10 Best Washing Machines in India 2021 (Reviews)

ashing machines are a basic part of our household for quite some time now and have become an indispensable part of our daily lives. It is also time and effort-saving equipment that will only make your daily lives easier. 

It is no secret that buying a washing machine is an investment you will be thankful for. But it is only when you purchase the right machine that this happens. With the range and number of products available in the market, it is very much easy to be confused and overwhelmed when it comes to a choice.

That is where this article steps in. This write-up packs a list of the best washing machines in the market so you can rest easy and pick from the best of best. 

10 Best Washing Machines in India 2021

1. LG 6.0 Kg 5 Star Inverter Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine

LG 6.0 Kg 5 Star Inverter Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine (FHM1006ADW, White, Direct Drive Technology)

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The LG direct drive is a front-loading machine and one of the more popular ones in the market. It is a fully automatic washing machine with a 5-star energy rating and Direct drive technology. 

This machine is great in terms of quality and performance, no doubt. It has a 6 kg capacity to suit bachelors and couples. You can wash up to 10-12 medium pieces of clothing per cycle with the number slightly varying depending on the clothing. But suffice to say, this washing machine capacity is more than enough for bachelors, couples, and even small families of three. 

It has an energy rating of 5 stars which is the maximum on the scale. It is very much useful for cutting back on extra water consumption, reducing electricity consumption, and saving you costs overall. This machine also has 1000 RPM and since the higher the spinning speed, the faster the drying, this is especially useful for quicker drying of clothes. 

The Direct drive machine has ten different wash programs for your different materials and washing needs. It has the Cotton for usual cotton clothes, cotton large for heavy cotton beddings or clothes, Mix for assorted material clothes, Easy care, Baby care for baby clothes, Sportswear option, Delicate for gentle washing, Wool for woolen clothes, Quick 30 for a fast 30-minute wash when you are in a rush, and Rinse + Spin for skipping all other cycles except these aforementioned ones. 

The machine has a pull-out drawer to add your detergent or liquid in. The program controls are navigated by a turnable knob through which you can choose the desired program. There is also a Digital display that indicates the time left in the wash and other instructions. Below that is a touch panel that you can use to control the power, temperature, spin, and start/pause options.

This machine also features a smart diagnosis option that allows your washing machine to self-diagnose problems and when connected with the Smart ThinQ app on your phones, it can point out the problem it is facing. This app lets you diagnose up to 86 errors. 

The direct-drive machine has a six-motion control technology that lets the machine move the drum in different directions throughout the wash, thereby ensuring maximum cleanliness of clothes and even washing. 

The Inverter Direct drive technology on this machine facilitates the motor to be attached directly to the drum, thereby ensuring way less noise, vibration, and reduced wear and tear that the clothes are subjected to. This machine also comes with an inbuilt heater that can heat the water up to 60 deg celsius to ensure that there is no room for bacteria or allergens that are left behind in your clothes. 

2.IFB 5 star Diva Aqua SX Washing Machine

IFB 6 kg 5 Star Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine (Diva Aqua SX, Silver, Inbuilt Heater, Aqua Energie water softener)

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IFB is one of the frontrunners when it comes to great washing machine brands. The reason for this being their premium quality and durability and performance. 

The model we have here today is the Diva Aqua SX washing machine. It is a fully automatic machine that has a front-load design. It has a capacity of 6 kg and also has aqua energie technology which is a great feature. 

This feature makes it capable of conditioning hard water through magnetic treatment. This way can prevent scale formation, improve the quality of washing, and reduce the usage of detergent. This feature also allows you to wash in multiple conditions and even use hard water for your washes. 

This front-load model from IFB means you load the clothes up on the front side. The drum is also facing forward. In addition to this, the washing quality of a front load washing machine is also higher than a top-load one. This is because of the clothes falling on top of each other during the wash cycle, thereby cleaning the clothes better. 

Another advantage of this type is that it can dry the clothes much faster than top load machines and also has a plethora of special functions in the wash cycle. In particular, it has eight different programs that are tailored to suit your different washing needs. Different kinds of clothes, different cycle times, and various types of washing methods.

