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How To Pay LIC Premium Online – A Step by Step Guide

Are there any ways to pay LIC online? If so, How To Pay Lic Premium Online?

If paying your LIC insurance directly through your branches isn’t your cup of tea, then paying online is the only way to succeed. Below are the methods narrated how to pay LIC premium online. 

how to pay lic premium online

How To Pay LIC Premium Online?

1. Pay LIC Premium Online Through The Website

  • Head to the official website of the LIC
  • Now click the pay premium online option from the online services portal
  • Here you can pay through directly without login and through the customer portal

a. Pay directly without login.

This method is the best option to pay your LIC premium if you want to register with the portal.

  • This payment option includes advance premium payment, loan repayment, and loan interest repayment.
  • After selecting the Advance premium payment, a pop-up will appear on your screen illustrating the payment process.
  • Click proceed to go further.
  • Add in the required details, such as policy number and installment premium. 
  • Select the “I Agree” option once you have entered all the correct information and submit
  • Now the details of the policy are displayed for a better understanding
  • Click “Check and Pay” to make your payment
  • Now choose the payment option that suits you!

b. Pay through the Customer Portal

If you’ve already registered with the portal, then you can log in with the registered details; else, if you are not bothered about registering yourselves, you can register with the portal. 

  • Log in to your account after registering your details
  • Now click on ‘Online Payments’ that’ll direct you to the premium payment portals
  • Select the policies that you wish for and click on ‘Check and Pay’ for payments
  • Once entering the mobile numbers, email id, and premium amount, you’ll be reassuring the details
  • Now choose the ideal payment option from your payment gateway to complete your transactions  
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2. Pay LIC Premium Through An App

You can also pay directly by downloading LIC customer and my LIC app from the Google Play Store and App Store. A LIC policyholder has an option to pay through the app. One can pay directly without even registering details.

3. Pay LIC Premium Through ECS

Under this ECS procedure, one can get their premium deducted from the registered bank account of the policyholder on the mentioned date during registration. 

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