Apple New MacBook Air 13.3 inch Laptop

The Apple New MacBook Air 13.3 inch Laptop is one of the devices Apple has brought into the market. You will see every feature in the Apple New MacBook Air 13.3 inch Laptop makes it worth purchasing.

 Without wasting much time, let’s dive into the features. 

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Apple New MacBook Air 13.3 inch Laptop

Anyone who wants to be surprised literally in an unexpected way must-watch Apple’s advertisement. The technology it introduces is highly innovative and mouth-dropping. 

The MacBook Air (2020) is the lightest laptop ever introduced, which will surprise you in unique ways. Apple has been the trustworthy brand for products and its after-sales service. 

You won’t even think of going to any other brand once you purchase this product. This one-time investment will be worth many years. Read the complete article to know the details in-depth and better-tested knowledge.


The Apple New MacBook Air 13.3 inch Laptop was launched last year by Apple bringing one new and innovative feature as always. The Best Laptops India is the most lightweight introduced to date. It serves a multi-purpose; you can work, play, watch movies or stream online.

Unlike other laptops, you can work for 18 long hours, which die within 8 or 9 hours. The MacOS 10.14 is pre-installed, and its M1 chip CPU and GPU works 3.5 times faster. It consists of graphic-intensive applications and gaming. 

For the fast working of the laptop, it comes with a 16-core Neural Engine for advanced machine learning and good storage space. It allows fast processing of various applications at one time. Apple New MacBook Air 13.3 inch Laptop has a storage facility and fast and fluid action that launches apps and opens files without taking a second. It works without any noise and has a fanless design.

Moreover, it has an excellent resolution and display features that deliver a comprehensive view on a 13.3 inches screen. 

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Image Credits: Apple

Ergonomic Design 

Laptop in the Air, Apple New MacBook Air 13.3 inch Laptop seems to have lost a lot of weight, and now it appears to be as light as a leaf. It is built to give your hand good support with a slanted keyboard. It is the lightest and the thinnest laptop, which is available in two different colors, gold and silver grey. The keyboard is called the magic keyboard because it comes with a variety of key functions.

Unreal Display 

Watch and play with a detailed view and high-class visual experience for quality fun and entertainment. With you sacrificing resolution, you can enjoy movies with minute details and miss out on nothing. Apple New MacBook Air 13.3 inch Laptop has a P3 wide color gamut with more than 25% more colors. 

The 13.3 inches display screen with an LED-backlit display makes sure you see everything clear with zoom-in or out. IPS technology adjusts the brightness according to the requirement and timing automatically. The resolution of 2560 x 1600 pixels is the native resolution at 227 pixels per inch, bringing crystal clear and vivid colors. The technologies used in the device ensure it reaches out to all the tech-savvy people.

It has a fantastic pixel density for high-quality pictures for a great zoom. The brightness goes easy on your eyes, and you would not want to blind yourself to the light. Right? The Truetone technology automatically adjusts the brightness level to the time for a better and comfortable view.


The M1 chip has transformed the laptop and its functioning entirely. This Apple New MacBook Air 13.3 inch Laptop has the best performance to date. The eight-core CPU works 3.5x faster than before, making it the fastest of all. It also has a 7 or 8 core GPU and provides all the graphics you would need for gaming and applications in use. You can see an ultimate functioning with the fastest performance ever.


Apple New MacBook Air 13.3 inch Laptop lets you breathe and hold; it has the biggest collection of apps ever. With the M1 chip, you do not need to worry about running slow; M1 fastens the processing of the apps and the laptop. It offers you a 16GB storage facility with no compromising of speed.  You can easily share data among CPU and GPU with high bandwidth and low latency. A high storage level of 2 TB SSD storage has a better speed of working up to 2x faster. It saves all your data with complete security.

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Image Credits: Apple

Battery Life

How long have you ever worked? 10 hours? Or 12 maybe or a little more than that. Do you also fall into the trap of running for the life of your laptop, or else it will die? 

The Apple New MacBook Air 13.3 inch Laptop has something to tell you; it wants to be your companion for as long as you work. Listen to songs and work, enjoy the time you work on projects with up to 18 long hours without running out of battery. It does not even create a noise which many of the laptops do. Ask how? It does not include any fan that usually is the reason for the heating of the laptop and noise. So worry no more. 

Fast10 Speed

Apple New MacBook Air 13.3 inch Laptop takes only a second to open or load any application. A snap and the screen wakes up in no time. Do your daily work and play for long hours and no speed. The machine learning technology and 16-core neural engine work nine times faster. Filtering, auto-detection, and editing, etc., and a lot of features it offers. It is highly responsive with every click or task you ask it to do. macOS is the responsible head for all the functions done and with speed. 

Final Verdict For Apple New MacBook Air 13.3 inch Laptop

The apple brand will amaze you in all the possible ways and even the ones you don’t expect. The Apple New MacBook Air 13.3 inch Laptop is extremely light and works in a way you won’t even know. This is the tested review that will be with you in all possible forms without any sugar coating. The Apple won’t let you down, and you would not need any doctor’s appointment. I hope this guide helps you with all the required and essential details. The complete guide will convince you with the best facts and features. 

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