9 Best 90cm Chimney In India 2021

Chimneys are a growing necessity in most kitchens today. Cooking usually involves a lot of smoke and even more so in the case of Indian cuisine. 

This smoke and soot can affect your kitchen walls in the long run and cause breathing problems even as you are cooking, especially if the cooking involves a lot of frying and is smell-inducing. 

Below is a thoroughly researched list of the best 90cm chimney available in the country, with details laid out so you can make the best decision.

Best 90cm Chimney In India

1. Faber 90Cm Glass Kitchen Chimney

Faber 90 cm 1 Kitchen Chimney

Faber 90 cm 1 Kitchen Chimney

  • Compact and stylish chimney 
  • An excellent suction power of 1200 meter³ per hour
  • Durable and long-lasting motor

Faber is one among the list of old and the best 90cm chimney in India to have ventured into the chimney manufacturing industry. They are primarily known for their quality and the competition they provide to their peers through maintaining years of trust and excellent products. 

The kitchen chimney can be chosen by the kind of stove you have at home. Ninety cms chimneys are best suited for stoves with three or more burners. It is always essential to get a chimney that is either the same size as your stove or bigger. 

It has an excellent suction power of 1200 meter³ per hour and has an increased capacity of sucking the oil particles and odor emitted from your cooking. 

It is filterless, and the brand ensures that this feature can clean better through airflow angle instead of having to use a separate filter. This feature also means that your chimney is now low maintenance and consumable. 

The chimney also has a ton of other impressive features like touch control, heat auto clean that automatically cleans up oil and dirt, efficient LED lights, excellent suction capacity, lesser noise level, and finally, a powerful motor for durable and long-lasting performance.  

2. Elica 90Cm Auto Clean Chimney

Elica 90 cm 1200 m3/hr Auto Clean Chimney

Elica 90 cm 1200 m3/hr Auto Clean Chimney

  • Elegant design and occupies less space
  • Toughened glass which promises durability
  • Excellent suction capacity of 1200 meter³ per hour 

Elica, too, is a brand famous for its chimneys, especially since they’re one of the oldest and are the best 90cm chimney in India. This particular model from Elica is no exception to its quality mark. 

It has an elegant design, making it a perfect choice for your kitchen and adding more style to it. It is designed carefully to occupy less space while looking classy. It is also made of toughened glass which promises durability. 

It has an all-touch control panel and no buttons at all. This feature gives it a classy edge and also makes it easy to handle. Cleaning becomes easy as no dust or smoke particles are accumulating in between buttons. 

This model by Elica has an excellent suction capacity of 1200 meter³ per hour and will ensure that no matter the intensity of your frying or grilling, It can handle it all while keeping your kitchen clean. 

It also has a Heat auto clean technology that efficiently solves the problem of cleaning your chimney. It now makes it possible with just the push of a button. This feature uses a heating element to remove oil and smoke particles from the chimney and stores them in the oil collector placed below.

To make your chimney even more versatile, this model offers LED lamps on the panel to make it a helpful feature when you need some light on your cooking.    

3. Hindware Nadia 90Cm Kitchen Chimney 

Hindware Nadia Auto-Clean Kitchen Chimney

Hindware Nadia Auto-Clean Kitchen Chimney

  • Wall mount model with a curved glass design 
  • 1200 metre³ per hour suction capacity
  • Filterless technology with touch screen control

Hindware Nadia is one of the revolutionary products in the chimney industry. Being the best 90cm chimney in India, it packs a lot of exciting and fresh features in its all-new, premium quality chimney model.

It is a wall mount model with a curved glass design and is in elegant black color. The design of It is carefully done to give you an incredible experience while using it. It is a 90cm chimney and works effectively for stoves with three or more burners. It is always essential to ensure that the chimney size is the right one for your stove before making a purchase. 

The Nadia model has a 1200 metre³ per hour suction capacity and can handle even the most challenging oil and smoke particles during long hours of cooking and frying. It also has filterless technology, relying on just a screen to separate the motor and blower assembly. 

Equipped with a touch screen control, the Nadia model also has a revolutionary new motion control sensor. You can now switch on the chimney with a simple hand motion right near the sensor. 

