10 Best Ceiling Fan in India 2021

Though pedestal, wall-mounted, and table fans are gaining popularity, the best ceiling fans are on the top search always. If your old fan has worn or needs replacing, this article is here to show you the best ceiling fan in India 2021. 

Best Ceiling Fan In India

1. Orient Electric Apex Ceiling Fan

Orient Electric Apex-FX Ceiling Fan
  • Power : 78 Watts
  • Speed : 360 RPM
  • Warranty : 2 Years on Product

In our personal view, the Orient Electric Apex is the best ceiling fan in India 2021. The Orient fans are one of the oldest fan manufacturers, and their Electric Apex is one of the bestselling fans in the market. The Apex ceiling fan has a fully copper motor that is powerful and reliable. This efficient motor promises more extended life and quality performance. No matter the speed of the fan, you can be assured that it will run smoothly.

The blade size always plays a massive role in the performance of the fan, and it is no different from the Apex ceiling fan. The blades are wide and 48 inches in size, so it is capable of generating a smooth airflow with higher thrust force. This size is also recommended for medium-sized rooms so that they can work with maximum efficiency and provide the best functioning.

The motor is designed with a double ball bearing, keeping in mind the efficiency and smoothness of operation. This design feature also ensures noise reduction while the fan is operating. 

2. Crompton Hill Briz Ceiling Fan

Crompton Hill Briz High Speed Ceiling Fan
  • Power : 75 Watts
  • Speed : 370 RPM
  • Warranty : 2 Years on Product

The Crompton Hill Briz is the premium ceiling fan you can buy for your home in India. The brand is known for the quality and durability of its fans. 

The Hill Briz has a fully aluminum body and powder-coated blades. This makes the entire fan body resistant to corrosion and rust. The edges are also placed at unique angles that allow for delivering more air over a larger area. 

The blades of this fan are 48 inches in size and are perfect for a room with about 100 square feet in area. This size is capable of providing smooth and powerful airflow with extra thrust. The powder-coated blades are easy to clean and also resistant to damage. 

The Hill Briz has a hundred percent copper winding and guarantees a longer life span and durability of the appliance. The powerful motor comes with a double ball bearing that acts as increased protection and aids in reducing noise while operating. 

3. Atomberg Renesa BLDC Motor Remote Ceiling Fan

Atomberg Renesa Ceiling Fan
  • Power : 32 Watts
  • Speed : 340 RPM
  • Warranty : 3 Years on Product

The Atomberg Renesa is the ultimate ceiling fan in recent times in India 2021. When I say the Atomberg Renesa is among the bestselling ceiling fans in India, I’m not kidding. The fan has built a reputation for itself as one of the best in the market. It offers a lot of beautiful features but on the same budget as an average fan. 

One of the striking features of the Renesa ceiling fan is the intelligent remote control. Yes, this fan comes all included with a remote to control it. The compact remote lets you control the speed, has an inbuilt timer, boost mode, and a sleep feature.

In addition to these, a set of LED lights act as an indicator of the speed but can also double up as a night lamp. You can also turn it off when not needed. 

The Renesa fan uses a super-efficient BLDC motor, also known as a Brushless DC motor. This kind of motor is known to produce lesser noise while operating, have increased reliability, and improve performance efficiency. The fan body is also equipped with a dust-resistant coating that can make your cleaning process more manageable and occasional. 

4. Candes Star Anti Dust 5 Star Rated Ceiling Fan 

Candes Star High Speed Ceiling Fan
  • Power : 74 Watts
  • Speed : 600 RPM
  • Warranty : 3 Years on Product

The Candes Star Anti-dust is an affordable ceiling fan you can get in India. The Candes Star Ceiling fan brings home great elegance and some much-needed performance at a low power consumption rate. This 5-star rated ceiling fan is an excellent choice for budget pickers since it also has the capability to save up on electricity consumption. 

