5 Best 7.1 Home Theatre System In India 2021

With your best 7.1 home theatre system in India set, you can easily enjoy your favorite movies and any point in time from the comfort of your own home. Grab your favorite snacks for the film and some cozy blanket, and enjoy your movies. 

Let us take a look at this best 7.1 home theatre system in India list.  

Best 7.1 Home Theatre System In India 

1. Krisons Verve 7.1 Home Theatre System

In our personal view, the Krisons Verve is the best 7.1 home theatre system in India as of 2021. One of the best ways to enjoy music or your movies is to have the best sound system that provides quality sound. This eight-channel surround audio system by Krisons comes with a 65 watts amplifier output, AC 220-240 volts power features with a 160 watts power consumption. 

It can be connected through different input source options like AUX-IN, Bluetooth, Radio, USB, FM, and SD Card reader using various devices like mobile phones, television, PCs, tablets. 

It also comes with a subwoofer and seven satellite speakers, and you can control the home theatre using a wireless remote. The Krisons Verve 7.1 Bluetooth Multimedia Home theatre has many other features with a frequency response of 200000 Hz with a signal-to-noise ratio of 50 dB. You can control the bass, volume, treble on the system; it also has a digital display. The carefully made European design will not fail to give. 

The product has a 3.3/5 star ratings on Amazon. Some users seem to find some significant disadvantages with the working of the speakers. People who have bought this product suggest buying this system directly from the seller or manufacturer rather than buying through a 3rd party seller. Many people think that may be why they receive damaged goods sometimes. 

Some of the specific ratings are:

  • Value for money: 3/ 5 star ratings 
  • Sound quality: 2.6/5 star ratings
  • Remote control: 2.5/ 5 star ratings

2. Krisons Polo 7.1 Home Theatre System

The Krisons Polo is a wireless 7.1 home theatre system in India connected through Bluetooth, AUX, or USB. You can connect any of your devices to this speaker, like LED TV, laptops, tablets, PCs, Mobile phones, gaming consoles, and MP3 devices. 

As the name already suggests, the speaker has a multimedia option with FM, stereo, Bluetooth, UBS, SD, MMC, Aux facilities. It has a built-in FM with preset channels and manual tuning so that you can enjoy your favorite FM stations. 

You can pay for extra protection that is a warranty for an extended period for a small fee. If you buy the product through Amazon, then you have some discount offers and cashback depending on your payment modes. 

The product has an overall rating of 3.4/5 star review on Amazon. Individual ratings for some of its features are :

  • Bluetooth connectivity: 4.6/ 5 star ratings
  • Sound Quality: 3.1/ 5 star ratings
  • Remote control : 3.1/ 5 star ratings
  • Value for money: 3/ 5 star ratings

Some common complaints faced by customers are that some parts were missing during delivery and the sizes of speakers were not original to the picture displayed.

3. Tecnia Atom 702 7.1 Home Theatre System

The Tecnia Atom is a premium 7.1 theatre system in India today. The home theatre system sold by Infinity e ventures has one subwoofer, seven speakers, one Aux cable, one remote without batteries, and one warranty card. Unlink the other systems; the Tecnia Atom 702 system only has an FM. However, it is compatible with many devices like iPhone, PC, TV, Android, tablet, gaming console, and Ipad. 

It is a 100 watts, wired speaker system that weighs about 5 kgs; it also comes with a remote through which you can control it. You can opt to buy an extended warranty for a year or two, depending on which one you want; however, you will have to pay a small fee along with the price of the home theatre for it. 

There were no general complaints or queries among the customers. More than 30% of the customers gave the product five-star ratings. The average rating of the home theatre, in general, is 3.3/ 5 stars ratings. Apart from that, some of the other factors that were reviewed are:

  • Bluetooth connectivity: 4/ 5 star ratings
  • Remote control: 3.2/ 5 star ratings
  • Value for money: 3.2/ 5 star ratings
  • Sound quality: 3/ 5 star ratings

4. Zebronics SPK-Zeb BT701RUCF Home Theatre System

The Zebronics SPK Zeb is an affordable 7.1 home theatre system you can buy in India. Produced by Zebronics, the SPK-Zeb BT701RUCF is a wireless home theatre with a similar feature to the rest of the products mentioned. 

They have multiple playback options like Bluetooth, USB, SD, AUX, FM, and AC-3. They give you a service center warranty of 1 year for the speakers. Some of its special features are a subwoofer, remote control, radio, and SD card. It also has a LED display and wall-mountable satellites. 

Some of the technical specifications of this speaker are that it has a total output power of 70 watts, along with a frequency response of 40Hz- 18k Hz. It supports many types of files like MP3, WMA, and WAV.

