio SE14 (13 hours) lasts longer than the E15 series (8 hours). It is tested and proven. 

Source – Vaio


The Vaio SE14 is an Intel-based processor. It runs on the intel i5 8th Gen processor (8265U). The 11th Gen processor is not yet open to the market. It uses an AMD RYZEN 7 3700U quad-core processor. The clock speed is about 1.6 GHz, and the turbo boost reaches a frequency of 3.9 GHz.

It has integrated UHD (Ultra High Definition) 620 graphics. 1080p full HD display with IPS 15.6” resolution. 1MP webcam with a high-quality, veritable mobile conference center. It also provides users with two digital array facilities, i.e., microphone-out and audio-in.

The AEC technology negates echo noises to help you concentrate better and destroy distractions. It has a preloaded Windows 10 Home. Because of the lightning-fast SSD, Vaio SE14 promises easy multitasking by removing the possibility of a breakdown of the machine while running heavy software. 

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Source – Vaio


This laptop has cache storage of about 6MB, has DDR4 RAM storage of 8GB, and SSD storage of about 512GB. It is specialized for processing and multitasking. Hence the RAM is upgradable. This much data storage helps you keep as much data as you want over time, and also, extendable 8GB RAM gives you high speed and no lag. Even though Vaio SE14 is best, you can also check the same storage feature under the best laptop under 70000 or under 80000 in India.

Battery Life 

The Vaio SE14 laptop provides an ultra-fast charging feature that promises up to 70% charge in just 1 hour of plugging it in. It has round-the-clock productivity with 13 hours of extended battery life, which seems to be an exaggeration, though 4 to 5 hours of work can easily be done. If you are a coder, you can use it, and if you are at the initial stage of coding, then for sure, it is suitable for you as per battery life and performance.


The Vaio SE14 laptop serves us with a 14 inch 16:9 display screen. The screen is made of anti-glare technology, i.e. You won’t find unnecessary reflections on your screen. It offers a wide view angle and promises a full HD display panel (1920×1080).

Audio And Other Outputs

The audio is well supported with four speakers for an overall sound effect. There are two top-firing dual speakers and two down-firing dual speakers. Firing speakers are basically special speakers which are given particular directions of transmission of sound to enhance the user’s experience of sound quality. Down firing speakers are directed towards the surface on which the laptop is placed so as to bounce off sound waves of the surface into the user’s ears.

Other Features-

  • Web Camera of 1 megapixel
  • Internal Mic
Source – Vaio

Connectivity And Input/Output (I/O)

Wireless connections are pretty much something provided by all laptops these days. It runs on wifi ver. Six and Bluetooth ver.5.1. Hence, there is a fast transfer of files and browsing of the internet. Vaio laptops might be the only ones to have a wide range of I/O port systems. Though being lightweight, it is astonishing to include type C, type A, and HDMI ports. The list of ports are provided below:

  • 2x USB type C thunderbolt 4 (Power Delivery, Displayport)
  • 2x USB type A 3.2 (one support charging)
  • Mini HDMI v1.4 
  • Card reader supporting micro SD/SDXC/SDHC
  • Headphone and Mic combination

In terms of connectivity, there is an advantage as it provides you several connectivity ports where some computers with better performance do not have many connectivity ports. 

Keyboard And Touchpad

Keyboard keys provide users with enough key space travel. The Vaio Se14 model offers backlit keyboards with spill resistance. The power button, which also acts as a fingerprint scanner, is an upgrade in security. The touchpad has a fast response with appreciable space travel. There are separate buttons for right and left-click. These buttons are slightly lifted to give a comfortable click. 

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Source – Vaio

Built And Design 

The Vaio SE14 model comes in two shades, i.e., red copper and dark grey. It is coated with aluminum, and the dimensions as in width x depth x height are (324.4 x 229.6 x 19.95)mm. The laptop weighs approximately 1.39 Kg and hence, can be considered lightweight. The build of the laptop does stand out due to its signature ergonomic hinge feature. 

This hinge feature lifts the base of the laptop to a slight slant angle. This provides a comfortable typing experience, especially for users who tend to type for hours. The slight slant also enables good airflow out of the base of the computer. This leads to faster cooling of the machine and reduced body temperature.


A laptop is not all you get when your order arrives. Along with your laptop, Vaio provides you with an AC Adapter and a power cord. A good quality laptop bag is also there. The overall packaging is good, and it ensures the security of the product during transportation. You must contact customer service in case of any damage.

Bottom Line On The Vaio SE14 Review

  1. The overall idea of the Vaio SE14 laptop is not all that over the top.
  2. Vaio is known for its good build quality, and they seem to have kept their word with this latest version.
  3. Buying a 21st Century laptop with specifications to that of 2014 could lead to some disadvantages too. They may or may not affect your requirements.
  4. The Vaio SE14 will not provide any activation key or product key for Office 365, which is already installed in it, but you will get help from Microsoft or Flipkart for the same.
  5. We can have a similar or even better experience with the following laptops:
  • Acer Swift 3
  • HP 15s
  • Acer Aspire 5

Vaio is coming up with better laptops that are comparable to today’s competition in the digital world. You can analyze the above-given information and find out if it is suitable for you or not. We even have included an alternative in the article to check upon.

Most of the specifications are a bit outdated, and the official website of Vaio doesn’t guarantee any upgrade of the same. We hope that this article would have helped make you a decision. All The Best!!

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