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How To Open Demat Account In Zerodha?

Difficulty in opening a new demat account? Here is complete detail on how to open a demat account in Zerodha. 

There are so many options for investments; many platforms have attractive offers and deals that lure in customers. However, it is crucial that we give our hard-earned money to a trustworthy broker, and Zerodha is one such well-known shares brokerage and trading company. This article will tell you exactly how to open a demat account in Zerodha.


Before we get to that, let us learn a little about the company.


Zerodha was founded on August 15, 2010, by the Kamath brothers, Nithin and Nikhil. With over 5 million clients, it is currently India’s largest stockbroker, providing around 15 percent of all retail order volumes in India every day by trading and investing. They deal with a variety of investments, including:

  • “Futures and Options”
  • “Commodity derivatives”
  • “Currency derivatives”
  • “Stocks & IPOs”
  • “Direct mutual funds”
  • “Bonds and Govt. Securities”

They don’t charge any commissions. If you choose equity delivery investments like NSE or BSE, you will not be charged a brokerage fee. Direct Mutual funds are likewise free of charge. However, on intraday and F&O trades, they charge 20 rupees or 0.03 percent. You’ll have to pay either 20 rupees or 0.03 percent of the fee, whichever is lower.

Even though they provide so many services, our main focus today will be on the Demat account. What is a Demat account, you may wonder?

What Is A Demat Account?

When trading online, users can buy shares and stocks and deposit them in a Demat Account, making it easier to invest. A Demat Account holds all of an individual’s shares, government bonds, transfer funds, securities, and mutual funds.

A Demat account is a form of account in which electronic copies of stocks and bonds are stored. This account’s full name is dematerialized account. A Demat account’s goal is to keep track of shares that have been purchased or dematerialized (converted from physical to digital) to make online stock trading more convenient for users.

Now, answering the most significant question:

How To Open Demat Account In Zerodha?

To successfully open a Demat account, you need to prepare some documents. They are not something difficult to obtain, so do not worry. There are two ways to open an account on Zerodha; online and offline. The documents that you will need are for these methods are:

Documents Needed For Online Application:

  • A photocopy of your PAN card. You can directly upload it to their portal, and something important to note here is that the PAN photocopy should have your signature on the card. 
  • Aadhar details are the next document. If you are not comfortable sharing your Aadhar details, then you can choose to apply offline. 
  • The mobile number is linked with the Aadhar card provided. This is compulsory as you will be receiving an OTP as you submit these details. 

Documents Needed For Offline Application:

  • One passport-size photograph of the applicant and paste it on the KYC form and make sure to sign across it.
  • One copy of a self-attested (signature) PAN Card. 
  • One copy of self-attested address proof. It can be your Voter ID, Aadhar card, Bank statement, Driving license, or any other address proof. 
  • One copy of self-attested income Proof such as your latest salary slip, ITR, Form 16, 6-month bank Statement, etc. – Any 1) You don’t need to provide this information if you don’t plan to trade, but it is needed for derivatives trading(FO, CDS, and MCX) 
  • Bank proof, such as a canceled cheque with your name printed on it or a bank passbook copy. 

If you choose the online method, you will complete the whole process within 15 minutes if you have all the necessary documents ready. You will have to attach your ensign, and then you will receive an OTP to authenticate the process. For this process to end successfully, you need to make sure that you give the same number linked with your Aadhar card. If you do not have any number linked to your Aadhar card, you can visit an Aadhar Seva Kendra near you and get it updated. If you do not want to use Aadhar details, you can choose the offline application. 

Online Signing Up:

Once this is ready, it is very simple to sign up. Simply visit the signup page on Zerodha and follow the given instructions. First, you need to enter your mobile number and verify it using the OTP they send. After that, you will have to submit the documents and provide the required information such as PAN, Aadhar verification, and so on. 

You will have to pay Rs. 200 to open a Demat account, and if you also want to open a commodity account, that would be another Rs. 100. Click Here Zerodha Coupon Code if you are looking for any discounts and offers.

Offline Signing Up:

To do this offline, you need to download the application form from Zerodha’s website, print it out, and fill it. There are many forms available on the website, and you only need to fill the one for the Demat account. Once you have filled the forms, you need to courier them important to Zerodha’s head office. Make sure to attach all the other documents that were mentioned previously. You can send the courier to:

#153/154 4th Cross Dollars Colony,

Opp. Clarence Public School,

J.P Nagar 4th Phase, Bangalore – 560078

To open an offline account, you will have to pay Rs. 400 for a Trading and a Demat account. 

Offline applications may take a really long time to go through. So, if you are not comfortable with online applications or are not tech-savvy, you can book an appointment with the professionals at Zerodha, who will guide you through the online process and help you do it. 

We hope you found this article about how to open a demat account in Zerodha helpful. 

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