The Star ceiling fan has three wide blades that are 48 inches in size. This allows for smooth airflow and extra thrust, as well as even air ventilation throughout the room. This size of the fan is perfect for medium-sized rooms. 

The Candes Star’s motor is made of a hundred percent copper. The motor is much more durable and efficient than other types of motors. In addition, the motor is protected by a double ball bearing, which increases its durability and reliability. It also facilitates lesser noise while operating and better efficiency. 

This ceiling fan has an electrolytic grade copper winding on the motor, which increases its reliability factor and also ensures that there is no scope for rusting or damage due to corrosion. 

5. Usha Bloom Daffodil Goodbye Dust Ceiling Fan

Usha Bloom Daffodil Ceiling Fan
  • Power : 85 Watts
  • Speed : 380 RPM
  • Warranty : 2 Years on Product

Usha Bloom Daffodil is a recent addition to the best ceiling fan list in India 2021. Usha is undoubtedly a leading name when it comes to fans. Their wide variety and innovative design are thoroughly popular. The Bloom Daffodil model is no exception.

The design aspect of this ceiling fan has been a great success. The dual-color design has been beautifully crafted, and the decorative finish is stunning and dramatically improves the elegance of your space. There are different color tones to choose from as well. 

The blades on the Bloom daffodil are 49 inches, and it also has a unique design that facilitates a greater thrust and better airflow throughout the room. The blades are coated with the Novel Silane Paint technology from PPG Asian paints and are resistant to dust, moisture, oil, stains, and scratches. Maintaining your fan has become easier than ever before. 

This fan has a hundred percent copper motor and is well known for its durability and efficiency. The unique blade design assists in easy cleaning of the blades and edges that are most prone to collect the occasional dirt.  

6. Orient Electric Wendy Ceiling Fan

Orient Electric Wendy Ceiling Fan
  • Power : 70 Watts
  • Speed : 320 RPM
  • Warranty : 2 Years on Product

The Orient Electric Wendy is the latest launch from Orient under the best ceiling fan category in India. The Orient Electric Wendy is a three-blade, stylish ceiling fan that embodies elegance and efficiency. This Orient Wendy fan has three blades in 48 inches size. This blade size is perfect for rooms that are medium to large size rooms. 

Orient Wendy has a metallic finish with a lacquer coating that makes the fan’s appearance much more stylish and improves your room’s look. The Dual-color tone is chosen with care so as to match the outlook of your room. 

The three blades of this ceiling fan have a comprehensive design to provide more thrust and facilitate more airflow in the space. The blades are also resistant to dust and corrosion for easier maintenance. 

This fan also lets you choose between different blade sizes and color options so you can pick the right size and color according to your room size and liking. 

7. Luminous Dhoom High Speed Ceiling Fan

Bajaj Frore 1200 mm Ceiling Fan
  • Power : 56 Watts
  • Speed : 400 RPM
  • Warranty : 2 Years on Product

The Luminous Dhoom is an amazing ceiling fan model in India that one can get from Luminous. The Luminous Dhoom is a high-speed ceiling fan with a powerful motor to amp up the speed and increase operational efficiency. 

The Dhoom fan’s blades are 48 inches in size, very much suitable for medium-sized rooms. The airflow of a ceiling fan is significant while purchasing one. It can very well provide thorough ventilation to space and edges that space, and it is in. The Dhoom ceiling fan has an airflow of 220 ccm, which is considered an excellent advantage for giving excellent and smooth airflow. 

The motor is wholly made of Aluminium for long-lasting performance and efficiency in operation. This high-grade aluminum body is non-corrosive and is resistant to rust. The windings on the motor are entirely made of copper, and an extra 20 percent of copper is added to make it durable, reliable, and efficient.

A unique 12-pole motor at the helm of the phone ensures that there is a high rotation speed of 380 revolutions per minute. This improves the speed of airflow and performance of the fan. 

