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How To Know IP Address In Laptop?

IP stands for Internet Protocol addresses are chief for online connectivity and play a vital role in exploring and surfing several internet websites. There is a lot to know about IP but, how to know IP address in laptop?

There are situations when you might need to know your router’s IP address as assigned by the Internet Service Protocol. Now, this article is all about how to know IP address in laptop. 

How To Know IP address In Laptop
Command Prompt or CMD

How To Know IP Address In Laptop?

1. On The Windows Laptop

You can discover the IP number for your Windows laptop through two methods- settings and command prompt.

Stick to the following steps to find the IP address on your laptop-

  • Visit Settings, and select the network and internet option. However, you should be connected to either the internet or the Wi-Fi network. In case, if you have forgotten, check here How To Connect Wifi In Windows 11.
  • Look for the internet or Wi-Fi option on the left side of the menu. There select the Wi-Fi option.
  • Next, click on the internet network name, and your IP address will be displayed in the form of an ‘IPv4’ address.

If you discover the IP address of your Windows laptop using CMD, then open the search menus and type CMD there.

You have to enter ‘ipconfig’ at the command prompt or CMD. Windows will be displayed that will show the IP address of your laptop.

2. On The Mac

Apple allows its consumers to track and find their IP addresses. You can follow these simple steps for the same-

  • Open the Apple menu and click on the “system preferences” option, to get all the information about your IP address.
  • Next, you are to pull down the view menu and choose the network option. Click on the network connection on the left side.
  • Your IP address will be shown directly if you are connected to an internet connection.
  • However, if you are on a Wi-Fi connection, press the advanced settings on the lower-right side of the page. Now click on TCP. By doing this, all the information about your IP address will be reflected on the screen.

3. How To Find Public IP Address?

The simplest way to get your IP address is by googling it.

How To Know IP address In Laptop
Google displaying IP address

Type- what is my IP address? And Google will tell you everything, although it won’t reveal your ISP or location.

The internet search will reveal your public IP number, which the other platforms allow online users to communicate via the TCP model. Moreover, if we talk about TCP, it becomes imperative to clarify that your IP address is not secure. It is public information.

Like there are tools through which you observe your address. Similarly, there are tools through which other people can search your IP address to communicate with others. Every task you perform online is tagged with an IP address, including your browsing history and emails. So, someone who knows your IP address can locate your location, and so do you.

And this is how online tracking works. All the commercial and advertising sites can identify your ads based on what you are interested in or searching for. You can not associate a public IP address with a specific person, and it’s effortless as well.

But, cybercriminals or a stalker can make that effort against the law, so it becomes essential to hide your IP.

A Little More

A VPN is the best method to hide your IP address and lock your location. The VPN will route your internet traffic to another server through a different IP address. It will give you a new IP from a completely different part of the world, thus keeping your actual IP address hidden so that you can freely search on the web anonymously.

An IP address and specific and unique address that recognizes the device based on the internet enables the transfer of a message or other stuff from your laptop to other devices with the help of the internet network.

The IP address assigned to you is considered a Dynamic IP because it can be temporary. However, you can also set up a Static IP address on your device, such as a laptop, so they will never change. The easier way is to get the Static IP for your router, plus it is handy if you use a web server, but your ISP will charge more.

You can find a lot of information along with it, like your ISP’s name and location (also called GeoIP). Every device connected to an internet network, whether your PC, laptop, smartphone, smart TV, or network printer, has an IP address.

But the question comes often, how do you find the IP address? How to know the IP address in your laptop? Well, I hope now it’s easy to find your IP address for your laptop.  

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