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Redmi Smart TV x50 Price In India

Redmi has introduced its customers to a new series in three Amazing different sizes. This new Redmi Smart TV x series Has introduced a new level of the extra-large viewing experience. X series offer 4k HDR and Dolby audio for a cinematic experience. 

Redmi Smart TV x50 Price In India 1

With this smart tv, you get to enjoy the voice control and android tv 10, google assistant, and built-in Chromecast. In addition, you can now enjoy watching recommended and exclusive content experiences with the patchwall feature and XL smart view. 

Redmi Smart TV x50 Price In India

Redmi Smart TV x50 Price in India Starts at Rs.39999. The mentioned MRP price is obtained from the official site. Check the Amazon Price of Redmi Smart TV X65 through this link.

Redmi 126 cm 4K Ultra HD Android LED TV
  • Screen Size: 50 inches
  • Resolution: 4K Ultra HD (3840x2160)
  • Refresh Rate: 60 hertz
  • Sound: 30 Watts Output
  • Number of HDMI Ports: 3

The Redmi android smart tv launched this year in march is available in India in three different sizes, 50”, 55”, 65”. A TV with an LED display size of 127.5cm or 50” is starting from just 34,999 INR. This Android 2021 model L50M6-RA comes in a beautiful black color. 

Redmi TV x50 comes with a vivid picture engine offering an exact ratio of colors, clarity, brightness, and contrast for a better and realistic viewing experience. It provides an ultra-high-definition viewing experience and visual clarity with over 8 million pixels. 

Redmi Smart TV x50 Description 

Experience extra view, extra sound, extra clarity with the new Redmi smart tv X50 LED with 4K HDR display and HDR10+ together with Dolby vision. L50M6-RA provides you with 178o wide viewing angle and refresh rate of 60Hz. For the audio, it is connected with supreme technologies Dolby Atmos, DTS virtual X, and Dolby audio technology with 30

The Smart TV in India series is just full of amazing and endless features starting with the patchwall for extra smart experience supporting almost all the android streaming apps like Netflix, Amazon, Zee5, universal search, kids mode, smart recommendations, and so on.

Android just makes it more convenient for users to access the system. L50M6-RA comes with Chromecast built-in and google assistant for voice control. There is Google Play for you to download apps on your tv for unlimited fun. 

The Quad-Core A55 processor gives Xl speed experience together with audio and picture quality. With 2HB RAM and 16 Gb of storage to watch beyond just cable connection channels. Three HDMI 2.1 ports, Bluetooth availability, AV, ALLM, wifi connectivity are not just all you get with Redmi Xseries. Two USB ports, headphones, and cable connections are also available. 

This Redmi L50M6-RA claims to be made in India, by India, and for India comes in eco-friendly packaging to reduce any wastage and can be reused. 

Redmi Smart TV x50 Features

Display Type

Redmi android smart tv X50 uses LED display backlight technology. The LED panel throws light onto the screen with 3840×2160 pixels. Television displays are available in various types, such as LCD, LED, OLED, and others. LCDs are rarely used these days. 

LEDs are most commonly used and widely available; the main reason behind this is that LEDs are energy-efficient and power-saving. LED panels are placed, which provide better quality brightness and lower power consumption.

Screen Size 

Redmi smart tv has launched three different sizes in this new series. The 50” screen size is the smallest of all. Even though it is the smallest one, the operating distance must be at least 12 feet. 

Screen size must be chosen considering a few things such as the distance between you and the television, the area you will place it, or the wall you want it to be mounted on. These things will help you select among the various sizes Redmi xseries has introduced. 

Refresh Rate

Redmi android X50 has a refresh rate of 60Hz, which is the most commonly available on any television. Refresh rate is basically the rate at which a TV shows the maximum number of pictures per second. Through this method, we can see moving images or videos. The standard refresh rate is 120Hz, but the starting range that is 60Hz, is considered completely fine. It goes up to 600Hz. Hz is the unit the frame  is measured in Hertz.

High-Dynamic Range

HDR or high-dynamic-range is an add-on feature that is quite important for the clarity and quality of images you see on TV. It enhances the contrast, colors, and brightness of any image and is therefore considered essential. 

Redmi smart tv x50 is a 4K display that uses HDR technology that are Dolby Vision and HDR10+. These are the two more efficient technologies offering additional color, contrast, and brightness to your ultra HD tv unit. Once again Redmi proves that it produces the Best 4k TV in India 2022.


Redmi’s xseires are built with a variety of ports for better connection and extra entertainment. It comes with three HDMI 2.1 ports, which allows you more options like gaming casting and streaming together with a set-top box. HDMI 2.1  offers a higher frame rate than HDMI. 

Also, having 3 HDMI ports along with two USB ports adds more entertainment and fun to your television. It does not limit you to viewing just cable or dish channels but much more. 

Not only this, there are more different connections available with this series like wi-fi, ethernet, AV, cable, headphones, and even Bluetooth. Now, This is what non-stop fun looks like. 


Everything is extra large with this new Redmi smart TV xseries. XL audio experience with two speakers each of 15W. 

Connected with Dolby audios,high-dynamic-range it brings a cinematic experience to your home. You can feel really surrounded by the audio in the room. DTS virtual x technology provides an immersive sound availability, experiencing sound clarity like never before. 

We hope the article about Redmi Smart TV x50 helps you in your purchase. 

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