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How To Turn ON Laptop Keyboard Light ?

Keyboard light is an exciting feature that many laptops offer, but many of us do not know How To Turn ON Laptop Keyboard Light!

How To Turn ON Laptop Keyboard Light
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However, laptops have different methods of turning on the Keyboard Light. With some laptops, you can get features like controlling the backlight’s brightness or changing its colors. 

This article explains how to turn on laptop keyboard light concerning Dell, HP, Lenovo, Asus, Mi, and Acer Laptop. 

How To Turn ON Laptop Keyboard Light 

Keyboard light is a huge attraction to many, especially gamers. If you have a laptop for the brand mentioned above, this article will help. Let us look at how to turn on the laptop keyboard light for all the laptops mentioned above in the same sequence. 

Dell Laptops

In Dell laptops, you need to manually switch on the keyboard’s backlight. The following steps will guide you on how to do so. This will work on Dell laptops like Studio, Vostro, XPS, and Latitude.

Press the Fn key and Right Arrow Key together on the laptop. As soon as you do this, the Keys will start to illuminate. For Dell laptops, The lighting modes are full keyboard, half keyboard, and off. You can use the duplicate keys to toggle between these three modes. 

Dell laptops with backlit keyboards have an LED on/off switch on the right arrow key. If you did not purchase the keyboard with the backlight feature, this method would not work. 

Dell 14 Inspiron 7000, Dell Inspiron 15, and Dell Inspiron 2016 Hold down Alt and press the F10 key. Dell Inspiron 15 5000 series and Dell Latitude E5550 hold down Fn and press the F10 key. 

HP Laptops

If your HP laptop has a keyboard light, the F5 button at the top of the keyboard should have a backlight icon. If yes, you can press this button with the Fn key, and the keyboard backlight should turn on. 

If this setting does not work for you, you can try the F9 or F11 buttons instead of F5. Some older laptops have F11 + Fn settings for keyboard backlight. You can try all of these, and most likely, it will work. 

To turn off the backlight, use the exact key or keys you used to turn it on. You can adjust the brightness of the backlight as well. This feature is not available in the older HP laptops, yet you can try it by pressing the backlight function key twice. 

If you own the HP OMEN laptop, you can also change the colors of the keyboard backlight. You can assign different colors to a set of keys representing a specific gaming zone. The other gaming laptops from HP do not have this exciting feature. 

To change the Backlight color in HP OMEN, you need to visit the OMEN Command Centre from Windows Start Menu. Click on Lighting and Keyboard in the next Window. Here, three modes are available for you to select from. These are Animation, Static, and Off. To assign colors to keys, select Static. 

Lenovo Laptops

Checking if the keyboard is configured with a backlight for Lenovo is possible through the spacebar key. If it has a backlight icon, you can ensure that the keyboard has a backlight feature. You can also check the user manual to confirm. 

To turn on the keyboard backlight, you need to press Fn + Spacebar on the keyboard. You can use the same buttons to turn them off as well. 

The three backlight modes for Lenovo laptops are Off Low, High. Fn and Spacebar keys pressed together will let you switch between these modes. 

Not all Lenovo laptops have Spacebar as the lighting hotkey. Some older models might use F5 or F6 keys. You can try with different keys. Refer to the user manual for further information. 

Asus Laptops

For Asus Laptops, looking at the F3 and F4 keys can give you an idea of if the keyboard is configured with a backlight or not. If any of these keys has a backlight icon, you can press F3 + Fn or F4 + Fn keys. 

Asus keyboard could still have a backlight without having a backlight ion on these keys. This could be the case for some of the older models. Hence, go through your laptop’s user manual to make sure of it. 

To increase the keyboard’s brightness, press Fn+F4; to decrease the brightness, press Fn+F3 keys continuously, and it will ultimately turn off the backlight. Some older Acer models do not have increasing or decreasing keyboard backlight. 

Mi Laptops

Not many Mi Laptops have a keyboard with a backlight configuration. To check if your keyboard has it or not, check the F10 key. If it has a backlight icon, you can ensure it has a backlight feature. You can look it up in your laptop’s user manual for further information. 

Pressing F10 and Fn keys together can turn on the keyboard light. It can switch between three modes. These modes are backlight off, low brightness, and high brightness. Hold and press the duplicate keys for longer to switch between these three modes. 

Acer Laptops

You mainly need to check the F9 and F10 keys for a backlight icon for Acer laptops. On Acer Aspire es 14, Acer Aspire 5, Acer Aspire e15 it is F9. Press F9 with Fn to turn on the backlight. You can use the duplicate keys to turn it off. 

If you cannot find if your model supports keyboard backlight, check the user manual for more information. Older Acer Laptops don’t have the feature of changing the backlight brightness. However, when you hold and press F9 +Fn keys, and you see a change in the radius of the light’s travel, it means your model supports it. 

To Sum It Up

This article discusses turning on the laptop keyboard backlight for Dell, HP, Lenovo, Asus, Mi, and Acer Laptop. These have different settings to turn on the lights and control their brightness. 

You are more likely to get more improved Keyboard backlight functions with gaming laptops than laptops for everyday purposes.

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