Coming to the capacity, it is a 6 kg volume and can hold up to 10-12 pieces of medium to big-sized clothing at a time. This capacity is most suitable for bachelors and couples and sometimes for small families with 2-3 members only. Not that capacity is the deciding factor here, but it is important because, smaller capacity used for bigger families might mean multiple wash cycles and increased consumption of water, electricity, and even detergent. 

There are also few special features like the anti-allergen wash, 3D wash system, Aqua energie technology, cradle wash, ball valve technology, tub clean option, laundry add, and child lock option. Anti-allergen technology helps in keeping allergies and other viruses at bay. 

The 3D wash system is another interesting feature that facilitates water to enter the drum from three different nozzles. This ensures that there is a better dissolving of detergents and all the clothes are fully wet and immersed in water, thereby having a better wash. 

Cradle wash is a feature that brings in lots of thought into your washing. It is a wash feature that always maintains a high level of water in the drum so that delicate clothes can glide around easily and float freely without getting stuck with the other clothes. This feature is especially useful for fragile clothes that may tear or get damaged if handled with force.

The ball valve technology uses a floating ball placed in the outlet pipe to steep out the dirty water after each cycle but also that the detergent is not flushed out. This ensures a cleaner wash and that the detergent stays for all the different cycles in a wash. 

3. Bosch 6 Kg Serie 2 Washing Machine

Bosch 6 kg Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine (WAB16161IN, White, Inbuilt Heater)

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Bosch is no new name to the washing machine market. Producers of some of the best machines in the world today, Bosch products do live up to their name of being premium in quality and service. 

The Serie 2 model by Bosch is a front-loading type and is fully automatic. Most front load machines these days cannot be opened in between washes to add detergent or fabric softeners. The same goes for this as well.

It is fully automatic and does not require any kind of manual operation whatsoever in between cycles. This may be an advantage or a problem depending on your needs. Top loading machines allow for the lid to be opened in between to add detergent or softeners even when they are of the fully automatic type.

The capacity is 6 kg and can handle a maximum of 10-12 pieces of clothing per wash. It works in the best capacity when used for bachelors and families of 2-3 members at the maximum. This is more compact than its higher capacity counterparts but is restricted to fewer clothing pieces due to the size of the drum. Nonetheless, if you find yourself having higher than average laundry, you can always run multiple wash cycles and get your job done. 

Coming to the design, it has German engineering and a matte finish. A panel situated in front, on top of the door has all the controls. On the left, there is a pull-out drawer that has provisions for adding detergent or liquid and softeners. There is a proper-sized LED display that shows timing and other details. Following this is a touch panel that has options for speed control and water level and it also has a start and pause option. 

On the right is a fully electronic control dial that navigates the different wash programs and special features as well. There are a total of six programs for different clothing materials and temperatures. Active water is a special feature on the serie 2 which is a clever technology that adjusts the level of water based on the number of clothing. It can sense the clothing based on a weighing technology and fill water accordingly. 

It also houses an Allergy plus option certified by the European Centre for Allergy Research Foundation (ECARF) that ensures a clean washing and makes sure that the detergent is washed off completely from the clothes, hence making the clothes allergy-free and without detergents sticking to them after washing. 

Another very interesting feature of Bosch is the delayed washing program and Super 15’/30’ program. The time delay option lets you choose a time limit of one to twenty-four hours of delay for your washes. If you are in a hurry to leave or require your laundry to be completed at a certain time, this option works great. 

The Super 15’/30’ program on the other hand is a very helpful feature that can wash, rinse, and spin up to 2 kgs of your dirty clothes in just 15 to 30 minutes. If you are in a hurry to get some fresh clothes or just like quick wash cycles, this is a boon for you. 

