MSI Optix G241V Price in India 

The MSI Optix G241V Price in India is Rs. 13,003 (with education pricing). However, this MSI Optix G242 Price in India is affordable on Amazon. 

MSI Optix G241V 23.8 Inch Esports Gaming Monitor


  • Product Dimensions‎60.96 x 45.21 x 22.86 cm; 5 Kilograms
  • Resolution‎1920 x 1080
  • Refresh Rate‎75 Hz
  • Response Time‎1 Millisecond
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Image Credits: MSI

Gaming Monitors have become a new friend in the computer world, and nowadays, all the brands have started to create their dominance in this category. To amp up your gaming, you must have a good quality gaming monitor. A good gaming monitor can make a huge difference in your performance, and recently, MSI has launched a new Optix monitor. 

MSI Optix G241V comes with many outstanding features that have taken over the Esports market with the boom. This Esports monitor is budget-friendly and packed with excellent features that can make your gaming experience outstanding. 

MSI Optix G241V Price in India 

A gaming monitor packed with so many outstanding features is not very likely to be found at a low price. Interestingly MSI Optix G241V can be bought by Indian gamers at Rs. 13,003 only. 

Last updated on September 23, 2021 5:26 am

The price of the monitor is kept low to make it affordable for everybody. Knowing the features and configurations of this Esports monitor at this price will blow your mind completely. 

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Image Credits: MSI

Let’s look at some of the features of this MSI Optix Esports monitor and understand its value for the money that you would be spending. 

Features And Specifications Of MSI Optix G241V


Firstly let’s talk about the design of Optix G241V. As per us, the monitor’s design is not as highly unique or great as you would have thought. It is a common understanding that spending around 13k would not necessarily provide you with a unique monitor in the design. 

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Image Credits: MSI

However, MSI has still tried to give a better and different touch to the design with the help of its stand. The stand of this monitor is unique as compared to the other gaming monitors. It does not have a regular circular or square base, making it unique even after being simple. 

Other than that, the black color of the monitor seems to be quite regular, but the logo at the back and in the front appears to be good-looking. The narrow bezels on the sides make it a perfect gaming monitor. 


As far as display is concerned, you get an IPS panel which is a significant specification that you can get in a 13k monitor. Due to the IPS panel, you don’t get to face much image distortion, and with wide viewing angles, you get a better gaming experience. 

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Image Credits: MSI

It has a white color mute that offers you realistic and accurate colors and details while playing high-end games. With the clarity of the colors, you can push your limits and get good graphics and an immersive gaming experience. 

MSI Optix G241V monitor also has night vision features in which you can see the content on the screen clearly by adjusting the brightness and the black tuner as per your requirement. The full HD resolution of its screen is 1920 X 1080. 


The overall performance of the monitor is smooth and highly efficient as it is integrated with a strong processor and refresh rate. The monitor works at a refresh rate of 75 Hz, which might not be outstanding for gaming purposes, but you still see less on the screen. 

The AMD Freesync Technology creates a perfect balance between the frames and the refresh rate, and it becomes virtually possible for you to get a fluid gaming experience. The anti-flicker technology gives a comfortable viewing without any flicker. 

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Image Credits: MSI

The full HD resolution and 4ms response time are the best for a great gaming experience by chopping off the poor frame rates. So the overall performance of this monitor is perfect that you can get in an affordable monitor. 

Is It Worthy? 

Even though the MSI Optix G241V gaming monitor does not have a top-notch or a different design, it is still worth a monitor at this price range. It is challenging to find a 75 Hz refresh rate monitor in around 13k. 

We understand that this much of a refresh rate and 4ms response time is great for high-end gaming performance, but it is one of the most affordable options that you are getting. 

Considering all the features that this monitor has, we believe it is one of the best and affordable Esports monitors available in India. With this monitor, indeed, you can take off some of your Esports boxes. 

Believe us, even if this monitor has its drawbacks, such as the design is a bit delicate and you might face a minor problem now and then, it is worthy. The best IPS display option if you are an enthusiastic gamer but want a cheap monitor. 

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Image Credits: MSI

Final Say 

MSI is not only famous because of its high-end gaming laptops and monitors, but the primary key factor that makes it one of the best brands in India is its affordability and price range.

 Even after being such a popular and demandable brand in the country, the manufacturers have kept the price of the monitors and laptops highly affordable to the users, which attracts the consumer even more. 

You cannot ignore its drawbacks while making a purchase, but it is essential to keep the number of features it offers you even after being so affordable. You don’t always get to see an IPS display monitor at a price of 13k. 

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