7 Best 4K Projector In India 2021

There is an increasing need for the best 4K projector in India as it is an essential component for business and official meetings! So, if you are looking for the best 4K projector in India, look at these top models. 

Let’s dive in, 

Best 4K Projector In India

1. BenQ TK800M True HDR DLP 4K Projector

BenQ TK800M True 4K Projector
  • Refresh Rate : 60 Hz
  • Noise Level : 29 dB
  • Wattage : 330 Watts

In our personal view, the BenQ TK800M is the best 4K projector in India 2021. BenQ is the real HDR projector company with supreme quality of DLP projector with 4K ultra HD image quality and striking clarity. This UHD resolution adds crispness and delivers a detailed presentation; it gives a realistic view to the viewers. It has 8.3million pixels packed all together for striking clarity and fine detailing. 

The HDR quality gives you a lifelike experience, and an auto adjustment is also there for both brightness and contrast. It offers all the functions and features of a high dynamic range. There is easy and simple tone rendering and manual customization available for day and night purposes. The vivid color and variety allow you to view a perfectly balanced display. The image or video has an effective view and ambient lighting. 

Its sleek design and stylish body are eye-catching and add beauty to your room with the vibrant color combination. Moreover, you do not need to worry about the installation; it comes in a very handy and easy way. It provides 1.1x zoom in as an added feature with no tearing of pixels. Furthermore, the cinema audio +2 gives you a real cinema or stadium feeling with a crystal clear and deep voice.

2. BenQ TK850 True HDR-PRO 4K Projector 

BenQ TK850 True 4K HDR-PRO Projector
  • Refresh Rate : 120 Hz
  • Noise Level : 30 dB
  • Wattage : 350 Watts

BenQ TK850 is the premium 4K projector you can buy in India. It is a real HDR projector with splendid ultra HD resolution. It offers detailed picture quality and crystal clarity delivery. The image quality gives you a realistic view with over 8.3 million pixels spread all over the screen for a clear picture and no flickering. It presents pictures in 4K ultra HD and HDR format.

The projector has balanced visuals with optimum lighting and optimized HDR PRO format using fore technology of display HDR 10 and HLG. This enhances contrast quality and HDR brightness for giving you the perfect view of a real-life display. As a result, you can observe a detailed presentation of movies with action genres. 

It comes with a good warranty period of 3 years. This can also be used for 3D purposes. It has a variety of colors and easy adjustment with brightness for a clearer picture day or night. It has it all perfectly balanced for your viewing experience. Colour clarity of 96% can make anyone dedicated to enjoying the movie or game night. Furthermore, the sound experience is pretty immersive for any game lover, with CinemaMaster Audio +2 can surround you completely. 

The BenQ has a 1080 pixels presentation and a zoom-in up to 1.3 times with easy lens shifting and adjustment with these many features. Moreover, the complete flexibility allows you to customize everything as per the surrounding. 

3. AGARO AG120 Android 4K Projector 

AGARO AG120 Android Projector 4kProjector
  • Refresh Rate : 60 Hz
  • Noise Level : Info not available
  • Wattage : Info not available

Agaro AG120 is an android 4K projector in India with which you can connect your phone and present directly from it. With this, you can not only present movies or videos but anything. It supports 4K resolution and is perfect for making your house turn into a cinema anytime. This product is best suited for your entertainment at home itself. Just grab some popcorn and have a great time. 

You can also use this for office purposes and give your presentations of any document. This does not compromise image or presentation quality. The projector has high resolution with 1920×1080 pixels and supports 1080 pixels videos also. You can also play video games, cast, and connect to almost anything. It uses 3000 lumens for efficient viewing and LED usage reduces power consumption.

This can be used for a very long time and has over 50K hours of working. It has long-lasting reliability and works perfectly. This is a lightweight and comparatively small-sized projector that is highly portable and can be carried anywhere. You can even carry it to a picnic spot. Or else on your trip to enjoy a movie night using a laptop around the lake. 

You can place it anywhere you like and at a distance of 1.1 to 3.55 meters. Create a theatre or cinema of your own, with this 8GB internal storage. Have fun with this easy to use and portable projector without any ultraviolet rays for your safety.

4. WZATCOS 2 Native FHD LED 4K Projector

WZATCO S2 Improved Android 9.0 4K Projector
  • Refresh Rate : Info not available
  • Noise Level : Info not available
  • Wattage : Info not available

WZATCO 2 Native is the stylish 4K projector one can get in India in 2021. It can be a tabletop mount or ceiling mount. Brightness is mentioned to be 3300 Lumen. This remote-controlled Bluetooth speaker includes VGA, USB, and HDMI ports. 

