10 Best Dark Chocolate in India 2021

Are you in the search of the Best Dark chocolate in India to buy?

Here is the best dark chocolate in India list with detailed information about the ingredients and benefits.

Best Dark Chocolate in India
Best Dark Chocolate in India

Best Dark Chocolate in India 2021

 1. Cadbury Bournville Rich Cocoa Chocolate

 In our personal view, the Cadbury Bournville Rich cocoa is the best dark chocolate in India. It is available in two quantities, including 240g and 100g in Amazon India.

The chocolate is composed of the finest cocoa beans with rich aroma and perfect sizes delivering the consumers the absolute luxury and premium feel of dark chocolate.

With the package, the Cadbury Bournville bar includes three units of 80 g each with an assurance of 70% dark chocolate. Also, Cadbury is packaging the Bournville chocolate as a vegetarian. 

2. Fabelle Dark Choco Mousse Chocolate

The Fabelle Dark choco mousse is a premium dark chocolate you can get in India 2021. It is a luxury pack available in different electives. This labeled vegan product is weighed around 135g with a group of two.

With the composition, the Fabelle Dark Chocolate is filled with an intense amount of dark chocolate in the center filled bar, say about 60% of the pack.

This 270g pack of sweet is expected to deliver the flavor of Mousse with a glimpse of desserts. They are carved with high-quality cocoa and unique ingredients to provide a premium experience.

Also, this Fabelle product is available in the Hazelnut Mouse center filled bar, Milk Choco Mousse composed of nuts and berries bar, Tiramisu, and Strawberry Cheesecake. 

3. Lindt Cocoa Dark Chocolate  

The Lindt Cocoa is an affordable dark Chocolate in India. It is an insane chocolate tablet available for 50 grams. This vegan chocolate is packed with 99 percent cocoa with a firm texture of cocoa.

With the composition, the Lindt Cocoa Dark is enriched with a strong odor of cocoa flavor and an intense taste to deliver superior chocolate texture and premium melting.

Overall, the Lindt Cocoa bar plays a significant role in balancing your mood if you crave a perfect and superior dark chocolate recipe! 

4. Amul Dark Chocolate

The Amul Dark Chocolate in India 2021 is available in 150 g weight. This vegan chocolate is free of solids and vegetable fat.

The composition of the Amul Dark included the natural source of antioxidants. It is available with 35 grams / 100 grams and is added with sugar making it semi-sweet chocolate chips.

Overall, the Amul Dark Chocolate is a gold-wrapped natural product composed of 55% dark chocolate delivering a creamy texture and delightful taste. 

5. Mojo Bar Thins Dark Chocolate

The Mojo Bar Thins is the most popular Dark Chocolate to buy in India in 2021. It is a vegan product weighing around 100 grams and is expected to have a shelf life of about six months.

Also, the Mojo Bar Thins Dark Chocolate is available in Almond, Mint, Dark Chocolate, Hazelnut, Cocoa, Orange, and Cranberry. With the composition of 50% cocoa, the Mojo Bar Thins Dark Chocolate is blended with the finest cocoa beans and simple natural ingredients.

Overall, the Mojo Bar is available in electives like Mojo Bar Choc Almond Protein Snack; Mojo Thins Dark Chocolate Almond; Mojo Bar Snack Bar, Mojo Thins Dark Chocolate Hazelnut, and Mojo Bar Yogurt Berry Antioxidant. 

6. BOGATCHI SugarFREE Healthy Chocolate

The BOGATCHI sugarFree is excellent dark chocolate to try in the market in 2021. It is a bar of sugar-free healthy chocolate available in 5g, 100g, and 200g with flavor electives in Almond, Dark Chocolate, and Chocolate.

It is termed as the best quality product since it is wrapped with maltitol as its sweetener. Also, it is a 100% vegan product certified with FSSAI and can deliver a premium taste of chocolate. Overall, this sugar-free BOGATCHI bar is vegan, yet it is advisable to consult a doctor before consuming it for diabetes patients.   

7. LuvIt Cocoism Belgian Dark Chocolate

The Luv Cocoism Belgian is a recent launch under the best Dark Chocolate in India category. It is a gluten-free and vegan product. Also, the chocolate is free of palm oil and artificial flavors.

The Luv Cocoa Belgian bar is rich in creamy chocolate and melts deliciously, satisfying Belgian delight. With the composition of 55% dark, the chocolate delivers a decadent chocolate experience. Overall, the Luv Cocoa Belgian Dark Chocolate offers an intense, rich Belgian taste with a strong cocoa odor varying from 1-90 grams. 

8. Chokola Dark Chocolate

The Chokola Dark Chocolate is the latest addition to our best dark chocolate in India list. It is a bar of extravagant and distinct chocolate, delivering an overwhelming experience. This is a bar of vegetarian products composed of classic milk, crunchy french biscuit, and dark chocolate sugar.

The bar is composed of 43.5% of cocoa mass, 43.5% maltitol,12% cocoa butter, and emulsifier soya lecithin. Also, the brand is keen on delivering the perfect blend of taste and health. Overall, the Chokola Dark Chocolate has one-year expiration packed with no artificial sugar. Also, with the design, the Chokola bar is crunchy french, dark almond, classic dark, and classic milk bar. 

9. Ambriona Dark Chocolate

 The Ambriona Dark Chocolate is a gluten-free high-quality chocolate bar with essential; Mojo Minerals, protein, and fibers. This bar is a healthier alternative tastier with the perfect blending of the finest cocoa beans with a strong aroma of premium dark chocolate.

Overall, the Ambriona Dark Chocolate is a unique and delicate bar that is worth a try! 

10. Dark Chocolate Compound Slab 

The Dark Chocolate Compound Slab is a perfect bar crafted for Indian tastes and cake decorations. This top-quality compound chocolate is rich in cocoa flavor that even impresses bakers.

Also, this Compound Slab is composed of sugar, edible vegetable fat, cocoa solids, emulsifiers, and primary stabilizing agents. Denali, the manufacturer of India’s premier chocolatiers, offers a delicate and perfect chocolate slab that is perfectly suitable for baking applications.

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Which Is The Best Dark Chocolate In India 2021 For You? 

In the final words, we conclude Cadbury Bournville Rich Cocoa Chocolate is the best among all the listed products since it is composed of the finest cocoa and has a delicate taste.   

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