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CoinDCX Vs Wazirx – Which Is Best?

Since both Coindcx and Wazirx apps are widely used, choosing between CoinDCX Vs Wazirx can be tricky. The below list of comparison (CoinDCX Vs Wazirx) apps in different regards will help you come to a reasonable conclusion. 

CoinDCX Vs Wazirx

CoinDCX Vs Wazirx

CoinDCX and Wazirx are two widely used apps for buying and selling cryptocurrencies. Wazirx is owned by Zanmai Labs Private Limited. And it was founded by Nischal Shetty. CoinDCX is owned by Primestack Pte Limited in partnership with DCX, and Sumit Gupta founded it. Both of these apps are extremely popular in the Indian crypto scene and come with their features, advantages, and disadvantages. 

Wazirx has a daily crypto trading amount of $ 104 million, whereas CoinDCX has a daily crypto trading amount of around $ 40 million.

Account Opening

Opening an account in CoinDCX requires you to enter your email and password. Once your phone number is verified via OTP, you are required to undergo KYC and bank verification. For trading on the app, it is recommended that you turn on the two-factor authentication feature. To secure your crypto from hacking attacks, CoinDCX stores 95% of cryptos in cold wallets and the rest 5% in hot wallets. BitGo ensures all the cryptos with CoinDCX. 

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To use Wazirx, You will need to provide KYC and bank details and documents on account opening. You will need to enable and access the two-factor authentication system while using your trading account and to receive notifications or alerts via SMS on your phone. Wazirx protects your account from hacking attempts by storing almost 95% of your funds in offline cold storage.

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Transaction Fees

CoinDCX uses your last 45 days’ trading levels to charge the fees. Wazirx charges 0.2 percent of the crypto in transactions which is higher than the charges of CoinDCX. Wazirx has a feature of using WRX tokens. If you pay your fees via these tokens, you get a flat fifty percent discount on the fee, which is very convenient, which means that your fees will be reduced to 0.1 %. WRX tokens have been providing good returns to investors lately, which is great for Wazirx users. 

Ease of Trading

CoinDCX has a more advanced take on trading and is more suitable for traders with some experience. The app design is a little complex with many features and will not be convenient for beginners. The dark mode for the app gives it an even heavy and sophisticated look. 

In comparison to CoinDCX, Wazirx has a cleaner and simpler UI design and is easier to use. It is suitable for beginners and has many easy-to-understand features. It is easy to use and is best for users who are still learning about trading and crypto. 

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Customer Service

For both, the app’s website request forums and their social media handles are the only ways to reach out to the developers with queries. The team of both apps has been consistent and fairly quick in responding to the users’ questions solving their issues. Some of the common issues that are reported about CoinDCX is the app crashing or having some bugs. Some Android devices don’t seem to support the app very well. The makers have since then launched several updates which have made the Situation better than before.

The most common complaints about Wazirx include the transaction fees since it is high. Using the WRX tokens is highly recommended for such users as it will decrease fees to 50 percent of the original value. The app seems to run effectively on almost all devices and is easy to use as well. 


CoinDCX and Wazirx are two top-rated cryptocurrency apps in the Indian market. Both these apps have many users in the country and are reliable. The above list of comparisons between the two apps in various regards will help you choose the best one for yourself based on your needs and level of experience. It also gives an insight into the main features and things you should know about each of these apps when determining the right one for yourself. 

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