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How Many Users On Instagram? Instagram Users In India 2022

Instagram, a short photo and video posting app, has become the major entertainment part of every individual’s life. Globally, it has gained equivalent popularity without any doubt. 

India is no different here. There are millions of active Instagram users in India. According to Statcounter, Instagram occupies 7.14 percent of users all over India. People love to make reels, and it has become a favorite hobby for many Instagram users in India and content creators. 

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Image Credits: Pexels

Instagram has become a significant route that helped creators to showcase their talent. In particular, there are many ways how Instagram has become popular in recent years. 

Though you have an oral outline about Instagram and its usage, it is very useful when you know more about the specific stats related to it. 

Let us get started with it.

Instagram Users In India

Stats always help you understand better. Though you do not have any idea about the statistics of Instagram in India, giving a try to know it works out well for your future works. For example, if you are a businessman, knowing how many people are interested in Instagram helps you grow your business. Even the demographic stats will help you.

Here are a few stats from and detailing the number of Instagram users in India

  • Instagram has around 120 million active users monthly.
  •  As of July 2021, India is the most leading country with 180 million active users on Instagram.
  • It accounted for about 13.5 percent of its entire population
  • The majority of Instagram users were men. 
  • People under age group 18 to 24 are more prone to Instagram group
  • They account for about 79 000 000. Within this age group, the men lead by 39 000 000 

Instagram Demographics In India

Instagram demographics is a great way for marketers and businessmen to know the people behind the numbers.

With 1 billion people on social media, there are many people who indulge in social media, especially Instagram. Make sure that you know everything about it.

Demographic insights will help you tailor your strategies and content in the right way. Let us get started. 

Location Demographics In India

When it comes to location demographics, here are the key points you should eye at. 

  • India has encountered 20 percent growth in its ad audience size that may soon overtake the top position in which the U.S. is resting now – HootSuite
  • 63 percent of the popular influencers in India work in entertainment – ClanConnect
  • 2 out of 5 songs in Reels shared globally are from Indian artistsFacebookfuelforIndia2020
  • India is the biggest market for Instagram and Facebook users – HootSuite

Gender Demographics In India

When it comes to gender demographics, here are the key points you should eye at. 

Considering gender, Instagram provides three options: male, female, and not specified. When countering the gender demographics, a lot of reports and research is limited to binary classifications. 

  • 72.5 percent of Instagram users in India are male, and women account for about 27.5 percent Statista
  • More than half of women in India are unaware of the mobile Internet – statista

This seems to be the main reason why men lead Instagram users to count since 2010.

Instagram Interests Demographics In India

No matter how the Instagram demographic goes far in your mind, people use social media based on their interests. In a recent poll, Facebook found that 91 percent of people say that they use Instagram to follow an interest. Surprisingly, in India, it is 98 percent.

The research also finds out that the top interests in Instagram include travel, music, food, and drink. Among these, Indians mostly favor technology as their top pick. So, when comparing the interests of Indians with other countries, the interest in technology is high among the Indian audience.

Instagram users in India 3
Image Credits: Pexels

Instagram Revenue In India

The statistics reports from confirm that Instagram has been projected to gain 6.8 dollars in global revenue which have been exceeded 3.3 billion dollars in the second quarter of 2019.

In India, Instagram has grown by 66 percent compared to the previous year. According to, a staggering of 50 percent marketing teams spend around half of their budgets on social ads. Around 29 percent spend ad dollars on Instagram. 

Instagram Hashtags In India

Hashtags are the main reason why a post hits the peak with high engagement with the right audience. According to the tagsfinder, there are around 770 881 hashtags found in India at 50 045 different locations in India. 

I hope you all know the importance of hashtags used on Instagram. Even with the concept of using hashtags, it is easy for Instagram users to identify the topics and go with the flow. Instagram is no exception in using hashtags. 

Starting from companies to influences, even the novice Insta beginner starts using hashtags. This is so much evidence as the Instagram hashtag statistics prove us so. According to Hubspot, an average Instagram post contains around 10.7 hashtags

Instagram India For Business and Influencers

Instagram is not only a place for entertainment. Currently, it has been the place that explodes plenty of opportunities to grow your business without any doubt.

According to Vidsaga, brands see a higher engagement rate on Instagram than on Facebook. When it is true, it is obvious that businesses tend to approach influencers to promote their business. On the other end, they depend on the ads too. This is why Instagram ads revenue has hit its peak for the last few years. Still, there are 25 million business profiles on Instagram looking for their turn to grow their business. 

BusinessInsider’s facts confirm that the influencers, including both micro and nano influencers, find their way to promote the product to the Instagram users in an invisible way that makes Instagram more popular. When coming to the reels, there are many influencers who promote the product through creative reals. 

Instagram – The Future?

Maybe or may not be! Instagram, as in the right route, has high chances to become the major bridge in connecting business and the audience. So, pick up the strategies at the right time as you have an idea about the Instagram statistics in India now. Cheers!

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