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Dell Vostro 3400 Laptop Review

This post is about the Dell Vostro 3400 laptop review from SmartFinder. I have listed down its description below. Most of these specifications are what you must check for. This Dell Vostro 3400 laptop review will help you to decide if this laptop is worth your money. 

Dell Vostro 3400 Laptop Review 2
Source – Dell

Dell Vostro 3400 Laptop Review

Dell has always been a trusted brand. It always makes sure it provides its user with what is most expected. A Dell laptop is no exception. Dell uses Intel Core Processors in laptop making and offers a great deal to its users. 

Dell Vostro 3400 is one such laptop. It offers great performance with the latest 11th Generation Intel Core i5 Processor. It has a tough exterior and offers good quality. The screen lid is too thin and can bend very easily. However, that is not of much concern. When we talk about laptops, we have to talk about processors and memory. This laptop offers a great deal for both. However, there is nothing extraordinary about this laptop. It gives what is expected but nothing more than that. Simply average. 

For school/college-going kids or professors, this Laptop under 50000 is pretty suitable. With a camera that is good for video conferencing and calling and speakers that give adequate sound, this laptop is a great suit for office-going people too!

Weight: 1.64 Kgs

Colour: Silver

Display: 35.56cms or 14 inches screen size with FHD Resolution (1920×1080)


Memory/Storage Type: 512GB (SSD)  Solid State Drive

Processor: 11th Generation Intel Core™ i5-1135G7 Processor  

Ports Available: 3 USB ports, 1 Audio Jack, 1 HDMI port, Multi-Card Reader

Connectivity: Ethernet (LAN), WiFi, Bluetooth

Dell offers this model, Vostro 3400, with various features that make this laptop good. However, it has certain drawbacks. It does not offer anything extraordinary but gives the basic minimum expected out of laptops in this price range.  

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Source – Dell

Build and Design

The build and design of the worst row 3400 are the first of their kind in this price range. This 14-inch laptop has a unique design and a variety of features and options available. The laptop is designed for small and medium-sized businesses. It is essentially a business laptop for the main reason that it offers all the features that are required by a business. 

The Dell laptop is offered in two colors: silver and red. The laptop is made mostly out of plastic and metal. Dell has tried to strike a balance between durability and affordability with this laptop. The metal-constructed, if, part gives a tough exterior and protects the delicate internals of this laptop. The rest is made of plastic which gives thickness and provides the user with a good grip. The laptop seems durable, easy to handle, and portable.

Screen of Dell Vostro 3400 Laptop 

This 14-inch laptop has an LED backlighting and offers a range of brightness settings with reasonably vibrant colors. If we talk about the screen viewing angles, you will notice that the horizontal viewing angles are very good. This means that if you have a person sitting beside you watching a movie or looking at your PPT, that person would not have any problem viewing it. However, if you see the vertical viewing angles, if you have to look at the screen standing up or diagonally to the laptop, you will face some trouble reading what’s on-screen. This makes the viewing experience just average. 

With a resolution so high and a 14-inch display, this laptop is good to watch a movie with a friend and nothing more. a lot more is expected from a laptop at this price. A good resolution and a big screen size do not guarantee a good visual experience. 

Also, few initial users of this laptop have complained of pixel bleeding, which in easy language means the screen is not the same throughout. Meaning, one small corner or spot is noticeable on the screen, making the laptop look old and obsolete. 

Speakers and Audio

Although a lot cannot be expected in terms of audio from a laptop, a certain benchmark is required to be met. How loud is the volume? Is there any distortion in the sound? Are questions that need to be answered to check the quality of speakers. The laptop does offer in-built speakers, but as you go on increasing the volume, you will notice distortion in the sound and the audio not being clear. In this case, it is suggested to use a headphone or earphone to experience good audio. Thankfully, the laptop provides you a jack to connect. You can also use Bluetooth to do the same. 

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Source – Dell

Since the audio and visual experiences are very average, this does not justify its price. Entertainment and multimedia could be better had this laptop paid attention to the small details.

Ports and Features

In terms of port availability, this Best Dell Laptop offers three USB ports 1 headphone slash audio Jack, one HDMI port, and a multi-card reader. This is the basic minimum that is expected out of a laptop at this price. It also provides a port for ethnic connection. An express card slot is also available that can be used for the expansion of memory. This makes the laptop a very business-friendly laptop.   

Keyboard and Touchpad

The keyboard seems to be like the typical Dell design keyboard. It has LED backlights. This feature is extremely important if you work in a dimly lit space or have to type something in a  dark room while in a meeting. The keyboard looks stylish and well-spaced. If you use the keyboard a lot or are a heavy typer, be assured that the keyboard will not suffer from the pressure. In short, it has a good build, good design, and is well-spaced. 

Coming to the touchpad, it is smooth and has good sensitivity. It does understand the Windows 10 gestures, so multitasking with this touchpad is extremely easy; however, the design of the touchpad is slightly off, in my opinion. It could have been made more stylish. Looking at the keyboard, you might mistake this laptop for a very low-budget laptop. At a price like this, we can expect to have a better style. However, everything else is above average.

Memory and Storage

In terms of storage, the internal ram of this laptop is 8 GB, and this laptop comes with an SSD of 512 GB. A lot of people think 512 GB is not enough space, but in reality, it’s a lot. Most of us, regardless of our profession, do not require such huge memory. Of course, there can be exceptions in case you use incredibly heavy applications. At this price, it is expected to have abundant storage. 

Luckily enough, the ram is not smoldered into the motherboard and is therefore upgradeable. This, combined with the latest 11th generation Intel Core processor, the performance of the laptop is above average. 

Dell Vostro 3400 Laptop Review 5
Source – Dell

Final Thoughts

I would like to leave you with the thoughts that this Dell laptop is a good but very average laptop. It does not offer anything extra or does not have any such exciting new features. It is a good business laptop with basic requirements for a businessman.

If you are running low on budget for laptops with good processors and abundant memory storage, then this laptop is a good buy. An 11th Generation Intel Core processor at this price is very rare. It offers great performance and is good to have a private device. Overall, it is an average product and can be trusted because it belongs to a good brand.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Dell Vostro cheaper? Is it worth it?

Yes, Dell Vostro 3400 is cheaper. But despite being cheaper, the laptop offers great performance, with a tough exterior and good quality. This laptop is a great suit for college students, including a camera and speakers with pleasing sounds. Overall, the Dell Vostro laptop is nothing exceptional but offers its users nothing more than slightly average expectations. 

Is the Dell Vostro series discontinued?

Yes, the Dell Vostro systems have been stopped manufacturing by Dell since July 2013. Only selected models are available as of now that is also for a limited amount of time. However, the Dell Vostro discontinuation is reportedly down to changing technology.

Why is Dell Vostro so cheap?

This is because the Dell Vostro 3400 laptop is available with only a few color options that can noticeably reduce the additional cost of producing many Vostro laptops. Overall, it reduces Dell’s production cost that reflects in the name of the cheaper laptop. This is an excellent strategy by Dell to cover the small businesses with a lower margin.

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  1. I have one if these. Like the speed. Mine came with a 256 SSD and a 1 TB @5400 RPM. The SSD is already red lining so a 1TB is coming. Most disappointing features is sound quality, battery life and a USB C port being optional though there’s a port for it. Already loaded Windows 11 on it. I do like it 😁

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