4. Samsung Diamond Drum 6.2 Kg Washing Machine

Samsung 6.2 kg Fully-Automatic Top load Washing Machine (WA62M4100HY/TL, Imperial Silver, Center Jet Technology)

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Samsung is without a doubt one of the best brands for all kinds of electronics and home appliances. It also is a leading manufacturer of high-quality washing machines in all ranges and designs. 

This particular model, the Samsung WA62M4100HY, is a top-loading type and has some really impressive features that hike up its likability quotient more than its other top-loading peers. 

It has a capacity of 6.2 kgs and can easily clean the clothes of a bachelor or a couple, or maybe even small families with daily laundry loads of a maximum of 10-12 pieces of clothing. A typical 6 kg drum can handle up to 4 bedsheets or up to 30 T-shirts or shirts in one go. 

Talking about the design, Samsung has managed to fit in a compact panel of buttons and controls along with a LED display screen as well. Smack in the center is the Power button and the Start or Pause buttons. To the right are the wash programs, each with an indicator that can be navigated by a button right below these. There is also a delay option that lets you delay the wash cycle to a later time for convenience. 

To the left is a LED screen that displays the timing of the cycle and other instructions. There is also a water level indicator with button control and the levels printed alongside indicators to show the level of water. Additionally, the function button is placed below the different functions printed alongside respective indicators that display which part of the cycle the wash is currently on. 

Possibly the most appreciated and lauded feature is the diamond drum. Yes, you read that right. A diamond drum. But before you start thinking of the precious metal, I’ll stop you right there. This diamond drum is not made of diamonds but instead, is in the shape of them in order to elevate your washing. 

The diamond drum’s unique soft curl design washes the clothes very effectively while doing so with care. The ridges that are diamond in shape are smooth even on the most delicate of clothes. Usually, delicate clothes are prone to tear or damage while being tugged around or when in contact with sharp edges of the tub. 

The Eco Tub cleaning option is a great feature that allows for the tub to be cleaned without the use of harsh chemicals and to maintain its freshness. It is also capable of automatically notifying you when it needs to be cleaned. 

The child lock option in this washing machine allows you to lock the buttons so that the selected wash cycle cannot be changed. When this child lock feature is enabled, it locks all the buttons except the power button. This way, the program cannot be changed or interrupted by toddlers or even by mistake by adults. The power button remains unlocked so that it can be stopped or paused should any problem arise. 

One more wonderful feature of Bosch is the Center jet technology. This technology facilitates the jets of water to spurt from the center of the bottom part to make sure that clothes that may be stuck in the bottom too are cleaned well and also to ensure less tangling of clothes and an even and clean wash.

5. LG 6.5 Kg 5 Star Smart Inverter Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine

LG 6.5 Kg 5 Star Smart Inverter Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine (T65SKSF4Z, Middle Free Silver)

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The LG 5 star Smart Inverter washing machine is one of the best and most affordable in the market today. It is compact, promises a great washing experience, and ensures clean clothes. It is a great choice just for its affordable price if not for its multitude of features that leave almost nothing to be desired. 

The capacity is 6.5 kgs and can easily handle clothes of bachelors who like to do their laundry just once a week, or families of 2-4 people. Typically, it can handle up to 35 shirts or t-shirts at a time, and four to five bedsheets. It is capable of cleaning all the clothes in it evenly and does not work on the lesser the clothes more the cleanliness policy.

It has a 5-star rating which is a very much advantageous factor. This rating means that the washing uses limited water and electricity than its lesser rated companions and is just as efficient, if not more. Ultimately, this is also an environment-friendly option and you are giving back to the environment while also cleaning your clothes!

It is fully automatic and requires no manual operation or control from start to finish. It has some great features and has six different wash programs to suit all your different washing needs. It has separate programs for delicate and gentle clothes, jeans, quick wash options for when you are in a hurry, and the usual normal and pre-wash options. Additionally, it also has a tub clean and aqua preserve, both of which are impressive features, especially for a top-loading machine. 

The smart inverter motor in this machine can easily adjust the consumption of power in accordance with the power available and strike a balance between both. The motor is also equipped with BMC motor protection and ensures that there is no space for insects, humidity, or dust to accumulate. It also claims to be resistant to corrosion due to this same protection that completely surrounds it.

