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CoinDCX Review – A Must Read

Whether you’ve been exchanging cryptocurrencies for a while or are just getting started, you’ve probably heard of CoinDCX. But are you aware of the in-depth CoinDCX Review?

In case, if not, here in this article, we are going to do a detailed CoinDCX Review. So read further. 

CoinDCX Review

CoinDCX is a crypto trading platform that supports more than 200 distinct cryptocurrencies. This is a Singapore-based business that has been in operation since 2018. The CoinDCX office in India is based in Mumbai. 

CoinDCX Review

CoinDCX is one of the safest crypto exchange platforms available, with enough security safeguards for both account information and transactions.

● It can support over 200 different cryptos.

● CoinDCX is a favored platform for thousands of users due to features like fast purchase and sell, user-friendly experience, and limitless trading.

● Users are attracted to CoinDCX because of its minimal trading and withdrawal costs.

● Customer service is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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Trading on CoinDCX is quick and uncomplicated. It stands out among trading platforms like Binance because of its straightforward UI. To begin trading on CoinDCX, one must first create an account by supplying the necessary information. After the submitted information has been validated and the user has successfully registered, they will be allowed to begin trading cryptos on the platform.

CoinDCX’s distinguishing feature is that it enables a wide range of cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, and a variety of other alternatives. It recognizes various cryptocurrency traders and lets them use this site instead of going elsewhere. There may be more scam coins because a new and freshly launched cryptocurrency will not be subjected to the same examination.


● A large variety of cryptocurrencies are available for exchange.

● It has enough liquidity in a wide range of trade pairings.

● The trading fees are modest, and the lowest number for a trade is considerably small as well.

● With only one tap, you can purchase and trade instantaneously.

● It has a margin trading leverage of roughly six times on a variety of assets.

● It accepts UPI and IMPS as payment options.

● Customers are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to address questions.

● Futures trading has a leverage of about 20 times.

● It’s available on a variety of platforms.


● The customer service might be quite slow while responding to customer complaints and queries.

● There are no other alternatives than INR as a FIAT currency.

● Higher FIAT values will necessitate verification.


Signing Up at CoinDCX

To make an account, go to the CoinDCX website and press the register button to begin the registration process. The registration button is located in the right corner at the top of the page. You will have to provide information such as your name, email account, mobile number, and some other personal details. After you’ve answered them, select the register option.

Check your email inbox for the verification link you’ll get from CoinDCX for email verification. An OTP will be sent to you to validate the phone number. Go to your profile area by hitting the profile symbol in the upper right corner to validate your account.

You must click the “Verify Bank Account” button to be taken to a new tab. Enter all of the bank information on the page.

You will get a transaction and withdraw a modest amount through your account for the authentication process to validate the bank information. You must provide a 12-digit UTR code that you’ll get when your bank account information has been verified.

The CoinDCX KYC procedure is straightforward. To begin the KYC verification process, log in to your account. If you upload all of the required KYC papers, the process is simple. You must provide photos of your Pan Card as well as identification evidence like an Aadhar Card, Voter Id Card, or Passport to complete the procedure.

Withdrawing Money From CoinDCX

The minimum withdrawal limit is INR varies depending on whether or not the user has completed the KYC verification. The maximum INR withdrawal limit is in a similar situation. Accounts with KYC verification have a minimum value of Rs. 500 and a maximum value of Rs. 5,00,000 each day. If the amount exceeds the automatic limitations, you can withdraw it manually.

The lowest value limit is Rs. 500, which is the same as for those who have completed their KYC. However, the highest value is just 10,000 INR since the maximum trading value is only 10,000 INR. If the transaction exceeds the automatic limitations, you can also withdraw manually.

There is no withdrawal restriction for users who have completed the KYC process. Simultaneously, accounts that have not had their KYC verified may only withdraw 4 BTC each day.

The CoinDCX’s hefty withdrawal costs outweigh the cheaper trading charge. Each BTC withdrawal costs roughly 0.001 BTC. When compared to industry average costs, this withdrawal amount is rather large. The withdrawal value is roughly 0.0006 BTC every BTC withdrawal, according to the current industry average. In terms of percentages, the CoinDCX withdrawal experience is 60 percent better than the industry average.

