7 Best Earphones Under 200 In India 2021

The Best earphones under 200 are our perfect travel partner! In case if you are looking for the best earphones under 200 in India, consider this updated list. 

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Best Earphones Under 200

Best Earphones Under 200 In India 2021

1. Ambrane Stringz 38 Earphone

In our honest opinion, the Ambrane Strignz 38 is the best earphone under 200 in India 2021. The earphones are wired earphones which means that they have to be connected to the phone with the help of the port that is given on the smartphone. The earphone is designed in the color grey with a hint of green. The comfort of the earphones is top-notch and does not cause any pain in the ear. 

The 1.2mm cord of the earphone makes it easier to connect. The overall body has a metallic finish which makes the earphones look chic and contemporary. The lightweight design of the earphone makes it easier to use them anywhere for however all you want to use. The ear tips adorn silicone material for sheer comfort. 

The universal button on one side of the earphone allows you to control the volume, manage calls, and control your playlist. The compatibility of the earphone is pretty vast as it can be connected to many devices like laptops, tablets, smartphones, and many more.  

2. Zebronics Zeb-Calyx Earphone

The Zebronics Zeb calyx is a premium earphone available under 200 in the market. The brand Zebronics is quite new in the market, but it has the potential to gain quite the consumer base with its budget-friendly earphones that offer varied characteristics. The stylish design of the earphones looks very attractive. Along with style, it is also pretty sturdy, strong, and long-lasting. These earphones come in two colors; white and black. The drivers are 10mm each. 

The 3.5mm jack of the earphone can be connected to any device that has an in-built port. You can just roll the earphones into your pocket and carry them everywhere you go. The glossy design that the body adorns looks very stylish. The deep bass that is produced by the earphones is very useful to every owner. The 1.2 cable length makes the earphones easy to connect and use. 

With the help of earphones, you can easily talk hands-free. It comes with an in-built mic so that you can talk without taking your phone out and pressing on your ears for hours. The multi-function button helps you to manage your calls.

3. Zebronics Zeb-Corolla Earphone

The Zeb-Corolla earphone under 200 is an affordable earphone from Zebronics. Just like the previous one, this one has many utilitarian factors that will color blackly helpful to the users. The 10mm drivers that the earphones use to produce a high-quality sound that pleases the listener’s ear. This earphone offers a wired earphone that makes the connection easier to any preferred device. 

The earphones’ weight is very minimal, which makes them easy to carry in your pocket or bag. The cable of the earphones is very sturdy and long-lasting. These earphones come in the black color that goes with any outfit very easily. With the help of these earphones, you can also transfer data without losing any of it in the process. 

The Best Earphones Under 300 are extremely compatible with laptops, tablets, smartphones, and other devices. It also includes a microphone that helps in having a noise-free conversation between two people. The multi-function button allows you to pause, play, manage your calls, and change tracks with just one tap on it. 

4. Ambrane Stringz 29 Earphone

The Ambrane Stringz 29 is a stylish earphone you can buy for under 200 in India 2021. The design of the earphones is unique and sleek. The ear tips adorn an elegant design that is unlike other earphones on the list. The ear-fit design gives the earphones comfort. The ear tips are also made of silicone that does not cause pain when put in the ears. The in-line mic allows you to talk hands-free. The multifunction button also enables you to change tracks, manage calls, and do other tasks very easily. 

The hook provided around the ear tips is pretty strong, and the earphones will not fall off even if you are working out using them. The long chord of the earphone helps you stay connected to the device even when you get up for a quick second. The powerful bass helps in producing beautiful sounds even if the original sound is low. 

5. Modernista Dope Plugs Earphone

Modernista Dope Plugs is the latest addition to our best earphones under the 200 list in India. Modernista offers Dope Plugs that produce HD sound which pleases your ear. The earphones are designed in color black, which looks pretty chic and contemporary.

The 10mm dynamic drivers enable earphones to make the perfect sound that we all wish to hear whenever music plays. The design is executed in such a way that it is compact and can be carried anywhere with you. The braided cable ensures that the earphones do not get tangled with themselves. The cable is also pretty durable and does not break very easily. 

With the help of the in-line controls, you can easily control all the things that are playing on your phone. For example, you can manage phone calls, pause the track, play the track, or increase and decrease the volume.  The benefit of this earphone is that it can be used while playing games also. It is highly compatible with many electronic earphones. 

6. Ubon Earphones UB Earphone

The Ubon Earphones under 200 are more popular in recent times. Now you may think that you haven’t even heard the name of the brand yet we have added it to our list. These earphones are not ordinary as they have premium and professional audio quality that cannot match other earphones. It produces a dynamic and crystal clear sound that feels very natural to the ears. This takes your favorite music to another level. 

The built-in microphone comes in handy when commuting and does not wish to put your phone at risk by taking it out. The microphone allows you to talk hands-free without giving any pain to the ears. Another great use of Ubon earphones is while working out. It can also be used while playing games on the console. The anti-slip system of the earphones ensures that it does not fall off from the ear very easily. 

7. Lion FG-444 Earphone

The last earphone under 200 that we have included in our list is the Lion FG-444. The compact design of the earphones gives the customer instant satisfaction as they can be carried anywhere. The earphones’ lightness makes it easier even while working out in the gym, cycling, running under a helmet, hat, walking, hiking, or any other intense activity. The earphones’ sound quality is quite impressive as it is crystal clear and does not cause any disturbance in the ear. 

They are designed to ensure there is no ear canal fatigue or pressure due to using them for a long period of time. The controls are also pretty easy to use where you can decline or answer the call, pause or play the music, or control the volume of the music. The cable is also very sturdy and does not tangle by itself. 

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The above seven earphones were the best earphones under 200. They can provide functionality as well as style to your everyday use. But if you had to choose any earphones, we would like to suggest the Ambrane Stringz 38, which has a contemporary look and design. This way, you can get dual benefits from just a single earphone. 

It can also be connected to several devices that have an in-built port. So, what are you waiting for? Buy them now and dance freely with the high-bass earphones without any worry in the world.  

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