11 Best Hand Sanitizers in India 2021

Based on high precaution, I picked this Best Hand Sanitizers in India available in 2021.

Diseases causing virus-like COVID has already killed scores of people all over the world and still spreading like wildfire in various continents. You can stay away from this contagious disease and also from other infectious diseases if you start using some of the hand sanitizers listed below.

It is imperative to note that all these products are quality certified, cheaply priced, durable and healthy products.

10 Best Hand Sanitizers

1. Dabur Sanitize Hand Sanitizer

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Dabur Santizie Hand sanitizer is trusted by millions has 60% alcohol and comes from the house of one of the most trusted companies named Dabur. It kills 99.9% germs instantly and gives you a refreshing feeling all day long. It comes in three fragrances like regular, lemon, and strawberry.

Plenty of diseases like COVID-19, influenza, and common cold spread through human contact. Health-conscious people can stay safe and drive away all types of germs from their hands once they start using this Dabur hand sanitizer which comes with powerful ayurvedic formula.

2. Dettol Instant Hand Sanitizer

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Dettol a well-established company in India that manufactures and sells soaps, antiseptic liquids, medical plaster, and so on has recently launched Instant Hand Sanitizer which can kill 99.9% of germs within minutes of application. It emits rich fragrance which will leave the users spellbound.

You can carry this quality certified and original hand sanitizer anywhere on the go and use it without water. This fastest selling product which is recommended by IMA comes in three fragrances namely original, floral essence and spring fresh. Both kids and adults can use this product lavishly on their hands and drive away virus and bacteria instantly.

3. Mirah Belle – Hand Sanitizer

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Mirah Belle naturals which sell varieties of face care, skincare, haircare, and body care products have come out with a natural Hand sanitizer which comes with 72% alcohol. You can apply a few drops of sanitizer in your palm number of times in a day to ward off bacteria and germs.

72% Alcohol – FDA Approved – 500 ml – Kills Bacteria, Germs and Virus – Best for Men, Women, and Children – Sulfate and Paraben Free Hand Rub

Mirah Belle Hand Sanitizer leaves behind a refreshing and soothing fragrance on your hand which will linger all through the day. You can keep it in your travel bag and use it on the go. This FDA approved sanitizer which is gentle and non-irritating is priced cheaply. Men, women, and kids can use this product.

4. Microwin CHG Alcohol Hand Sanitizer

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Microwin labs a decade old company manufactures and sells varieties of skincare, haircare and body care products throughout India. It has recently launched CHG handrub which has 70% alcohol and power-packed natural ingredients. You can keep your hand germ-free and dust free throughout the day once you start using this branded handrub.

Kids and elders can use this product and stay away from various diseases. It kills 99.9% germs immediately after application and users need to pour water after applying it on their hands. This quality certified product can be carried anywhere and used on the go.

5. SARA Instant Hand Sanitizer

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Sara which produces clinically tested and powerful skin care products has recently launched Sara Soul of Beauty Instant Hand Sanitizer which comes with natural ingredients. This dermatologically tested hand sanitizer kills germs and bacteria and improves your skin.

Hand Rub Sanitizing Gel Germ Protection Rinse-free Palm Cleanser with Moisturizing Benefits.

You can use it in home, offices, metros and all other public places. You have to rub your palms gently after applying three or four drops of hand sanitizer and there is not need of using water during or after application. It dries quickly and gives you a day long nice feel.

6. Savlon Liquid Hand Sanitizer

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Savlon is one of the reputed companies in India which manufactures varieties of soaps, antiseptic liquids and sanitizers. It has seen impressive performance over the years and maintains the best business practices. It has recently introduced a high-quality sanitizer which kills 99.9% germs instantly after application. It offers efficient protection against disease-causing germs and viruses and soothes your hand nicely.

It provides you with 100 plus sprays. You just need not apply one drop on the palm for removing dirt and germs from it. You can keep your hand healthier for years when you use this quality hand sanitizer and stay away from diseases like COVID.

7. Beardhood Hand Cleaner Sanitizer

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Beardhood is a world-renowned company which manufactures and sells men’s grooming products for the past several years. It has recently launched hand cleaner sanitizer which comes with 70% isopropyl alcohol. You can prevent diseases from entering your house or office if you use this time-tested hand sanitizer.

You need to apply only one or two drops of liquid on your palm to ward off bacteria and viruses. You can stay safe from COVID virus when you use this product which is getting best reviews. This non-sticky hand sanitizer dries within twenty seconds after application.

8. Asian Paints Viroprotek Hand Sanitizer

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Asian Paints Viroprotek Hand Sanitizer is an alcohol-based product that removes and kills varieties of disease-causing germs.  The Rinse free protection which is further fortified with Clover Oild disinfects and sanitized hands on the move and also safe on skin.

It acts as disinfectant and also fights against bacteria, fungi and virus instantly upon application and drives it away from the palms and hands. It doesn’t harm the skin and comes with best rating.

9. Stericlean-M Hand Sanitizer

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Stericlean brings you one of the best sanitizers which have 75% alcohol in it. It kills 99.99% germs and protects your hand from infections. Children, kids, and adults can use this product regularly and stay away from viral and bacterial infections.

This largest selling disinfectant is effective against Bacillus, fungi, and viruses. Users will not suffer from skin irritation or infections since it is a quality certified product that comes from the house of the branded manufacturer. It can be used in homes, offices, schools, and all other business and commercial establishments.

10. Raman and Weil Sterillium Hand Sanitizer

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Ram and Weil are one of the well-known brands in India. People who are concerned about personal hygiene will benefit a lot when they start using Sterillium Hand Sanitizer which comes in blue color. It sanitizes your hand within minutes after application and protects your body from various contagious diseases including COVID which is taking a high toll of life.

The liquid dries quickly and keeps your hand warmth and smooth. Healthcare workers, families, and all others can use this product for several months and keep their hands free from diseases spreading germs.

11. FLOH Sharp hand Sanitizer

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FLOH sharp instant sanitizer is a powerful product that disinfects the hand quickly and gives it a refreshing look. This fastest-selling hand sanitizer which has 100% pure natural mine essential oil instantly kills 99.99% of germs. It also contains moisturizers and vitamin E which are some of the best nutrients.

  • with 70% IPA and vitamin E,500 ML

You will love the fragrance and use it several times a day. This cheaply priced product which leaves behind refreshing mint aroma comes in pocket-friendly packing.

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