This Zebronics product has a comparatively higher rating than the other already discussed. About 45% of the people have rated it with five-star ratings, and it has an average of 3.7/5-star ratings. The detailed ratings are:

  • Remote control: 3.9 star ratings
  • Bluetooth connectivity: 3.7/ 5 star ratings
  • Sound quality: 3.3/ 5 star ratings

5. IKALL IK2222 Home Theatre System

The IKALL IK2222 is the latest addition to our best 7.1 home theatre system in India list. This 7.1 speaker system also has different playback options like Bluetooth, USB, SD, AUX, and FM. They provide you with a one-year warranty for the speaker system and six months warranty for the accessories that come only with the home theatre. 

This Best Home Theatre System has a subwoofer and seven satellite speakers; it also comes along with a wireless remote that helps to operate this home theatre system. 

The average ratings of this speaker are 3.⅗-star rating, in which about 36% of the people have given five stars. Apart from those ratings, the other specific ratings are:

  • Remote control: 4/ 5 star rating
  • Sound quality: 3.6/ 5 star rating
  • Value for money: 3/ 5 star rating

However, if you want to explore more options on a budget range, you can also check our Best 5.1 Home Theatre System in India 2021 post.

Now that you have seen and discussed some of the best 7.1 home theatre systems in India. Let us see what are the things you need to consider before buying a 7.1 home theatre system. 

Buyer’s Guide For The Best Home Theatre System In India 

Since we are all supposed to stay home all time and are only allowed to go out for essentials because of the ongoing pandemic, the question of going out to watch movies is out the window. If you are just like me, who loves watching movies and going to the theatres to watch one movie every weekend, you must feel restless just like me. 

However, I have found a solution to this- a home theatre. You can set up your house with the best 7.1 home theatre system in India, and we will tell you which ones are the best. Few things are comprised in a sound home theatre system, and below mentioned titles are some of the factors:

Value for money

We always wish to choose the best option that gives you the best value for your hard-earned money. So, before you decide which one to buy, compare the features of each system and their prices and then conclude. 

Even if one of the systems is slightly more expensive, buy it if it has all the extra features that you wanted. Spending money on a good home theatre is a good investment that will last for many years, so buy the best one, even if it is slightly more expensive. 

Sound Quality 

If you want an excellent loudspeaker, then make sure it has a higher sensitivity rating, as the higher the sensitivity rating, the louder the speakers will be. Experts suggest that a speaker with a sensitivity rating over 90 dB is a good option. 

Along with that, make sure the speaker system you select has the optimum impedance for a better power flow. Another aspect to consider is the frequency. Ensure that you have a frequency about 50 Hz or lower. 

Operating Difficulty

You do not want to buy a speaker that is very not user friendly, so look through the details given and read the manual to make sure that the home theatre can be operated easily. Also, ensure that the system is easy to install, as only if the home theatre gets installed will you be able to use it. 

Which Is The Best 7.1 Home Theatre System In India 2021 For You? 

The Krisons Verve 7.1 Bluetooth Home theatre is our first suggestion to speed up your buying process. With the ultimate bass and sound quality, you can enjoy whatever you need with the fine and digital system. However, if budget matters to you more, you can go for the Zebronics SPK-Zeb BT701RUCF system in 2021. 

We hope that this specially curated list of the best 7.1 home theatre systems in India was helpful to you. Do keep in mind all the factors mentioned above before buying your system. 

Happy shopping! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the best 7.1 home theatre brand? Zebronics or IKALL? 

Zebronics is the best 7.1 home theatre brand to own compared to IKALL. Since the Zebronics SPK Zeb home theatre is a highly affordable product with multiple playback options, it is also a highly rated product compared to other products. Meanwhile, the IKALL IK2222 home theatre system is loaded with seven satellite speakers and many other features with an average rating of around 3.⅗ for a speaker. 

Name a budget-friendly 7.1 home theatre?

According to our views, the Tecnia Atom 702 7.1 is the best economical home theatre. This Tecnia home theatre is technically good with Bluetooth connectivity and average with remote control, sound quality. Overall, this budget product is loaded with one subwoofer, one remote with no battery, one aux cable, one warranty card, and seven speakers along with them. Overall, it is worth the price despite being a low budget with high features. 

Name a premium 7.1 Home theatre to own in India 2021?

We recommend the Krisons Polo 7.1 Home theatre system as the best premium pick on the list. This product is afforded with Bluetooth, AUX, and a built-in FM with preset channels. Overall, the customer ratings of this product are around 3.⅘ on the websites. Also, this home theatre is good with Bluetooth connectivity and decent with audio quality and remote control.

Which is the best 7.1 Home theatre to choose in India in 2021?

In our personal view, the Krison Verve is the best 7.1 home theatre system in India in 2021. This Krison product is loaded with a frequency response of 200000 Hz, 7.1 Bluetooth media, 65 watts amplifier output, AC 220-240 volts power features with a 160 watts power consumption, and many other amazing features. Overall, this home theatre is worth the buy.

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