Deposit and Trading at CoinDCX

When you make an order, the trade costs you a price, referred to as trading free. It’s usually a percentage of the total cost of your order. Takers and manufacturers are charged 0.04 percent and 0.06 percent, respectively, on CoinDCX.

Takers are those who remove a current order from the order book, while creators are those who add a new transaction to the order books. The cost is minimal and below the market average, which is another reason why customers choose CoinDCX for other services. The current industry average is between 0.10 and 0.15 percent.

Safety And Security Of The CoinDCX App

CoinDCX is India’s and the world’s most secure crypto trading platform. This platform prioritizes the privacy of its users’ personal information and does not disclose KYC details with any other parties. It has industry-leading security processes that are routinely updated and checked for any potential breaches.

It has two-factor verification, which gives a user’s account an extra layer of protection. Not only that but all bitcoin withdrawals are subjected to various verification steps before being executed in order to prevent fraud.

Staking and Lending through CoinDCX

Crypto lending is a type of alternative investing. Lending in cryptocurrency terminology entails investors lending cryptocurrencies to borrowers at a rate of interest. The loan services provided by CoinDCX are safe and convenient. You may lend for a maximum of 7 days with only one click. In addition, the highest annual interest rate is 16.25%.

Staking is a method of earning benefits by locking coins. It is comparable to mining. Users may generate passive income by staking coins on the CoinDCX platform. To begin staking, simply register and hold a minimum amount of one of the supported cryptocurrencies to be eligible for rewards.

Support And Response To Customer Service

According to CoinDCX, providing the greatest services to people is the cornerstone to a company’s success. As a result, they provide great customer care and assistance 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Users from various countries do not have to bother about time zones because of this 24-hour help.

Onboarding, INR managing, and ticketing are supported 24 hours a day, seven days a week. In addition, the current telegraph and talking hours are 6:00 AM to 11:00 PM.

Users can address any problems thanks to these features without having to wait hours for the next day. CoinDCX does not have a customer service phone number listed on their website; however, you may email them at for assistance.

What Makes CoinDCX Different From Other Platforms?

Sumit Gupta, the company’s CEO, is an Indian crypto dealing and trading firm, co-founder. Two of the company’s apps are CoinDCX Pro and CoinDCX Go. CoinDCX Go, which has 500k downloads, is a cryptocurrency investment app, whereas CoinDCX Pro (which has approximately 100k downloads) is a cryptocurrency exchange app.

The majority now requires KYC verification of exchanges. To utilize the applications, they must first complete their KYC, which only adds to their security.

Investors can click on the Access API Dashboard option to obtain the API key to go to their profile. The API has simplified semantics for the terminology often used on the website or in associated documentation.

CoinDCX Go is really the CoinDCX App, which allows users to exchange cryptocurrency with only a single swipe on their smartphone screen. Users must fill in the data to establish an account after installing the program. They must then log in and begin trading. Android is the only platform that supports the application, and it’s not compatible with iOS operating systems. This is a major disadvantage.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is CoinDCX a unicorn?

CoinDCX is one of the best crypto exchange platforms in India that acquired its unicorn status. CoinDCX, the first Indian cryptocurrency exchange to attain unicorn status, secured $90 million in a Series C fundraising round at a value of $1.1 billion, becoming the first Indian cryptocurrency exchange to achieve unicorn status despite regulatory uncertainties surrounding crypto assets. CoinDCX was founded in 2018, and it already has over 3.5 million users.

How safe is CoinDCX?

CoinDCX employs stringent security measures to protect your personal information, make sure your transaction details are safe and your bank credentials secure. With a multi-layer security approach, the platform is well-trusted.

Is it safe to hold crypto in CoinDCX?

The Security of your digital assets kept on CoinDCX is guaranteed. The user and the exchange share responsibility for the protection of digital assets. Read this post to the end to secure the protection of your crypto holdings.

We hope this detailed article about CoinDCX Review was helpful to you. 

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