4. Eurodomo 90Cm Glass Kitchen Chimney

Eurodomo 90 cm 1200 m³/hr Auto-Clean curved glass Kitchen Chimney (Hood Classy HC TC 90, Baffle Filter, Touch Control, Black)

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Eurodomo is a European brand well known for its range of kitchen appliances, sinks, and related accessories. The HC TC is the best 90cm chimney in India that works excellent with stoves having three to five burners.

The Eurodomo chimney is famous for its elegant aesthetics. This model is built to last and also has a sophisticated design that is sure to modernize your kitchen. 

It has baffle filters. The filters are made of high-quality stainless steel, which the brand claims can help clean all the oil, smoke, and residue particles. This feature also entails less upkeep and requires occasional maintenance only.

The Eurodomo chimney has a touch screen panel for quick and easy operation. It also saves you the hassle of having to clean dust and smoke particles from between the buttons, as there aren’t any.

Equipped with a powerful 1200 meter³ per hour suction rate, It can, without a doubt, give you a wonderful cooking experience no matter how much smoke you expect to induce.

5. Alstorm Sonet 90Cm Kitchen Chimney

Alstorm Sonet 90 cm 2200 m³/hr Filterless, Auto-Clean with Motion Sensor and Touch Control and Dual Motor Kitchen Chimney (Black, Hydraulic Chimney)

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Amidst a flurry of other competitors in the chimney manufacturing business, Alstorm has still managed to make a name for itself. This is owing to their premium quality chimneys sold at affordable prices. 

The Alstorm Sonet has a ton of impressive features in it. One of the first and most spectacular of those is the 2200 metre³ per hour suction rate. It is no surprise that suction rate is one of the primary concerns any user will have in a chimney. With a massive suction rate like this, you are sure to have a wonderful cooking experience. 

The Alstorm has been designed elegantly and with much importance to its aesthetics. It has a curved black glass made of premium titanium and a glossy black finish. It gives the equipment a very exquisite look that makes your whole kitchen instantly more stylish. 

With a 90cm size and 2200 meter³ per hour suction rate, It is best suited for spaces that are bigger than 280 square feet. This is because a chimney with this kind of functionality is underused in a smaller area and might not be able to work to its full effect. 

The Alstorm Sonet also has a filterless chimney that is equipped with a detachable oil cup. This allows for a very easy cleaning process of the oil and smoke particles that are accumulated in the cup. 

The chimney is also equipped with two energy-efficient LED lights that make it more versatile. But the most favorite and popular of the features is undoubtedly the hydraulic system that opens up the chimney for use!   

6. Whirlpool 90Cm Kitchen Chimney

Whirlpool 90 cm 1100 m³/HR Auto-Clean Curved Glass Kitchen Chimney (CG 901 HAC HOOD, Baffle Filter, Touch Control, Black)

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Whirlpool is a famous brand all over the world and has a wide range of products stretching from home appliances to kitchen appliances and accessories. It is no wonder that we have their chimney on our list. 

It packs exquisite features, an exceptional performance that are available at surprisingly affordable prices. Featuring on the lower end of the price scale in this list of products, the whirlpool chimney is an excellent choice for your kitchen.

The whirlpool chimney has an 1100 meter³ suction rate and is most suitable for small to medium-sized kitchens and can work effectively to make your cooking experience an easy and clean one. 

It is equipped with advanced heat auto clean technology that solves cleaning with the push of a button. Heat auto clean technology makes the use of a heating element to remove all the dust, smoke, and oil particles from the chimney and collect it in the oil collector that is placed just beneath it. 

7. V-guard 90Cm Kitchen Chimney

V-Guard X20 90cm Kitchen Chimney with 1200m3/h Suction, Intelligent Auto Clean, Filter-Less Technology, Curved Glass, Motion Sensor Controls, Oil Collector Tray, LED Light (Black)

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V-Guard is a brand well known for its range of electrical appliances. The brand also has chimneys specially designed for Indian cooking to make your kitchen a better place to cook.

