Samsung 336 L 2 Star Refrigerator Review

Are you on the way to purchase a Samsung 336 L 2 Star Refrigerator? Here is my honest and complete Samsung 336 L 2 Star Refrigerator review in India.

In this Samsung 336 L 2 Star Refrigerator Review, I cover its features, design, storage, and all the entire details. So let’s jump in.

Samsung 336 L 2 Star Refrigerator Review 2
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Samsung 336 L 2 Star Refrigerator Review

Samsung is the most trusted brand technology-wise; it has many positive impacts on all of its manufacturing products. Especially when it comes to refrigerators, it doesn’t put its buyers down at any cost. So, it’s necessary to know the details about the product.


  • The luxe brown color with Double Door Refrigerator that has freestanding installation type with 336-liter capacity gives stylish design to your interior.
  • The capacity and the freezer are 72 L easy to store. Fresh food capacity is 238 L, excluding the total capacity.
  • It has a frost-free defrosting method that doesn’t require manual defrost. The refrigerator will be defrosting itself if the ice is formed in the freezer.
  • The unique feature is its curd maestro. It makes curd in different weather conditions as well. The digital keypad has the option of making curd.
  • Could convert this refrigerator to 5 in 1 type.
  • The energy star rating of the Best Refrigerator in India is two stars and has inverter technology that has energy efficiency, makes less noise, and the fridge itself adjusts the cooking according to seasons.
  • If power fluctuation takes place, an inbuilt stabilizer operates to keep it working. If the refrigerator has a High voltage capacity, it disables power by itself to prevent any damage.
  • The inverter can be connected to the refrigerator to keep food fresh as much as possible.
  • The ice tray is movable and can be dispensed easily by just twisting the tray. The space is spacious to use with this icy tray.
  • The cooling effect is reached to every inch of the fridge, and cold air is blown to every corner of the refrigerator to make the temperature so that the food is fresh.
  • The LED lights are fixed to see what’s happening inside the fridge and make enough space for the food to accumulate.
  • The 5 in 1 convertible freezer has temperature settings in the digital panel with an elegant display and is easy to control and change its settings whenever convenient.
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Source – Samsung
  • The deodorizer function inside the product preserves the original aroma and natural smell of the food. That filter helps to eliminate the pungent smell that has passed through carbon filters.
  • There are seven levels of cooling effect in this refrigerator.
  • The toughened glass for every rack could hold the weight of a container up to 150 kg. So heavy pots could also be kept in the refrigerator.
  • This refrigerator is suitable for 3-4 family members.
  • The warranty period of the refrigerator is one year on the whole product and ten years on the compressor.
  • The annual energy consumption of the product is 263 kilowatts.
  • It has a vast bottle guard that helps accommodate up to 2L of bottles.

Samsung 336 L 2 Star Refrigerator Specification


The total capacity of the refrigerator is 336 L.

Star rating:

2-star rating.

Special features:

Digital inverter technology, curd maestro, convertible 5 in 1.

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Source – Samsung

Color and form of the fridge:

Luxe brown color with stainless steel material and standard double door refrigerator.

Toughened shelf type:

The shelf of the type is tempered glass that holds up to 150kg of heavy utensils.

Warranty period:

The full product warranty is one year, and the compressor warranty is ten years.

Defrost Type:

It has a frost-free type of defrosting that doesn’t require manual defrost.

Temperature change:

The fridge automatically adjusts itself for the temperature change according to weather conditions.


The standard gasket keeps the door shut and has no antibacterial feature.

Range of stabilizer operation:

The power fluctuation in the house doesn’t affect the refrigerator because the stabilizer takes up to 100-300 volts of power fluctuation.

Several shelf and door pockets:

The shelves are 3 in the fridge, and door pockets in the Curd Maestro fridge are 4 with egg containers. The number of frames in the freezer is one, and door pockets are 2 with a plastic ice tray.

Door handle:

Recess type of door handle is easy to open with no child lock feature.


It weighs up to 59 kg in total.

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Source – Samsung

Pros And Cons


  • The space inside the product is enough for 3-4 family members. 
  • The buttons are easy to handle.
  • The 5 in 1 convertible fridge can be converted to any form if needed, with much space to store.
  • The freezer temperature could maintain as low as 21 degrees, and the fridge can be 1 degree.
  • The noise is at its minimum if used constantly, whereas at first, to start the process after the installation, it starts making noise.
  • LED lights are beneficial to see inside the fridge and make out space.
  • The stabilizer is of no use at all; it gives stabilizer free operation.
  • Using it is very easy. Its plug and play type does not need external installation.
  • The veg tray is spacious and holds a good amount of vegetables. Also, it’s easy to slide the tray outside the refrigerator.
  • It gets defrosted by itself when the ice starts getting built inside.
  • The multi-vent cooling feature helps cooling effect from all sides of the refrigerator.
  • The material and the texture are very nice.
  • The option of powerful cooling and fast freezing has a significant impact on usage.
  • Electricity is not consumed much by this refrigerator.
  • The door is scratch-proof.
  • Hassle less installation of the refrigerator.
  • The door lock feature has an alarm sound if the door is open for much time.
  • 5 amp of a socket is enough for the refrigerator to work.


  • When defrosting takes place inside the refrigerator, both sides of the fridge get heated up.
  • There is a whole compartment of egg trays that is not removable.
  • The LED lights in the freezer section have to be installed.
  • Power cooling and freezing almost take 90% of cooling energy.
  • The curd maestro is not removable.
  • After the power cut, the refrigerator doesn’t keep food cold for like 12 years.
  • Not many levels of cooling are available.
  • Sometimes the refrigerator has water leaks and shocks. 
  • The warranty period has to be extended.
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Source – Samsung

Conclusion Of Samsung 336 L 2 Star Refrigerator Review

Spacious and with many pros, this refrigerator requires less manual work and is affordable with trusted brand Samsung. The stylish design and color give a different look for the interiors of the kitchen and work at a remarkable pace. Hence, the decision could not be wrong if you chose a double-door refrigerator for fresh vegetables and eateries.

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