This machine promises powerful washing thanks to its Turbo drum. In this technology, the drum and the pulsator are designed to rotate in opposite directions and at high speeds. This ensures a clean wash and water spouting from the machine when the tubs are rotating in reverse directions adds some extra cleanliness to the clothes by thoroughly cleaning them. 

This washing machine has another interesting feature which, though may look simple, is revolutionary in nature. This feature is called the Smart diagnosis feature and is useful to figure out what your washing machine needs. For example, if you are facing any issue with your machine vis a vis in the working or wash cycle or anything like that, you can simply connect the machine to the Smart ThinQ app and diagnose the problem.

In addition, this machine also has two other important features that are worth the mention. The stainless steel drum ensures that there is no rusting of any sort so that your machine can work well for a long period of time. Secondly, the auto restart feature is a savior for areas with sudden power cuts or if you just happen to lose power when your machine is mid-cycle. This attribute ensures that your machine picks up exactly where it left off and finishes the cycle as opposed to machines that have to begin all over again. 

6. Whirlpool 7 Kg 5 Star Royal Plus Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine

Whirlpool 7 Kg 5 Star Royal Plus Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine (WHITEMAGIC ROYAL PLUS 7.0, Grey, Hard Water Wash)

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The Whirlpool Royal Plus washing machine is one of the most popular and affordable washing machine options available in the market. This machine has loads of features to offer and is just as efficient as most of its competitors that cost more, if not more.

To begin with, this machine has twelve different wash programs and is structured to have options for all kinds of washing needs. While most machines offer five to seven wash programs on average, twelve is definitely a huge number. It also goes to show the versatility of the machine for including so many different choices of wash programs. 

It has the Daily for usual laundry, Heavy option for when there are too many clothes, Delicates for gentle clothes, Whites for white clothes, Stainwash for removing tough stains, Eco wash for lower energy-consuming option, Woollen for wool-based clothing, Bedsheet for your heavy beddings, Rinse and spin for just rinsing and spinning the clothes, Just spin while skipping other options, Wash only, and the Aqua store.

The design of this machine is compact and clear enough so that even someone new can easily operate it. The panel is placed behind the lid of the machine with all its buttons and screen. On the left side, all twelve of the wash programs are mentioned with three navigation buttons below them for Power on/off, program selection, and Start and Pause options. 

In the center is a LED digital display that indicates the time left in the cycle, the program number, and other instructions. Just above this display are the icons that indicate the current status of the wash cycle that the machine is at. There are also the express wash and Delay options that can ideally decrease the timing of your cycle by thirty to forty percent or help delay the wash cycle to an extent respectively, thereby making it easy to tweak the wash cycle to your convenience.

The machine is also equipped with 6th sense technology that can take your washing experience up by several notches. This machine is capable of load sensing, Voltage sensing, suggesting the amount of detergent based on the load in the machine, water pressure sensing, and also automatically cleaning the tub by sensing its need.

This machine comes with a 5-star energy rating which is a great option for saving energy and also is a lesser problem for the environment. A 5-star rating is the maximum rating on the scale and the higher the rating, the lower the energy consumption and better the performance. 

Spiro wash is another feature of this washing machine that uses a different type of wash motion to achieve better results. The wash is carried out in a spiral water motion as the name suggests and that claims to give a better cleaning of the clothes. 

The Royal Star machine can easily wash clothes in hard water, making it easy to adapt to the water type and give an efficient wash. The Zero pressure fill or ZPF technology by Whirlpool ensures that the washtub gets filled with water fifty percent faster even when the pressure of water is very low, as low as 17mpa.

7. Panasonic 6 Kg 5 Star Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine

Panasonic 6 Kg 5 Star Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine (NA-F60LF1HRB, Grey)

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Panasonic 6 kg 5-star washing machine joins the list of machines that are cheap but have a great feature list. This machine proves that you necessarily don’t have to pay more to get a better machine. 

