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How Many Apple iOS Users In India? iOS Statistics 2022

Apple has become the premium part of digital innovation. The count doesn’t exceed as expected. Still, the count tends to increase after successive updates and contributions.

What are they? Are you interested in knowing more about iOS users in India and their related statistics? If yes, continue reading the article further.

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iOS Users In India

According to the resources, In India, 2.94 percent of the mobile users come under the iOS user category. At the same time, 95.8 percent of users were Android users.

Despite its huge smartphone market in other countries like the US, Apple iOS has the least percentage in India. As said, Apple’s market share is lower, with some sources claiming that it is below 2.94 percentage. 

At the same time, Apple iOS records second place in India under the refurbished smartphone market. Let us get into detail.

When it comes to refurbished handsets in India, Apple iOS is ahead of its rivals, including Samsung and OnePlus. In the premium smartphone segment, it may exceed the survey.

According to Cashify’s survey conducted among 4000 people, it is said that Apple has the best scope when it comes to refurbished smartphones. Mi is the next most popular second-hand brand with 26 percent. They also mentioned it as a budget model. 

Added, the survey found that Apple iOS had only a 20 percent market share in the growing smartphone market the previous year. But, fortunately, it has gained a significant share when it comes to the second-hand phones used in the past few months. 

The survey also suggested that the iPhone 7 was the top-selling smartphone model last year, followed by iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s. Out of the top 12 smartphones, Redmi and Apple brands have been dominating various places in India. It includes Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, and Bangalore. 

Apple Registered A Double-Digit Growth In India

Apple reported double-digit growth in the 2019 quarter in India from the month between October to December. During Apple’s first fiscal quarter in 2020, the company announced that it had reached double digits with emerging markets with a strong performance in countries like India, Brazil, China, Thailand, and Turkey. 

According to the latest Apple iOS models, the key driver of growth is its continuous updates. But, it fails to provide certain numbers for the Indian market. 

Next to this, another question rises my mind?

Is Apple iOS Common in India?

According to Counterpoint, Apple’s share in the Indian market has dropped to 1 percent in the Quarter. But, that does not reveal that it is not common in India. Instead, we can say it has been spreading widely for years. 

Speaking about gender, Statista helped me with its stats. According to its survey conducted in Mobile Ecosystem Forum, 51 percent of Apple smartphone users in 2019 were females. In every medium, males seem to be dominating. But, in the case of iOS users, females seem to be dominating in 2019. 

Good News – Apple India Records 60 Percent Hike In Sales 

iPhones have hovered with single digits in the past years in India. Fortunately, there is optimistic hope. Now,  iOS India has witnessed a record of 60 percent increase in their sales graph. 

From Apple reports, the quarterly figures are much smoothing. It has been expected to rise in the upcoming years. Apple has shipped around 3.2 million iPhones to India in the past year. There has been a significant increase in sales and distribution. As the distribution in 2018 was about 1.7 million. – Counterpoint.

Apple iOS India has also made a considerable jump in sales from 2019 to 2020. With the growth in sales, it started an online store last year. In the past, Apple was unable to sell products directly in India. Still, it has gained a privileged position that helped open up its production in the country. This move has gradually increased its sales in India. It has made a fall in the price and has wholly become an affordable product for Indians to buy. 

Though it has become an affordable product, prohibition occurs as other popular and affordable rivals like Xiaomi, Vivo, and Oppo have a specific user base in India. Even the Chinese premium brand OnePlus has managed to survive in the Indian smartphone market. They have even tried to divert the iPhone buyers, thereby stating the expensiveness of Apple compared to other premium smartphones.

Final Takeaway

Though iOS seems expensive, there are still users who are crazy about Apple products. Soon, the company will reach heights with an increased database in India. 

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