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Duroflex Mattress Review India 2022

In this article, we have come up with this Duroflex Mattress review. Read along, as this Duroflex Mattress review provides you a complete picture of the benefits, types, and many other things which you may not aware of about the mattress!

Source – Duroflex

Duroflex Mattress Review

Categories Of Mattress Provided By Duroflex

There are five main categories of mattresses you will come across while going mattress shopping. Below are the most common types of mattresses.

  1. Crown Lush: This Duroflex mattress is good for back posture while sitting and sleeping. It is a firm mattress with a special core of rubberized coir, reinforced with different layers of foam. It is then fabricated with knitted cotton.
  1. Duroflex Orthopedic: This mattress is made up of eight coir and foam layers combined. These eight layers include foam quilting, orthopedic support layer, high-density coir, Jacquard woven fabric, and rebonded foam. It is meant to treat backaches.
  1. Crown NXT: Duroflex features include compacted resilience bond, therapeutic foam, and high-density coir with multi-folding technology. The springs are designed to be arranged across different mattress areas to provide good support to the spine. Sagging of the spine leads to headaches, backaches, and disturbed sleep.
  1. Latex-o-plus: It is a luxurious high-end mattress. This mattress has pocket spring support with foam layers made of latex. The springs are arranged across three zones to offer support to your spine, neck, and ankles. The first zone supports your head, shoulders, and lumbar joints. The second zone supports the waist and the hips. The third zone supports the knees, ankles, and heels.
  1. Duroflex NEO: This Duroflex mattress offers full support to the body while sitting as well as sleeping. It has a three-zone pocket spring too. It is antimicrobial and compacted, and resilient. It does include a side reinforcement system. 

Duroflex Mattress: Mattress By Material

To serve the various needs of the customers, Duroflex comes in different materials. Nowadays, some Duroflex mattresses have a combination of these materials to provide optimum comfort. So, here are some of the most popular mattresses material types, Duroflex provides.

Regular foam and memory foam: With high technology, Duroflex uses chemical reactions to produce good quality foam which is then cut into small square blocks with the latest block cutting technology. This technique is similar to the ones used internationally. Since the latest machines do a lot of work, the price is all worth the comfort this mattress provides.

Bonnell spring mattress: Spring mattresses use springs German technology-influenced springs that are spiral hourglass-shaped. All the individual springs are connected to each other to provide uniformity in the bounce. The bounce effect is more in the pocket spring mattresses, which we have discussed below. Bonnel springs Duroflex are rather rigid and form a network below the clothing layer. Bonnell spring mattresses last longer than Pocket spring mattresses.

Pocket spring mattress: These types of springs are wrapped individually in a thin material bag. They are not in contact with each other directly. The compression is at a larger range than in the Bonnell spring setup. Duroflex gives a much more cozy and body-responsive comfort than any other mattress. Since these springs are easily compressible, they lose the ability to do so after a few years.

Rubberized coir: The coir Duroflex mattresses are firmer and give good support to the body. It helps you have a good back posture while asleep. Using thin coconut fibers helps produce natural ventilation hence, cooling itself every time. Therefore, Duroflex is the best mattress for summer. Since it is firmer than other mattresses, Duroflex does create pressure points on your body which might hinder your sleep. And are you aware that Duroflex is the best mattress for back pain in India and is preferred by most Indians?

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Source – Duroflex

Duroflex Mattress: Mattress By Size

Duroflex provides customers with a good range of sizes, starting from single to king-size mattresses. A single-size Duroflex mattress is meant for just one person, whereas a double-sized mattress is more spacious than the former. A queen-sized Duroflex mattress is perfect for two people, and a king-size mattress is ideal for two people and a toddler. Anyway, the pricing not only differs from size to size but also the material used.

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Source – Duroflex
  • Dimensions
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Source – Duroflex

Duroflex Mattress Just For You!

  • Duropedic Range: This Duroflex is a savior when it comes to backaches and spine problems. It has three-zone technology, which gives premium quality support to your body. It supports your neck as well as your back. It comprises a viscoelastic memory foam layer and has the Bonnell spring technology. The mattress covering is of cotton fabric, and using this mattress will give you a therapeutic experience.
  • Warranty: 10 years
  • 100 nights trial
  • Free shipping
  • Free Duro Safe Mattress Protector
  • The Energizer: Wake up fresh as the energizer collection of Duroflex has got your back, literally! Energize your body with long-lasting sleep to wake up and have the energy to get through your day. Sleep is the only natural process of energizing your body, so do not underestimate its effects. This Duroflex mattress uses Qube Cell Technology to build a combination of high-density and high resilient foam layers. The fabric is meant to be body-stress relieving with infused carbon which repels negative ions leaving your body with all the positive charge. Duroflex provides you with not only a mattress energizer but also the same quality in pillows too. 
  • Warranty: 7 years
  • 100 nights trial
  • Free shipping
  • Free Duro Safe Mattress Protector
  • Up to thirty percent discount
  • Natural Living mattress: Crafted from all-natural materials. This Duroflex collection is eco-friendly and biodegradable. Materials like latex, coir, and cotton are used in their manufacturing process. The latex used is imported from Kerala, the land of coir-providing coconut trees. Latex enhances air circulation making the mattress more breathable and hygienic. Duroflex believes that this will provide customers with optimum luxury and help inculcate a green lifestyle. It provides long-term health benefits, which makes it a sustainable choice. Happily, you can buy this as Duroflex is the best mattress in India compared to other modern brands.
  • Warranty: 10 years
  • 100 nights trial
  • Free shipping
  • Free Duro Safe Mattress Protector

Bottom Line of Duroflex Mattress Review

Duroflex is hands down one of the best mattress companies in India. The design and engineering used are the latest and serve the purpose. Customers are happy with the lasting effect of the springs and do not face any major backaches as such. People have said that choosing Duroflex has reduced body pain. 

The only negative spot of the whole customer experience is the lack of customer support. Many customers have reported poor customer service after a product is purchased. This could lead to a significant downfall in sales if the company doesn’t take these complaints seriously. People also have complained about mattresses being too expensive. All-in-all, Duroflex, one of the best mattress brands in India is worth a try because it promises, and it does provide optimum comfort and premium quality mattresses.

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