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Binance Vs CoinDCX – Which Is Best?

Binance Vs Coindcx is a short write-up that breaks down some of the differences between these two exchanges. There is no doubt that Binance and CoinDCX are two of the most popular cryptocurrency exchanges, and both have their distinct features and strengths. 

Binance Vs CoinDCX

Now, let us look more into the Binance Vs Coindcx comparison. 

Binance Vs CoinDCX

Cryptocurrencies are, by definition, decentralized. And this means that they’re unregulated. However, taking the crypto sphere seriously is quite different from trusting it blindly. 

Binance and coinDCX got a lot of attention a while ago due to their incredibly high volumes on their respective exchanges.

CoinDCX is a fully built cryptocurrency exchange based in Mumbai, where you can easily exchange your currencies into other cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin and Ethereum. With a convenient user interface and many tokens to choose from, CoinDCX is one of the most popular cryptocurrency exchanges in the market.

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When it comes to cryptocurrencies, there aren’t many exchanges that compare with Binance. The China-based exchange has been holding the top position in cryptocurrency rankings for a short time now and is still the dominant exchange in the market. 

Although Binance isn’t the only exchange that offers fiat to cryptocurrency trading, key feature differences between Binance and CoinDCX have been highlighted in this article. In contrast, technical specifications have been included to help readers decide which platform is best for them.

Comparison In Terms Of-


Many exchanges in the market offer many transacting services for people who want to trade cryptocurrencies. However, there can be differences in terms of fees and other features.

Binance is a digital asset exchange service. It’s an online platform that allows traders to buy and sell cryptocurrencies using different fiat currencies or cryptocurrencies. The exchange offers low trading fees at 0.1% and no deposit fees for trading and withdrawal.

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CoinDCX is relatively new to the cryptocurrency exchange market but offers lower trading fees and withdrawal fees, an essential factor for those who trade regularly or frequently withdraw their funds from the exchange platform.

Compared to its larger competitor, CoinDCX has fees that are nearly identical to those of Binance, with a 0.1 percent takers fee and 0.1 percent makers fee. The withdrawal costs are substantially lower, at 0.2% of the entire withdrawal or a fixed fee of Rs 10, whichever is larger. 

Furthermore, the CoinDCX app has several features not seen in most Indian applications, like DCXmargin, DCXfutures, and DCXstake. Binance has been around for longer than coinDCX, which means it has more liquidity and offers lower trading fees to its buyers and sellers.

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The security of these two exchanges is comparable in terms of the number of hacks; however, Binance has stricter requirements to withdraw.

Binance’s system is more secure than CoinDCX because it does not require advanced verification to withdraw money.

Deposit methods

The Binance cryptocurrency deposit methods are different depending on the country in which you are. Global users have a mobile wallet for storing their BNBs, and can also receive cryptocurrency from Binance via their bank account or SEPA transfer.

Binance is one of the leading cryptocurrency exchanges; it is based in China and has quite a few cryptocurrencies on its platform. One of the most popular depositing funds on Binance uses Ethereum (ETH) or Bitcoin (BTC).

CoinDCX is another leading cryptocurrency exchange that deals with both fiat and cryptocurrencies. CoinDCX made it possible for you to purchase coins with low fees. Currently, users can deposit Vcoins via BTC, ETH, BCT, and LTC. It provides support for deposits made through Indian Rupee (INR).

Trading options

The main difference that we should know about these two exchanges is the number of cryptocurrencies they offer. Binance offers more than 500 coins to non-U.S users and 60 to U.S users, whereas coinDCX provides more than 200.

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By trade volume, Binance is the largest cryptocurrency exchange. CoinDCX, on the other hand, is a fast-growing exchange with a smaller user base.

Binance offers more trading options, including cross-border trading for some pairs. CoinDCX, on the other hand, has fewer trading options but provides better customer service.


Binance and CoinDCX started as two of the most popular Bitcoin exchanges. Binance has since grown to become one of the world’s biggest Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash exchanges.

Meanwhile, CoinDCX became a privacy coin exchange and garnered much attention by offering its unique features, including its privacy coins. 

Binance is known to have liquidity issues at times, hence CoinDCX’s popularity also. However, their volumes are comparable to other cryptocurrency exchanges, significantly lower than Binance’s.

Binance is still considered one of the top 20 cryptocurrency exchanges today, whereas CoinDCX is nowhere near Binance’s level despite its current popularity.

Binance vs. coinDCX is an interesting comparison that you can learn a lot from and gain a new perspective on the world of cryptocurrency trading. It looks like both exchanges have a unique proposition and a specific niche market, which should help you to find one that suits your needs even better than what you might have considered before.

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