It is a wall-mount design with an elegant aesthetic appeal. Its aerodynamically designed body and vast suction chamber allow for it to effectively cover the area above the 90-95 cm long burner stove.   

It has a suction rate of 1200 meter³ per hour and can efficiently suck up all the particles and provide you with a healthy cooking environment. A 210-watt 4-speed motor-enabled machine drives It.

This feature has an intelligent self-clean technology implanted. This feature of the X20 starts an automatic cleaning cycle on its own after every 30 hours of working. This means you can relax and use the chimney without having to bother about the cleaning process. 

The X20 uses a technique where it increases the temperature on the inside using an 80-watt heating element. This heating element melts away all the oil and grease from the fan, motor, and chimney housing. 

In addition to this, the V-Guard X20 also has a ton of other cool features like a motion sensor that lets you open the chimney with just a wave of your hand, a touch control panel, and a detachable oil collector tray with an indicator to show when it’s full.

8. Carysil Crystal 90Cm Chimney

Carysil Crystal 90 cm 1000 m3/hr Auto Clean Chimney - Crystal 90 BF, Baffle Filter, Soft button control, Black body/black Glass, Oil Collector

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This famous brand was founded in India and is home to a wide range of products, including many kitchen appliances. The Carysil crystal chimney is a 90cm one and is best suited for your kitchen if you have a stove with three or burners. 

It is equipped with the thermal auto-clean feature. This revolutionary new feature helps you clean the chimney without having to do much. Just push the button for a mere 10 seconds, and the machine will take care of the rest. This cycle is best repeated every 3-5 months. 

It has two baffle filters that trap the dirt, oil, and grease particles that need to be removed and give you a healthy cooking environment. This superior filtration system removes all traces of oil and smoke and provides better airflow to your kitchen.

The Carysil crystal has a powerful 1000 meter³ per hour suction rate, which can effectively rid your kitchen of all kinds of smoke and unwanted particles. The large suction area eliminates these dirt particles and introduces new, clean air. 

The blower of It is placed in a metal housing that is made with anti-rust properties. This factor ensures the long-term durability of the equipment, even against grease, grime, and dirt. 

9. Ibell El90k 90Cm Chimney

iBELL EL90K 90cm 900m3/hr Kitchen Chimney Hood With Auto Clean, Toughened Glass And Motion Sensor Technology (Double Layered Filter, Black)

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The last on our list is the IBell EL90K chimney, but it is not the least. It is again one of the most affordable chimneys on the list, and it packs some impressive features too. 

The Ibell chimney has a 90cm size, making it suitable for kitchens with three, four, or five-burner stoves only. It is always essential to ensure that the chimney size is the right one for your stove before making a purchase. 

It has a suction rate of 900 meter³ per hour which is great for smaller kitchens and spaces to rid all dirt and oil particles. When used in bigger kitchens, it may not be able to work to its total capacity and give you a healthy cooking environment. 

The chimney has an elegant design with a durable body, both of which are sure to make it a big hit. The body has a premium black finish with a tempered glass layer. The blower assembly is housed in a stainless steel body for maximum protection and long-lasting durability. 

Which is the most suitable 90cm chimney for you? 

Now that we have seen the list of the best 90cm chimneys in India let us proceed to find out which one suits you best. 

If you are looking for a chimney that fits your budget but is still versatile, look no further than the Hindware Nadia chimney. This model has a touch control panel embedded with a motion sensor technology that makes for an impressive feature. But best of all, it is very much affordable and is the best budget pick. 

If budget isn’t your first concern, but the functionality and durability are, the Faber TC BK chimney has got to be the right choice for you.

One of the top-rated chimneys in this list, and in general, the Faber chimney packs a lot of features and promises maximum durability and long-lasting performance. 

But what if you want an affordable chimney that is functional and has an appealing appearance? This is where the Elica Auto-clean chimney comes in. Featuring an exquisite design in a durable body, the Elica chimney guarantees long-term performance. 

The Elica chimney features a touch control panel, filterless technology, and elegant aesthetics, which is sure to make your kitchen a lot more stylish. 


Now that you have a keen understanding and functioning about the best 90cm chimneys in India, you can indulge in your purchase without any second thought. Cheers!

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