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How Many Netflix Users In India? Netflix Users Statistics

Netflix has exponentially grown in India recently. India’s video streaming market has recorded a high growth rate with many new Netflix users in India. Thanks to the growing digital platform, it gave access to users in both urban and rural areas. 

It is evident that there are 2.3 million Netflix users in India.

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Streaming Netflix entered the Indian market in 2016 and recorded an unbelievable revenue of over 9 billion INR in 2020.

What’s more?

Let us jump into the article to know more about Netflix users in India. 

Netflix Users In India

In recent years, revenues have increased. The company’s number of streaming subscribers has also increased. By 2020, it is expected that there will be more than 2.3 million Netflix customers in India.

Subscriptions vs. Free Content

Netflix rated substantially lower in terms of active monthly users of streaming platforms when compared to Indian streaming providers like Hotstar and Jio TV. One likely reason for this is Indians’ aversion to paying for streaming services. People favor advertising-based offerings for online video content, according to a 2017 survey about their spending choices on digital video streaming platforms.

According to, Netflix had a rough year in 2021. In terms of subscriber growth, quarter 1 has added only 4 million subscribers, which is below 15.8 million in the same quarter last year.

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Netflix has a small subscriber base in India – Do you agree?

The subscriber base in India indicates that the company has been falling behind the rivals in the Indian market. It is only a half picture. The streaming specialists with highly-priced subscriptions have made Netflix become the lion’s share of India’s online video streaming. In that case, it has reached around $639 million subscribers in 2020. 

Added, Netflix beat Disney’s Hotstar comprehensively in terms of both the subscriber base and the revenue shape. Netflix commands the strong pricing power in India that reflects the company’s higher average revenue per user. It is double the revenue of Hotstar.

Netflix has a slow pace of subscriber growth in India. The company has bought up the higher-value audience and has been looking to expand its base with a couple of moves.

Netflix’s Revenue in India 

Compared to the other OTT platforms, the revenue of Netflix is huge, as expected. Even though there are other OTT platforms with a huge subscriber base, here is the list of OTT platforms according to their subscriber base. (source)

  • Hotstar – 2.5 Cr subscribers
  • Amazon – 1.7 Cr subscribers 
  • Sony Liv – 70 Lakhs subscribers 
  • Netflix – 46 L subscribers 
  • Zee5 – 40L subscribers

As said before, when it comes to revenue, Netflix has high-priced subscriptions that make it top in the list of top OTT platforms.

Netflix’s New Mobile Plan Pricing

Netflix has recently reported that it has been piloting a new mobile plan priced at 299 INR.  It is applicable for certain customers per month. This particular plan will sit above your current plan. It allows customers to watch content in HD on smartphones, personal computers, and notebooks too. 

This plan has attracted many subscribers and brings new customers to the Netflix fold. As around 90 percent of the online video has been streamed through smartphones, this plan has really given a huge hit to Netflix.

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Netflix to offer streaming services to Google followed by Apple

Tech Giant Apple was the only digital storefront to offer Netflix using the App Store payment system. Now, Google has been added to the list. During Apple’s trial with epic, it has been revealed that Apple approached Netflix to keep its subscription plans available to its iOS app and offer other better terms. (source: Appleinsider)

In the unsealed consumer lawsuit against Google, it seems that the search company also faced the same problem. In an attempt to boost the video streaming service, Google has planned to provide a reduced revenue percentage to Netflix. 

As per the report, it seems that Netflix has given a clarification to its developers to directly collect credit card details from Android users instead of using Google’s payment system. Later, it has lead to the clarification requiring the Play Store apps to use Google’s payment and transaction service.

Is Netflix Expensive in India?

According to, the average monthly subscription for popular OTT platforms including Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney+hotstar is much cheaper in India compared to other global nations. 

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In US dollars, the average monthly fee is $9.66 is applicable to enjoy these three services. But, in India, it is $4.02. Actually, it is 140 percent cheaper in India. The rates are expensive in nations including the US, UK, Switzerland, Spain, and New Zealand. 

While the cheapest paid nations include India, Germany, France, Canada, and Australia. 

Final Takeaway

Now, you might have an outline of the Netflix platform and its users in India. I hope you will make your plan accordingly. If you are unsure about the other popular OTT platforms, stay tuned with us. 

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