5 Best Grocery App India 2021

We have created the best grocery app India for 2021. The grocery app list is based on vast number of products available, discounts and fast delivery.

The shops have created their digital presence and now have apps to buy groceries and get them delivered. Let’s find out by looking at the best grocery app in India!

Best Grocery App India

Best Grocery App India

1. Amazon Pantry App

First on the list Amazon Pantry. Amazon has been a trusty website from which we buy so many items, and Amazon Pantry also follows the same quality. You can use our Amazon Pay UPI Referral Code and get cashback on purchases made on Amazon Pantry through Amazon Pay UPI. They have their products separated into six vast categories:

Amazon Grocery
  1. Cooking essentials- General cooking items like rice, sugar, cooking oil, etc. 
  2. Snack and beverages- Biscuits, chips, soft drinks, etc 
  3. Packaged food- Sauces, cereal, instant noodles, etc
  4. Household and pets- Detergents, pet food, soaps, etc
  5. Personal care and baby- Diapers, razors, feminine hygiene products, etc.
  6. Skincare – Facewash, creams like Vitamin C Serum etc.

They offer products from well-known brands like ITC, Amul, etc., and “made for Amazon brands” like Vedaka. If you plan your orders correctly, you might be able to get a good deal in the Amazon pantry as they have many offers. 

You will not be able to return your items, and you can expect your order to be delivered the next day. You must have a minimum of 200 rupees per order for delivery. The delivery charges may vary; If you are a Prime member, you will have to pay 30 rupees per delivery, and if you are not a Prime member, you will have to pay 59 rupees per delivery. However, you get free delivery if your purchase above 799 rupees. 

2. Big Basket App

The next one is Big Basket. They have a wide variety of products to choose from. They have many different categories of food; however, the general category is:

  1. Fruits and Vegetables- Fresh vegetables, fruits, sprouts, herbs, etc. 
  2. Foodgrains, oil, and masala- Rice, dal, ghee, salt, etc.
  3. Bakery, Cakes, and dairy- Bread, bun, ice cream, etc.
  4. Beverage- Tea, water, coffee, etc.
  5. Snacks and branded food-Noodles, cookies, sweets, chips, etc.
  6. Beauty and hygiene- Haircare, oral care, skincare, etc.
  7. Cleaning and household- Detergents, soaps, washing liquids, etc.
  8. Kitchen garden and pets- Pet food, gardening accessory, cutlery
  9. Eggs, meat, and fish – Fresh meat, cured meats, etc.
  10. Gourmet, world food- sauces and other ingredients needed for making international cuisine 
  11. Baby care- Diapers, creams, etc. 

Big Basket offers a variety of food items from imported brands, and you can find many things that you will not be able to find in a general grocery store. The wide selection of fresh and frozen meats. They even sell fish like Atlantic Salmon, which is very uncommon in our local grocery stores. The website is clear and informative; they have the filter feature that allows you to search for items according to the country from where it belongs. 

When it comes to delivery, you can choose your convenient time slots. So far, they offer four delivery slots, and you can choose to get the items delivered on the same day or within six days of ordering them. The time slots they offer are:

  • 7 Am to 9:30 Am
  • 10 Am to 12:30 Pm
  • 4:30 Pm – 7 Pm
  • 7:30 Pm – 10 Pm 

The delivery charges vary depending on many factors like the city you are getting it delivered to and your order value. However, it is free delivery no matter what if your order is above 1200 rupees. 

3. Grofers App

Next in line is Grofers; if you view their website, you know that they sell more than just grocery store items. They sell small electronic gadgets like iron boxes, hair straighteners, hairdryers, etc. They have a long list of categories. Instead of mentioning the long list of general grocery items, we will tell you what other comparatively unusual things that are available:

  1. Fashion and Lifestyle- Men’s clothing, Women’s clothing, kid’s clothing, footwear, etc.
  2. Home appliances- Iron box, hair straightener, hairdryer, etc.
  3. Books, stationery, game, and toys- Pens, markers, paints, outdoor games kits, balls, etc. 
  4. Home furnishing and decore- Shoe racks, towels, bedsheets, etc. 
  5. Home improvement and accessories- Tubs, buckets, batteries, etc.
  6. Lowest price- products that have significant discounts and offers. 

According to them, they have membership deals that will help you save 249 rupees a month, and without a membership, you might only be able to save 60 rupees. You choose to pay for a one-month membership for 79 rupees, you choose six months for 249 rupees, and you can choose 12 months for 449 rupees. 

