Honeywell Air Touch A5 53-Watt Room Air Purifier Price In India

The Honeywell Air Touch A5 Air Purifier Price In India is Rs. 7999 (with education pricing). However, this Honeywell Air Touch A5 Air Purifier Price In India is affordable on Amazon.

Air purifiers are becoming more and more essential appliances in today’s world. The outside environment is fully enveloped with the polluted air, we as an individual can protect our family members at least to some extent.

Honeywell Air Touch A5 53-Watt Room Air Purifier


  • The three-stage advanced filtration system that removes pollutants with more than 99% efficiency.
  • Washable pre-filter that removes larger dust particles, pet hair/dander, soil etc.

10/16/2021 02:11 pm GMT

That is breathing the clean air, at least in our living space, with the help of the air purifier. Honeywell air touch a5 plays a significant role in purifying the air efficiently. The best air purifier Honeywell air touch models come at a low price and are suitable for better performance in small-sized rooms.

Honeywell Air Touch A5 Air Purifier Price In India

The Honeywell Air Touch A5 Air Purifier Price in India starts from ₹12,990. Compare and buy Honeywell Air Touch A5 Air Purifier online at the lowest price in India.


  • Air purifiers come at an affordable low price that helps to reach everyone.
  • Finishes purifying the stippled area within just 10 minutes.


  • The presence of the sensor operation is limited as it is a budget-oriented appliance.
  • The coverage area is a little lesser comparatively.
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The glossy finish in the Honeywell air touch a5 has the round-edged body covered as the full-pledged pack shown as a high-tech model that makes one of the luxurious appliances look. The perpetuate feature enables the air purifier to be the best in its performance level and perfect as the home décor product with a high comfort design.

The color variant of the air purifier has two choices where the user can select their option: champagne Gold and Classic white. The decent look of the Honeywell A5 consists of an anti-fall base with toppling resistance that protects from accidental falls.

Coverage Area

The practical usage of the Honeywell Air purifier can clean the area of about 323 Sq ft, and the purification of the covered area can be carried forward within 10 minutes. Just after switching on the air purifier, the surrounding environment will be cleaned entirely in 10 minutes. Honeywell Air purifier comes in the list of one of the best in its quality and performance with the CADR value of 250m3/hr.

Air Flow

The vents are presented on both sides of the Honeywell Air Purifier. This 3D airflow technology allows the healthy air to circulate to the covered area faster, even to the nook and corner of every place in the room. The polluted air is the intake at the bottom of the purifier, ensuring the enhanced suction. The optimum airflow releases air at an angle of 15 to 20 degrees that flows to the healthy air or even to the extreme corners easily and thus cleans perfectly in the covered space.

Filtration Process

The beautiful Honeywell air purifier comes with the three stages of filtration method where the unpolluted air is treated to get the oxygenated air successfully. The three filters of Honeywell air touch A5 are Pre-filter, HEPA filter, and Activated Carbon filters. The HEPA filter and activated carbon filters are designed as the compound way to merge both filters.

  • Pre-filter: The pre-filter actively filters and removes the large-sized pollutants PM10 size particles such as pet dander, hair, dust, and other visible particles present in the air. The presence of this filter also increases the life of the compound filters as it is doing partial work of purification. It is an essential part of the purification process, actively treating the air quality in the first level, which is also the washable part of the purifier.
  • HEPA filters and Activated Carbon filters: As the second stage, the polluted air is moved to this compound filter which is not washable but only allows for the replacement process. And the air purifier needs the replacement of these particular filters; then, the user can know using the blink in the indicator. The high grade of the filters is ensured to remove PM2.5 and microscopic allergens to release clean air to the living space.

Air Quality Indicator

Honeywell air touch A5 air purifier comes with the Tricolor LED, which helps on the air quality indicator where there is no real-time air quality indicator. The superb air purifier consists of Wifi and APP functionality able to operate remotely using your smartphone also having PM2.5 display options. The display options are seen on the top of the control panel, or else you can notify in the app.

Power Consumption

The life of the high-grade filter comes on average about 3000 hrs which incur low power consumption leading to the use of the Honeywell air touch A5 air purifier specialized incurring only low cost on the power utility. If you are supposed to use the air purifier for 8 hours daily, then the whole life of the compound filters will come for a nine months time period. So after the practical life user can go for the replacement of the filters with easy maintenance.

Users need not panic about their electricity bill when using the air purifier as the appliance incurs less consumption even with continuous usage.

Child lock feature

The Honeywell Air Touch A5 air purifier model enables the child lock feature, which helps protect the device from the children during accidental pressing and functioning of the buttons when present in the living space. You don’t want to worry about your kids around the purifier anymore. Thus the child lock feature helps the appliance restrict deliberate settings causing accidental changes damaging from the reach of the toddlers.

Sleep Mode Feature

Honeywell Air Touch A5 has a sleep mode that is useful during nighttime for peaceful sleep without any noise during its run time. The primary function of the sleep mode is the effective and powerful performance of the air purifier to provide precise work on the purification of the air that evolves the healthy atmosphere to inhale.

Auto Mode Feature

The Auto mode feature present in the Honeywell Air touch A5 air purifier helps in the automatic settings of the appliance depending upon the circulated air around the living space. This unique feature allows the user to not change the settings again and again manually. The air purifier’s operation automatically adjusts its fan speed based on the presence of polluted air in the coverage area.

Once the power is cut off, the air purifier automatically restarts on its own to the selected last setting feature.


The model’s effective sensitive laser dust sensor helps the particulate senses in the room in auto mode. Honeywell air touch A5 air purifier has been a budget model with all the essential features that satisfy all the basic needs.


The Honeywell Air purifier is one of the best appliances that fit in the budget-oriented one that comes with all basic features and is set with a good performance level. The extraordinary feature of the special air purifier comes with the guaranteed effective model having the three-filters process for the clean purification of the air. 

The real-time feature of the Honeywell air touch A5 air purifier is designed with the three-filter process with efficient monitoring AQI app for the remote operation of the function. If you want the best air purifier with the complete package of all the essential features involved with a low-cost budget, then you can go with buying this air purifier.

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