This machine by Panasonic has some great features that make it a desirable machine. Its affordability, features, and performance are only a few of the traits that make it one of the most popular and best machines in the market.

This machine is a fully automatic machine that is of the top-loading type and also has the wash drum facing the top. Top-loading machines are cheaper than front-loading ones and also easier in terms of maintenance and upkeep. Fully automatic also means there is no need for any kind of manual operation in between a wash cycle. 

This machine has a capacity of 6 kg and is suitable for bachelors, couples, and families of two or three people at the most. Essentially, it can hold up to 30 or so shirts and a maximum of four bedsheets. For the occasional extra laundry, you can easily run multiple wash cycles. If you usually have more laundry, then you might be better off with a 7 kg or more capacity machine.

Coming to the design of the washing machine, it features a transparent lid and the control panel on the front with all the buttons. It has eight different wash programs for different requirements namely, Normal, jeans, Heavy/Bulky for beddings and larger clothes, Delicate for gentle washing, Quick wash for when you are in a hurry, Air dry, Tub clean for the occasional tub washing, and Eco wash for energy and water-saving washes. 

Let us take a look at some of the other features of this machine. It has a Fuzzy control technology that senses the load in the machine and suggests the water level needed based on that. Aquabeat technology is an interesting feature that uses a three-beat wash technology to ensure thorough cleaning of the clothes. 

This machine also lets you choose the wash cycle and rinse options that suit your needs. You can customize them and change them as needed. All of this with a touch of a button. It does not get more convenient than this. There is also the tub wash and tub dry option that washes the tub occasionally and also dries it with the help of the speedily rotating inner drum. This makes for a clean and dry tub that ensures a hygienic washing experience.

In addition to this, this machine also has two more impressive features that will be much appreciated. These are the power off memory and the magic filter features. The power-off memory works by resuming the wash cycle exactly where it stopped in case of a power failure instead of beginning from step one. This saves time, electricity, and water, not to mention cost. The magic filter option on the other hand is to remove any kind of dirt and lint on the clothes and safely filter them so that the other clothes are not spoiled. This feature works well no matter the level of the water.

8. IFB 6.5 Kg Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine

IFB 6.5 Kg Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine (TL RSS 6.5 kg Aqua, Light Grey)

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This machine by IFB is yet another strong competitor in the affordable range of washing machines. It offers impressive features and premium quality while having a budget that is not through the roof.

This is a machine with a 6.5 kg capacity and is easily enough for bachelors and couples. You can also consider this machine if you have fewer members in the family with a maximum of four people. At any given time, it can hold up to 35 T-shirts, four to five bedsheets, or a day’s worth of clothes for four people at the maximum.

This machine has six wash programs to suit different situations. Though not the best of the best, it is still worthwhile, no doubt. The six programs are Power wash, smart sense, express, jeans, delicates, and tub clean. Power wash provides a thorough wash and is especially suitable for stain removing needs. The smart sense option is capable of sensing the load of clothes in the machine and suggesting the water that is required for washing based on that.

 The express option, as usual, is for when you are in a hurry but require clean and fresh clothes. Jeans and denim or similar material items can be washed using the Jeans option. Delicates are for clothing items that require gentle washing, and the final tub clean for cleansing the tub and maintaining the hygienic wash environment always.

This machine is a free-standing, top-loading machine that is fully automatic. It requires no manual operation of any kind. It is compact and does not take as much space as a front-loading machine would. The lid does not cover the entire top and is limited to just the diameter of the drum’s shape. In many ways, this is a much better design. Just below the lid is the control panel with all buttons and navigators. 

On the left is the brand name and model along with the weight capacity. Next, we have the water level indicator which has eight different levels. Following that, are the controls for the different stages of the wash cycle and their indicators and customization options included. 

We then have the child lock and time delay options, followed by the wash programs control, a LED display to indicate time, and the Power and Start or Pause button. 