You get one free delivery every month for orders with a minimum of 499 rupees of order value by becoming a member. You also get priority delivery and better deals on the website. 

4. Jio Mart App

The fourth in the line is Jio Mart. Jio is famous for many things, but how are they when it comes to grocery delivery? Just like Grofers, Jio Mart also sells clothing items for everybody, and they have eight general categories including clothing, they are:

  1. Fruits and vegetables- Fresh fruits, vegetables, herbs, etc. 
  2. Dairy and bakery- Muffins, bread, cheese, etc.
  3. Staples- Rice, dal, sugar, salt, etc. 
  4. Snacks and branded food- Instant noodles, biscuits, chips, etc. 
  5. Men- clothing, accessories, footwear, nightwear, etc.
  6. Women- clothing, accessory, footwear, nightwear, etc.
  7. Boys – clothing, accessories, footwear, nightwear, etc.
  8. Girls – clothing, accessories, footwear, nightwear, etc.

JioMart has a “no questions asked” return policy, given that there is a genuine fault and that the customer has asked for a return within the stipulated time. They have a timeline for every kind of product like:

  • Bread/ fruits and vegetables/ eggs should be returned within one day of delivery.
  • Dairy products should also be returned within one day of delivery. 
  • Non-food items can be delivered within three days of delivery
  • Packaged food (provided that they are returned in original condition) can be returned within three days of delivery. 

They have a delivery charge of 25 rupees for each delivery; however, they often tend to have offers and discounts which may give you free delivery. You will also receive an SMS or an email, using which you can track your orders. 

5. Flipkart Grocery Store App

Just like Amazon, Flipkart is also a well-established e-commerce site that delivers rightly. They are the cheapest grocery website that has offers that allow you to buy products at 1 rupee. You can purchase essential items like sugar, ghee, and many more products for 1 rupee, depending on what is on that offer on your day of purchase. 

They too sell a variety of products that are split into eight general categories like: 

  1. Staples- Rice, oil, salt, etc. 
  2. Snack and beverage- Chips, biscuits, drinks, etc.
  3. Packaged food- Instant noodles, sauces, pickles, etc.
  4. Baby and personal care- Diapers, oral care, skincare, etc.
  5. Household care- Detergents, soaps, electrical products, etc.
  6. Dairy and eggs- cheese, eggs, etc.
  7. Home and Kitchen- Cutlery, cookware, Wet Grinders etc. 
  8. Fruits and vegetables
Flipkart Grocery

You can place your order at the time of the day; however, delivery is open only until 6 Am until 12 Am. You can get it delivered within 90 mins of ordering, or you can choose to get your order delivered some other time according to the slots available. 

They charge 50 rupees for delivery and have an option of free delivery for order values above 1200 rupees. 

Now that we have looked at some of the online grocery shops, let us see what you need to consider before making your choice.

How to find the best Grocery App in India?

As we live in the middle of a global pandemic, we have to quarantine ourselves and entirely depend on technology for everything. One such aspect which smoothly transformed and adapted to the developing technology is grocery shopping. Sadly, we are not able to go to physical shops to buy our day-to-day groceries. 

You obviously have to weigh out all your options if you want a good deal and save money while shopping for your groceries. Here are some factors to consider:


Before you place your order, check for the same products on other websites. You might be able to find great deals and offers on another website, or the product might just be cheaper comparatively. So look at all your options before ordering. 

Delivery Charges:

You might have noticed that many of these shops give you free delivery if you have a particular order value. So, plan your groceries for the month and try to buy all of them simultaneously. This way, you will have a higher order value, and hence you might be eligible for the free delivery. 

Delivery Timings:

Sometimes some shops might ask you to pay extra for immediate delivery. So, again plan your shopping to avoid that charges. If you have a particular time in which you need your groceries delivered, then check out all these grocery shops and select the one which has the closest delivery to your convenience. 


Do not sign up for any memberships immediately. Use different stores, see which one you are the most comfortable with over time, and sign up for their membership. Even in that case, see how much you can save because of the membership; if it has a minimal advantage, then you rather not pay for it. 

Groceries are such an essential part of us as we need these things for our everyday lives. You only will have to buy from the best of the best and to help you choose this. We compiled this article on the best grocery app in India. We hope you found this helpful! Happy shopping! 

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