S2, with 1080p resolution, boasts an actual cinematic experience. The projections are high definition with vivid and fine details. S2 makes you dive deeper into scenes and focuses on minute details. As a result, the contrast is more robust, more profound, and brighter. The contrast ratio is 5000:1. 

Almost 100% color accuracy is received, making the image sharper, more precise, and more vivid. S2 is the world’s first Native 1080P LED projector with 6 inch IPS LTPS. The 3300 Lumens LED is a popular display feature in WZATCO, and it makes projection lively and quality better. This also contributes to brightness uniformity. In addition, the wide variety of colors provides a stunning image. The 2 kg projector has dimensions of 36.83 x 32.77 x 19.56 cm.

The projector comes with a one-year warranty and helps professionals whenever there is an issue. This professional technical support is available throughout India. The projector has an innovative 4D keystone correction. It is the first projector with a ±50 degree 4D keystone correction, vertical and horizontal. The projected image is a rectangle like the standard projection.

 Adjusting the projector screen is convenient by using a remote control when its ceiling is mounted. With 2GB RAM and 8GB ROM, this smart projector helps enjoy favorite movies – on Netflix and many more, music using Bluetooth speakers, and images.

5. AUN Projector, AUNT KEY6S 4K Projector 

AUN Projector, AUN AKEY6S 4K Projector
  • Refresh Rate : Info not available
  • Noise Level : 25 dB
  • Wattage : Info not available

The AUN KEY6S is the latest addition to our best 4K projector list in India. It is a tabletop mount projector with VGA, AV, SD Card, USB, Audio out ports, and two HDMI ports. It is sold under the brand name AUN BRIGHT LIFE. The projector requires a wattage of 150 watts. 

The projector is equipped with native 1920 x 1080 resolution. The contrast ratio is 5000:1 with 50,000 hours of lamp life. Thus, the projector meets all sound and visual satisfactions for entertainment and office ppts. 

The AUN projector has a huge maximum 300-inch mega projection screen. The size can be 46 inches to 300 inches with a projection distance of 5 feet to 30 feet. The color is most accurate, and it has a tremendous yet profound impact on the viewer. The projector has the popular ±45 degree electronic keystone.

The KEY6S has an innovative cooling system with heat dispersion and powerful noise reduction technology, which helps cut 80% fan noise. Moreover, the projector flexibly connects to various devices like tv sticks, PC, laptops, Android and IOS, etc. 

Some unique features include – rich interface compatible with multiple electronic devices, an IMAX theatre experience at home, closer to natural color. The projector has 1GB RAM and 8G ROM. It has Bluetooth 4.0 and is 80% luminous. The peak value scope is 500 – 6500 Lumens. The projector weighs 4 kg and is durable.

6. PLAY Latest Android 9.0 4k Projector 

PLAY Latest Android 9.0 Advance Technology 4k Projector
  • Refresh Rate : Info not available
  • Noise Level : Info not available
  • Wattage : Info not available

PLAY Latest Android is the recent 4K projector from PLAY in India. The full HD projector has 7200 lm brightness and is a Native 108P projector. It supports 4K videos and provides immersive and high-definition picture quality. The 10 W stereo speaker supports about ten people at parties. In addition, it adopts vocal enhancement technology along with powerful and clear sound. This makes the viewer immerse deep in hearing enjoyment. 

The projector has digital keystone correction, which refers to built-in +/-50 Digital Keystone correction. The projector supports 4K videos when connected with a laptop or iPad. Still, it will downscale into native 1080P, and the quality of the picture will drop but be superior to normal 1080 pixels. The S1 projector runs the smoothest frequency of 1080P 30HZ – 50HZ with no lags and delay.

The projector allows you to shift the monitor screen size from 75% to 100% or 100% to 75%. The projector comes with a year-long warranty. In addition, the company provides one year of free repairs and lifetime technical support if the consumer faces any quality issue. 

The projector has an upgraded ventilation system and long-lasting 100,00 hours built-in dual cooling fans with a good path.

7. WZATCO M6 Pro 9.0 Smart WiFi 4K Projector 

WZATCO M6 Pro Android 9.0 Smart WiFi 4K Projector
  • Refresh Rate : Info not available
  • Noise Level : Info not available
  • Wattage : Info not available

WZATCO M6 is the Smart 4K projector in India that can be used in tabletop or ceiling mount. Brightness is mentioned to be 3300 Lumen. This remote-controlled Bluetooth speaker has a screen resolution of 1280 X 720. 

M6 Pro is said to be the first Indian projector that adopted the official Google Android 9.0 system. In addition, this portable projector can display Netflix, which is pre-installed, Hotstar, Youtube, and many more. 

