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Do You Know How To Unlock Voltas AC Remote?

Often there are people who are unaware of a few remote features, and if you are one of them, then this How To Unlock Voltas AC Remote post is for you! 

Here are the steps to be followed for your How To Unlock Voltas AC Remote query.

How To Unlock Voltas AC Remote

How To Unlock Voltas AC Remote?

If you buy a new Voltas AC and your remote control does not respond, you must think about a command problem with the remote. But, if you have a nice peek at the control screen of your remote, you might spot a tiny padlock flashing at the corner of the screen.

Here is what you should do to run any command on it,

  • Press the temp+ and temp- buttons simultaneously
  • Hold it from three to five seconds
  • Now your remote should be unlocked 

Alternative ways if the above procedure isn’t working

  • Press MODE key combined with + and – simultaneously for five seconds
  • Press the ON and OFF buttons of the remote at the same time

Generally, this padlock happens with the software error that ended up causing the crash or with any person who must have given some unwanted command on the remote. This crash might also happen with the specks of dust and dirt that accumulate in the remote. 

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