The crescent moon drum design creates a gentle wash environment for your delicate clothing items owing to its smooth surface that ensures that clothes do not get tangled or get subjected to tear by coming in contact with sharp corners. The 3D wash system ensures thorough cleaning of clothes by providing a dynamic water system that has water flowing into the tub from 3 different directions. 

9. Samsung 6.0 Kg Inverter 5 Star Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine

Samsung 6.0 Kg Inverter 5 Star Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine (WW60R20GLMA/TL, White, Hygiene Steam)

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Possibly the first thing that comes to mind when you think about this machine is how straight-up simple and straightforward the controls are. It can be easily navigated even by someone with little to no understanding of this process. That is how easy the control has been designed. You have to see it to believe it. 

This machine is of the front-loading type and as is standard for all front-loading machines, is fully automatic and cannot be opened in the middle for any manual operation like adding water or detergent. 

This machine is equipped with a digital inverter which means it uses strong magnets that allow for quieter but nonetheless powerful washing performance.

This machine also offers a steam cycle that is both powerful and makes for a great, hygienic wash. A 5-star rating means you have yourself an economical washing machine that ensures only the minimal required electricity, water, and cost are consumed. This is also a great way to give back to the environment by saving it a few tons of water and reducing our effect on it.

The Samsung inverter machine is a 6 kg one and is right for bachelors and couples. You can also opt for it if you have a small family and do not mind running the machine for a few extra cycles as and when necessary. 

The machine has an impressive ten wash programs that are prepared to cater to almost every washing need of yours. It has a turn-type dial that lets you choose the program. The available programs are the 15’ quick wash that washes the clothes in the bare minimum time for when you are in a rush.

 Daily wash is for the usual routine, Delicates for clothes that need gentle washing, Denim for jean and denim material clothing, Hygiene steam that helps notch up the hygiene level of clothes, Cotton, Synthetics, Woollens, Rinse + Spin for doing just those two stages, and finally, the spin option that skips all other options except for these two.

Like a few other machines by Samsung, this model too features a diamond drum. The diamond-shaped insides of the drum help to ensure a delicate and gentle wash environment for clothes. The drum’s unique soft curl design helps to wash the clothes very effectively but also be very gentle on them and make sure they are not subjected to damage. 

The machine also features some very interesting options that amp up the washing experience. You have the usual Delay end and Child lock option, one that lets you delay your wash by a certain specified time and another that locks all controls except the power button so there is no change of program or any tampering happening. 

10. Haier 6.2 Kg Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine

Haier 6.2 Kg Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine (HWM62-AE, White with Blue lid)

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The Haier washing machine is a great example of budget meets quality. This Haier washing machine brings to the table premium quality and affordability along with some good features that are more than worth the price you pay. 

Perhaps the most important and noteworthy thing is that this machine works in the best capacity with the Ariel Matic Top Load detergent. In fact, you can see the Ariel icon embedded right there on the machine. 

This machine has a 6.2 kg capacity and is suitable for small families with fewer people (2-3 members), couples, and especially, for bachelors. A 6.2 Kg capacity machine can easily handle up to 35 shirts, or at least four bedsheets, or six to ten towels at a time. 

This machine has eight different wash programs to cater to your different washing needs. But that is not all. It has a multitude of other features that are sure to impress you. To begin with, this machine has an Oceanus wave drum technology which effectively washes the clothes and cleans them with less abrasion. It has a stainless steel drum with a cubicle shape to facilitate stronger water flow. This ensures deep cleansing all the while being gentle on the clothes.

Next up, we have the Magic bionic filter. It is no secret that clothes produce lint as time goes and if left uncared for, will stick to other clothes and may ruin your washes. That is where the magic filter comes in. It effectively filters the lint and other dirt particles from clothes and removes them so that your clothes are washed well and have a great quality for a long period of time.

This machine also has another feature called the PCM or Precoated Metal Cabinet which is known to be rust-free owing to the fact that it is coated with non-rust alloys that ensure there is no room for rust and maintains your washing machine going smoothly for longer.

