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MSI GF65 Thin Laptop Review

This post is about the MSI GF65 Thin Laptop Review from SmartFinder. I have listed down its description below and most of these specifications are what you must check for. This MSI GF65 Laptop review will help you to decide if this laptop is worth your money. 

MSI GF65 Thin Laptop Review
Source – MSI

MSI GF65 Thin Laptop Review 

The MSI GF65 laptop is a beast product with some best specifications at that price compared to other brand laptops. This laptop is highly focused on gaming and many other impressive specs. 

Design And Build Quality

The MSI GF65 is a thin laptop designed with processing and multitasking abilities. With these two qualities as its primary purpose, the laptop is black, and many other color variations depend upon the location. The manageable 1.86 Kg of a gaming laptop also included a display with 1920 x 1080 pixels. 

Other than that, the Gaming Laptop under 85000 also includes an i7 10th gen core with a variation of 16 GB RAM and 512 GB SSD. Also, they have built-in dual speakers and microphones, a variety of ports,  6 GB Graphics of NVIDIA GeForce GTX 2060 with 144 Hz.

MSI GF65 Thin Laptop Review 3
Source – MSI


The MSI GF65 laptop is included with a 15.6-inch display (39.6 cm) of FHD screen, delivering the visuals at a 1920 x 1080. This display screen is equipped with a refresh rate of 144 Hz with a thin bezel added 45% of NTSC. The panel of this laptop is typically mediocre so that you don’t have to edit or render any videos supposedly edit or render videos. 

Diving into the color gamut, all the colors look washed as of a budget laptop with the lowest brightness a display density of 220 nits. Also, the color accuracy is lacking, which is a major setback that makes this Gaming Laptop under 1 Lakh an indoor product. Another downside of the laptop is that the display panels are not that fast enough to compete with the response time while gaming.  


The MSI GF65 is equipped with 10th generation Intel core i7-10750H ranging upto 5 GHz. Overall, this CPU is good for gaming and all-around performance, even though it’s not as good as the recent eight cores. However, the alternative features are still capable enough to still have some preset modes top-notch to set the fan curves and some other basic presets. Other than these, the 8 GB memory and 2 DDR4 2666MHz RAM are extensively extended up to 64 GB with the storage option of 512 GB NVMe SSD.

MSI GF65 Thin Laptop Review 5
Source – MSI

Keyboard And TouchPad

With the MSI GF65 laptop keyboard, the keys appear to be brushed aluminum and feel much softer to type, and you don’t have to travel much, which gives you a nice feel in terms of both gaming and typing. Also, some MSI GF65 comes with RGB color variations in the keyboard, but with the cheaper version, the only option you can rely on is red backlight color. With the touchpad, it is okay with the gaming, but when it comes to using it has a nice click with little flex at the top of the touchpad when it comes to usage.

Battery Life And Speakers

With the MSI GF65, the battery backup isn’t much greater, but it is also not that bad. With the five hours of average battery backup, the laptop stands good with delicate tasks also not bad enough for lighter works. With the built-in dual speakers, the MSI GF65 is loud enough to hear in a group, even though they were not enough to produce crisp sounds. Also, with the audio boost software, you can customize your audio of your own. 

Thermals In MSI GF65 Laptop

With the thermals, the MSI GF65 laptop is pretty good with the very ventilated design emitting the hot air while the CPU runs out to push performance at a higher temperature. Also, with the balanced and the extreme performance mode, the sound emitted from the fans is far from being normal. However, this MSI GF65 laptop also included a silent mode where the fans run a lot quieter than before, pushing the performance and temperature while constantly in the background. You can also just customize your thermals with just your fan curves with added many other presets.  

Gaming Performance And Ports

With the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660Ti GDDR6 6GB dedicated graphics card, the MSI GF65 laptop performs very well in top-notch games like Far Cry 5 and Assasin Creed Odyssey. These features use over 75 Watts for gaming which is highly positioned compared to the rivals. Overall, in terms of graphics, the progress is keenly good. With the port selection, the MSI GF65 is assured with one RJ 45, one HDMI, two Type-C USB 3.2 Gen 1, and two Type-A USB 3.2 Gen 1. 

MSI GF65 Thin Laptop Review 4
Source – MSI


  • Performance of this laptop is finest and very satisfying
  • Excellent display with pretty fps feature
  • Heavy applications and games run smoothly


  • Battery backup
  • Average thermals and voice quality

Final Words For The MSI GF65 Thin Laptop Review  

Overall, it is a pretty basic laptop with tricky thermals and a fine display for a laptop trying to expel its decent specs for the given budget. With the outstanding fps display and gaming performance, this laptop is preferable for heavy gaming. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the MSI GF65 a good laptop?

Yes, it is worth buying a laptop. The MSI GF65 is the best performing laptop at its range, and its performance handling is very satisfying. With the excellent display and multitasking of your daily tasks, the laptop runs smoothly with no traces of heavy loads. Overall, the MSI GF65 laptop is worth a shot.

Does MSI GF65 have good cooling?

The MSI GF65 laptop runs at higher temperatures in crucial tasks pushing the processor much further, resulting in the laptop to heat and jump from a normal temperature to an extreme temperature. However, with the given presets, you can customize your performance, which also results in customizing your thermals.

Is MSI GF65 Thin good for gaming?

The MSI GF65 laptop is all about gaming that you can consider purchasing. Some of the MSI GF65 laptops’ key specs are IPS level 120 Hz, 10th Gen Intel Core i7, GTX 1660i, Windows 10 Home, 512 GB SSD, and upgradeable up to 64 GB RAM. Overall, this laptop is good for gaming.            

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