BenQ GS2 Price In India

The BenQ GS2 price in India is Rs. 79,990 as of 2021. Further, the BenQ GS2 price in India is of high worth on Amazon.

BenQ GS2 HD (720p) DLP Portable LED Projector


  • Hardware Interface‎: Bluetooth, USB, USB Type C, HDMI
  • Resolution: ‎HD 720p
  • Special Features‎: Pico, Speakers
  • Product Dimensions‎: 13.9 x 14.4 x 13.9 cm; 1.6 Kilograms
09/23/2021 02:22 pm GMT

BenQ unveils another portable product for the sake of entertainment and learning. This is their brand new launch – The BenQ GS2 portable projector. The brand claims this BenQ GS2 to be specially designed for those who are into friends and family-oriented entertainment. It also comforts those students who want to have interactive sessions, aka smart classes. It is a compact design projector that is ideal for carrying with you wherever you go.

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Image Credits: BenQ

BenQ GS2 Price in India 

The BenQ GS2 Portable Projector quotes a price of Rs. 79,990 natively in the market. Yes, you must be wondering if this price is too much for a small-sized projector. But here comes the third-party applications on the rescue. The exact product retails for different values over various platforms.

Last updated on September 23, 2021 8:00 pm

Some of them are –

  • Original Price – Rs. 79,990
  • Amazon price – Rs. 59,990
  • Flipkart Price – Rs. 59,989
  • Price at AV Shack – Rs. 71,000
  • Price on eBay India – Rs. 54,810

An individual can always choose to purchase this fantastic BenQ GS2 from one of such digital stores at a price lesser than the market price. Furthermore, you can try to purchase at festive times for better and exclusive sales and discounts on such products.

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Image Credits: BenQ

Features and Specifications

The BenQ GS2 is a palm-sized, well-designed handy projector that can be moved along with the users as their entertainment dose. Though the size clearly does not make grounds for what it costs, there may be some jaw-dropping features and accessories that clearly justify its price. Let’s go through what this little dynamite has in stock to amaze its owners.


The BenQ GS2 portable projector is not the smallest projector that you might have come across. It is of a significant size that comes with a carry bag in which it can be carried. Considering the body, this BenQ GS2 is built with a silky rubber finish all around it. There is no texture at all, and all smooth, which might make you tempted to run your hands over the BenQ GS2 every moment. The essential buttons like power, back, and OK buttons are present on the BenQ GS2, blended well into the design, and not bulged.

Apart from this, the architecture of this BenQ GS2 makes a strong sense. The crown of the gadget is tilted and elevated at a 15 degrees angle to cast pictures on the screen. It has such a creation that it can be mounted on tables, tripods, and even ceilings. Another excellent idea is the execution of exhaust vents on the rear side of the projector.

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There are plenty of connectivity options with this BenQ GS2. All of them are covered with a fold of solid material out of which the whole machine is built. The interface includes a port for the wireless dongle, an HDMI port (HDCP 1.4), a USB Type –C port, a USB Type-A port, and lastly, a magnetic power port for supply from power sources.

Easy to Control

The BenQ GS2 portable projector comes along with a remote to control it effortlessly. The remote looks quite simple yet stylish, not having a considerable number of buttons over it. The top two switches control the power on/off and focus adjustments, respectively.


This very product can cast the screen on a maximum of 100 inches. But the perfect screen size it covers with no flaws is a 50 inches screen. The projector can deliver the content at a screen resolution of 1280 * 720 pixels which might not be the best on a 100-inch screen. Moreover, the BenQ GS2 offers a brightness of 500 Lumens which means it preferably demands a dark atmosphere to give its best.

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Image Credits: BenQ

Even the gaming performance of the BenQ GS2 is acceptable and not too bad. Considering the portability element of the BenQ GS2, it can be connected to some gaming consoles of the same genre, i.e., portable.


The BenQ GS2 Portable Projector is equipped with a pair of 2 Watt speakers. The overall output of those speakers is pretty standard. It is not going to expand every minor sound movement in detail.

Pros And Cons Of The BenQ GS2 Portable Projector


  • Compact and adorable size
  • Exhaust vent, hidden interfaces, and well-blended buttons
  • It contains plenty of connectivity options
  • Splash and drop proof
  • Good color accuracy
  • In-built wireless wi-fi and Bluetooth connections


  • It cannot cover a bigger screen 
  • Lesser screen resolution
  • Disappointment from the audio factor
  • Easily managed
  • It is an expensive gadget.
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Image Credits: BenQ

What Comes In The Box?

The box of the BenQ GS2 contains several valuable components along with the BenQ GS2 itself to make its use more manageable. The list of all the components included is-

  • The projector itself
  • A Power adapter
  • A power cable
  • A detachable WDR02U
  • Remote control
  • User Manual
  • Warranty Card
  • A carry bag
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Image Credits: BenQ

Final Verdict

Overall, The BenQ GS2 portable projector is a suitable BenQ GS2 with portability as its unique selling point. It clearly completes the motive it is designed for. The built quality is excellent, though there are some misses in the display part; it is still an ideal BenQ GS2 for movable entertainment and remote learning to invest in for the price. 

Other notable features include a smooth finish on the body, IPX2 splash, and drop-proof technology. Furthermore, it can withstand a few drops from a height below half a meter. Adjustable head tilt, autofocus, and keystone adjustments are complete hits of this BenQ GS2. It can be your go-to BenQ GS2 for home entertainment on a budget.

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