The Balance clean pulsator option allows the detergent and water to combine well and to go over the fabrics evenly. This motion also ensures good cleaning of larger clothes and that there is no wear and tear of the clothes in any which way. At the same time, this also means that there is also no chance for the residue to be left behind on clothes.  

This machine also has fuzzy logic and child lock options. Fuzzy logic helps you by suggesting the water required for washing based on the number of clothes that you have put in. The child lock option locks all the buttons except for the power button so there won’t be any issue with the wash cycle in case of mistaken presses or child tampering.

Guide to Buy the Best Washing Machines In India 2021

A washing machine is no more a piece of luxury equipment found in rich households. It is now a staple item found in almost every household. It is an investment that nobody wants to skip. 

These machines are designed to make human lives easier and to reduce some of the efforts that we put into our daily lives. A washing machine can save you time, energy, and money. It can also ensure that you have clean, fresh clothes without putting in any manual hard work. 

If you decide to buy yourself a washing machine or upgrade to a new one, this is the right article for you. Finding a washing machine that suits your needs and budgets can be tricky. Throw in the wide variety of machines in different price ranges having different features, anyone is bound to get overwhelmed. 

But you don’t have to worry anymore. In the article below, you can find a clear guide of things you should know and consider when you are in the process of buying yourself a washing machine. Let us jump right into it without further ado!

Type of Washing Machine 

There are only two types of washing machines, the top-loading ones, and the front-loading ones. The top-loading machines have their lid opening on the top and their drum facing upwards. The front-loading machine, on the other hand, opens up in the front and has the drum facing forwards.

Top-loading machines are mostly compact than their front door counterparts and take up less space in comparison. Top-loading machines mostly work only with liquids and do not accept detergent powders much. These kinds of machines are less costlier, can be opened midway in case of a problem, and are easier to maintain. 

Top-loading machines also offer more capacity for lesser weight and it is quite easy to load and unload clothes from this type of machine. But good things apart, top-load machines offer fewer features, wash programs, and setting in comparison to front-load ones. 

Coming to front-loading washing machines, they are more expensive, occupy more space, and are slightly more complicated than top-loading machines. But in return, they do offer a lot more features than the former and are also much better at cleaning clothes. 

Loading and unloading clothes can sometimes be a pain in this type of machine. But at the same time, since the clothes fall on top of each other, the cleaning process is a lot better and smooth. This type of machine is also most suited for busy households since it washes well and dries faster than top-loading machines. 

Function Type 

There are two main functionalities of washing machines. One is the semi-automatic type and the other is the fully-automatic type. 

Semi-automatic washing machines are much cheaper than fully automatic washing machines. This is because, as the name suggests, they are only partially automatic. You have to put in some level of manual effort to complete the wash.

These machines come with two different tubs, one for cleaning and the other for drying. As mentioned before, they require manual effort in between the wash. You can open the machine midway to add in water or detergent and to even scrub stains or tough collars. These machines also require very little maintenance since they are a mix of automatic and manual efforts. 

Coming to fully automatic machines, they require no manual efforts whatsoever. They are perfectly capable of carrying out a wash cycle from beginning to end without interruption. Just as long as the wash program and other specifics are selected, you can start the machine and go about your day until it’s time to take out these clothes to dry. 

These types of machines are expensive and require more maintenance, no doubt. But in exchange, they greatly reduce the efforts and energy that semi-automatic machines require from the user. They also provide so many new features and advantages like hard water washes, built-in heaters, delay wash options, and much more. 


The capacity of the washing machine is the next big thing you should consider while looking to buy one. There are different capacities of washing machines from 5 kgs to even 10 kgs. Depending on your needs, you can choose what suits you. 

The capacity of the washing machine here is related to the weight of clothes it can handle per wash. 5-6 kg machines are most suited for bachelors and couples or families of three members. 

6.5-8 kg machines are best for families of three or four people with more laundry capacity or people with frequent visitors. Beyond 8 kgs is for bigger families with more members and frequent need to do laundry. 

Final Verdict

With these factors in mind, you are totally ready to find the best machine for your household based on your needs!

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