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How To Clean Washing Machine Drum? – 6 Tips

Washing machines are essential for busy households, but they can also be breeding grounds for bacteria and mold. Reading these 6 great tips on how to clean washing machine drum will help you keep yours in pristine condition!

how to clean washing machine drum

There’s nothing worse than cleaning out the washing machine drum. It can be very grubby, and it always seems to leave your hands feeling oily! No one likes to do chores around the house, no matter how much we may enjoy our time when we’re finished. However, regular cleaning will help keep your skin soft, prevent germs from eating into your clothes, and most importantly, give you great results every time you use the washing machine. 

Check these top 6 tips on how to clean washing machine drum for a sparkling result.

How To Clean Washing Machine Drum?

1. Cleaning products

Check properly that you are using products which are specifically created for cleaning washing machine drums, but remember most of us only really need to clean the drum periodically, so it’s worth investing in such a cleaner rather than using up gallons of general household cleaner.

2. Change your washing machine filter 

Changing the water filter can be expensive if you do not change them regularly, and this is often the cause of washing machine smells when people begin to feel that ‘washing machine smell,’ they usually start using all kinds of cleaners, and so the bacteria breeds even more.

3. Using bleach

Bleach is very good at killing germs, so you could use it to clean your washing machine drum. But be aware that bleaches can sometimes cause damage to certain types of materials, such as silk or wool. So check the label carefully before using bleaches on your clothes or any products with similar material.

How to clean your Washing Machine drum naturally? If you don’t like the idea of using commercial products, then there are some simple home remedies that can be used instead, such as vinegar or lemon juice mixed with water. The only problem is you will need to rinse it out thoroughly afterward.

4. With Vinegar

Vinegar is always the best natural cleaner you can find! It is generally used in most places around the house, not just the kitchen! So don’t forget about using it for cleaning your washing machine drum too. Just you have to pour about 1/2 cup of vinegar into the drum and turn on your machine. Always make sure to remember that you have to clean this thoroughly afterward, so it’s best not to do it when you have clothes inside.

5. With Lemon Juice

Using lemon juice is very good at removing grime, especially in places like your washing machine drum! Just you have to add a few lemon wedges into your drum and put on a normal wash cycle.

6. Rinse thoroughly with Hot Water 

After cleaning out the washing machine drum, you’ll need to rinse it well with plenty of hot water to remove all traces of cleanser and dirt from inside, as this can otherwise cause problems later, such as smelly, stained clothes.

For Top Loader Drum

If you have a Top-loading washing machine, then it’s fairly easy to get rid of smells and stains by simply spraying on some vinegar and leaving it overnight before rinsing with water.

For Front Loader Drum 

If you can’t face cleaning out your Front load washing machine drum, or if it’s too difficult, then try using some soapy water with half a lemon squeezed into it. Leave it to dry for some hours and then wipe the inside with a paper towel.

What causes the smell? 

The smell can be easily solved by thoroughly cleaning your washing machine drum with hot soapy water. It might not seem to scrub up very well, but you will find it cleans well if you allow it time to do so. Another common problem is where your clothes don’t come out quite as clean as you’d like. This can be caused by residue left in the washing machine drum, which builds up over time and needs regular treatment to remove.

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Don’t dry yourself off with the washing machine! When you finish using your washing machine, there may still be some dampness in the surrounding area, including the inside of the door. It’s important not to wipe this down, as it contains all kinds of dirt, bacteria, and germs from your clothes and skin.

Always be sure that you are washing your hands properly before touching any buttons or dials on the machine and ensure children do the same too.

Final Say

If you can clean your washing machine drum once a week to keep it in tip-top condition, then that’s ideal. Even if you have to put off doing the rest of your chores for another day, this is one chore that’s worth putting your all into.

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