8. Bajaj Frore Ceiling Fan

Havells Leganza 4 Blade Ceiling Fan
  • Power : 72 Watts
  • Speed : 350 RPM
  • Warranty : 2 Years on Product

Bajaj is one of the most well-known names in the fan industry. The Frore is one of their best models so far. Available in three different colors, the Frore is an excellent option for your home. 

Bajaj Frore has three blades of 48-inch size and is best suited for rooms that are 100 to 120 square feet in area for optimal performance.

The air delivery on this fan is an impressive 205 ccm which provides efficient operation and smooth airflow. It is worth noting that, higher the airflow, the higher the cooling feature of the fan. A 205 ccm level gives you a good breeze immediately after you switch the fan on and also provides a lot of comforts. 

The Bajaj Frore is a high-speed fan that works to instantly cool the room as soon as you switch it on. This high-speed breeze makes your hot days a lot more bearable. 

Working at a low voltage of just 56 watts, the Bajaj Frore also consumes significantly less power and proves to be a cost-cutting option that makes it even more advantageous.

9. Havells Leganza Ceiling Fan 

Havells Leganza 4 Blade Ceiling Fan
  • Power : 72 Watts
  • Speed : 350 RPM
  • Warranty : 2 Years on Product

The Leganza is one of the most popular and bestselling models from the renowned brand. This model is especially popular since it is one of the 4-blade models that are available in the market. 

This fan has 48-inch blades that are perfect for rooms of average size that are anywhere between 65 to 100 square feet. The HPLV motor ensures that air is delivered to every corner of the room evenly and adequately. 

As there are four blades, the blades are located at calculated distances, with a sweep area of 1200 mm, which is ideally designed for excellent performance and efficient operation. 

The Havells Leganza has a dual-tone color schema and ingeniously designed blades that are innovative. The aerodynamically designed edges reduce the buffeting that is usually caused by fans with more blades. 

The fan also features eye-catching trims on its body as well as on its blades. The trims on the fan adorn it stunningly and make the fan a lot more stylish and sophisticated.

10. Jones Crystal 5 Star Ceiling Fan

Jones Crystal Blade High Speed Ceiling Fan
  • Power : 50 Watts
  • Speed : 400 RPM
  • Warranty : 3 Years on Product

Jones Crystal fan, though the last on this list, is definitely not the least. This excellent ceiling fan has a lot of desirable features to bring to the table. 

One of the very few quality remote control ceiling fans available, the Jones Crystal comes with a compact remote control that makes operating your fan a breeze. 

This remote control can be paired with three fans at the same time as it is capable of multi-pairing. You can control the speed of the fans and increase or decrease the speed with the remote. It also has a remote control that has a point anywhere feature, which means you do not need to worry about using the remote in any particular position. 

The blades of this fan are coated with rust-proof powder and also comes with dust-free and glossy finishing. The 400 rotations per minute speed and high delivery of 230 CFM make the fan an excellent choice for your homes and increase efficiency and performance. 

Which Is The Best Ceiling Fan In India For You?

Though our list of the best ceiling fans in the country is an excellent choice for you, it is highly possible that you are still overwhelmed with all the options presented before you. We have compiled a few pointers that may help you choose the best ceiling fan for you to make things slightly more manageable. 

If budget is your main concern, the Crompton Hill Briz is your best bet. This budget pick is a three-blade fan that is 48 inches in size. This size is perfect for rooms up to 100 square feet in area. 

The performance pick of the season is the Atomberg Renesa ceiling fan. This fan leaves nothing to be desired and has the most innovative and cost-effective features. For starters, it has an entirely remote-controlled operation. The BLDC motor makes it a cost-effective solution and also reduces noise while operating. 

The Orient Apex ceiling fan provides the best of both worlds. It is pretty affordable and has a very effective performance and reliable operation, and an extended lifetime guarantee.  

Best Ceiling Fan in India With Price (2021)

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