With the 9.0 android system, it is quite advanced, and this opens pathways to download and install many apps from the play store, which is pre-installed. As mentioned, the 3300 Lumens LED lap makes the display lively and quality better. Brightness uniformity is observed to be above 85%, and Color gamut is up to >95% NTSC. 

The wide variety of colors provides an awesome image. In addition, up to 15 inches screens can be projected, making it a theatre-like experience. Alongside the latest Android and amazing display, M6 Pro has the latest quad-core CPU, a55, 120% faster than the older projectors that use the previous version of the same CPU. Moreover, with 2GB RAM and 32 GB internal storage, the experience is smooth and worthy. 

The projector supports H265 4K output which makes every detail smooth. The screen is convenient to adjust with the ±45 degree 4D vertical and horizontal keystone correction. There is an additional 70%-100% zoom function which provides ease when it comes to adjustment. M6 Pro has the latest Bluetooth 5.0 along with Dual Band WiFi (2.4Ghz and 5Ghz). The projector supports screen mirroring on Android as well as iOS.

Buying Guide For The Best 4K Projector In India 

Types of projectors:

There are a variety of projectors available in the market based on your requirement. Here is a list of a few of them.

Throw distance:

Throw distance is the measurement of the distance between the projector and the screen on which the picture is presented. You need to know this distance, especially if the projector is installed at that only point. This distance is the throw distance. These projectors are mainly found in movie halls where the projector is fixed for the big screen. An easier way to know the throw ratio for the projector is the measurement of screen width and distance between the screen.

Short throw:

These projectors are used in the classroom and presentation rooms, where the projectors are placed in a short distance. You can even use these in your rooms for watching directly from your phone on the bigger screen. These are also beneficial as they are placed at a height where no one can block or interrupt the movie or image being cast.

Standard throw:

Standard throw projectors are the most widely used projectors, the ones you would imagine upon hearing the word. These are placed at a distance of 1. 5 to 2 feet with the throes ratio of up to 2:1.

Mini projector:

Mini projectors, as the name suggests, are the smallest-sized projectors and the cheapest ones. These are highly portable and allow you to carry them anywhere you want easily. They work on batteries and are great for picnic nights or camping. Unfortunately, they can not be used for home cinema purposes and will work awfully. 

Light source:

The light source is an essential part to know about any projector. There are three light sources: Bulb, LED, and laser. The bulb is the classic source available and goes a very long distance. These are less expensive and a good option for those who do not use them daily.

LEDs are basically for less power consumption and more performance. They are cheap, but the quality also goes down simultaneously. So they are not even used that much. Lasers last comparatively longer than the above two and can be used often. Even though it uses less electricity, it won’t require lamp replacement. These are also comparatively expensive. 


Brightness is measured in terms of the number of lumens and determines the intensity. There are two measurements, white brightness, and color brightness. It will display dull pictures if the color brightness is lower than the white brightness of the 4K projector. For this, calculate the output of these Lumens for better understanding. It completely depends on the display quality and brightness in the room that how much lumens will be used.


Chipset is a technology that helps in the working of projectors. They are basically of three types used in the box.DLP, LCD, LCoS are the three types used to produce high image quality. DLP is digital light processing used with the help of mirrors for presenting the screen via a projector onto the screen. LCD is a liquid crystal display; it is a three-panel also with mirrors reflecting LCoS. But, on the other hand, it produces the best result and best contrast ratio, comparatively.


Resolution refers to the number of pixels used for the display quality. The more the number of pixels, the higher the quality of presentation. And the better detailing. The most common quantity is the 1080 pixels available, but it could also go as high as 2160 pixels.

Which Is The Best 4K Projector In India 2021 For You? 

To help you in the buying process, we have listed the top three favorites and best picks from the above list. If you are looking for a user-friendly and customized projector, then BenQ TK800M is the right choice. Agaro AG120 4K projector is an absolute pick if budget matters to you. PLAY Latest Android projector will suit you more if you are an Android lover with Bluetooth, WiFi, and any advanced technologies. 

Mentioned above are the two parts of the article one where we shortlisted a few best 4k projectors for you. And to know exactly what your need follows the product description. So both of these will now help you understand what the needs you need to fulfill are. So I hope this article will help you to the best.

List of Best 4K Projector in India 2021

Best 4K Projector Price
BenQ TK800M True HDR DLP 4K Projector₹ 140,000
BenQ TK850 True HDR-PRO 4K Projector ₹ 168,000
AGARO AG120 Android 4K Projector ₹ 20,990
WZATCOS 2 Native FHD LED 4K Projector₹ 35,900
AUN Projector AUNT KEY6S 4K Projector ‎₹ 19,987
PLAY Latest Android 9.0 4k Projector ₹ 33,999
WZATCO M6 Pro 9.0 Smart WiFi 4K Projector ₹ 18,990

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