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INDmoney Referral Code 2022 – SUGFTAFAMZ – Get Cashback

I am sure you want to know about the INDmoney Referral Code. INDmoney gives you an excellent chance of getting US stocks worth Rs 100 for free. In this post, I am going to provide you with good clarity on the INDmoney app and the INDmoney Referral Code. Besides, I’ll explain how you can claim the deal.

INDmoney is an extremely powerful money app that allows you to manage all your financial stuff from a single point of control. INDmoney helps you to manage your investments, loans, credit cards & taxes, all in one app. The app is pretty similar to Upstox or Angel Broking.

INDmoney Referral Code

INDmoney Referral Code Details

Let me walk you through the INDmoney Referral Code Details. You can get US Stocks worth Rs. 100 using our referral code – SUGFTAFAMZ

How to Claim the INDmoney Referral Code

I am sure you must be wondering how to claim the deal. It’s very simple, and you only need to follow these few simple steps:

  • To start, you can click on the exclusive offer link and install the app. 
  • Next, you can open the app and sign up using your mobile number
  • After that, an OTP will be sent to your mobile number, and you have to enter the OTP in the app
  • Besides, you must enter my Referral Code, which is SUGFTAFAMZ
  • For 100% verification, you can enter your PAN Card details
  • After that, you can proceed, and it’s not mandatory to give Gmail access even though the app may ask for it.
  • Next, you can complete the sign-up.

Once you complete the sign-up successfully, you will receive a free balance of Rs. 100, which you may invest in any US stock like Amazon or Tesla. Besides, you can share your referral code with your friends and relatives to earn Rs. 100 per referral. However, for you to earn on referral, your friends will have to sign up with INDmoney using your referral code.

INDmoney Referral Code

How To Withdraw Money From INDmoney?

Withdrawing your funds from the INDmoney is a pretty seamless process. To withdraw the free balance you received on your sign-up, you will need to invest in any stock. 

You can invest in any US stock according to the US Stock Exchange timing. The US Stock Exchange opens at 8:00 PM IST daily. Next, you can follow these simple steps:

  • Tap on the Invest Now button at 8:00 PM on your INDCoins option and select a stock to Buy
  • To place the Buy order with your Total balance, simply drag the slider to the right
  • Once bought, tap on the stock and sell all the quantities by clicking on the Sale Button
  • Once sold, you can enter your bank details and confirm 
  • After the bank is added, the money will be transferred to your bank account.

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INDmoney Referral Code Summary

INDmoney is a brilliant mobile app for investment and trading. The INDmoney Referral Code is a super exciting deal and also a great way to explore the platform. Signing up with the app and claiming the deal is ridiculously simple, which I have already explained in simple steps. Besides, I have also explained how you can withdraw your funds from the INDmoney platform. 

I don’t think you have any more confusion after reading this post this far, and I am pretty sure you are ready to capture this excellent deal. Just to remind you once again, don’t forget to enter my INDmoney Referral Code at sign up, and my INDmoney Referral Code is SUGFTAFAMZ.

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