Airtel Users In India

Airtel has a wide user base in India. Basically, we all know about Airtel and its user base. But, we may miss out on some interesting facts and updates about it. In this article, let us discuss it deeply and know more about Airtel, Airtel users in India, and its related information. 

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Airtel Users In India

Airtel has numerous subscribers that cross around a million. In particular, Bharti Airtel has 470 million subscribers in 2021. Though the advent of Jio has given a huge crash to the telecommunication market, Airtel managed to escape and is recovering from it. As of the 2021 Statista report, India was the second-largest telecommunication market globally. 

Out of the 470 million subscribers, 321 million subscribers were from India. The company operates across Asia and Africa with over 18 countries. With a million subscribers, Airtel ranks in the top three leading mobile service providers. 

Spending on communication services, the pandemic has given a huge hit to the telecom sector. Despite the impact of the pandemic, the telecom sector spends around 28 million US dollars in 2021.  As per the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India, Airtel has around 345.96 million active wireless subscribers in April. 

It is followed by Jio with 335.17 million subscribers. Despite Jio being the second wireless subscriber for three straight months, when it comes to the active subscriber’s list, Airtel tops the list. It has been leading the marketing for five months since December 2020.

Hike In Vi Users Migration To Airtel Recently

According to TRAI, 12.27 million subscribers have submitted their requests for Mobile Number Portability in June 2021. The spike in the MNP numbers in June has reflected a huge fall to the Vodafone customers. It is said that many Vodafone customers have migrated to Airtel and Jio. 

With this, the total number of MNP requests has increased from 593.61 million in May 2021. Due to Vodafone India’s fragile state, the market share shifts towards Bharti Airtel and Jio. Due to the migration, the urban additions have given a positive way in June towards Airtel and Jio. 

Airtel signed up 5 million new subscribers in urban markets whereas Vodafone India has lost 1.7 million urban subscribers.

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Bharat Airtel – Leading The Cellular IoT Space?

According to resources, it is said that Airtel leads the cellular IoT space in India. Airtel confirms the same. According to its statement, Airtel has been leading India’s cellular IoT space with a 45.5 percent market share.

Aitel IoT has become a huge IoT end-to-end platform to connect and manage millions of applications and devices. Airtel’s 5G ready network has given a secure and seamless connection with an option to deploy Narrowband IoT, 4G or 2G connectivity with Airtel e-SIM.

As per Airtel, it has been supporting over 6 million managed IoT devices and connections including industrial asset monitoring, smart metering, and vehicle telematics. Enterprises including MG Motor, Pine Labs, Paytm, Genus, Kent, Odisha Power Transmission Company, etc have been using Airtel IoT solutions. 

Airtel Black – India’s First Plan To Bundle Of DTH, Mobile, And Internet Bills

Airtel black has become the new name for convenience and connectivity. It is purely a digital shift in India. Airtel, the flag bearer of digital India, has been supposed to introduce India’s first plan that bundles the bills of mobile, DTH, and internet bills.

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A huge percentage of Indians are excited to experience Airtel Black. As said earlier, millions of subscribers are using Airtel connectivity.  It seems that they have to pay multiple bills. In order to curb their effort, Airtel Black is on its way. Airtel black eliminates the risk anymore.

Airtel Black allows the customers to combine any two offers under the pack and pay the bill conveniently. Added, it has surprised its customers saying that there will be zero switching costs with 30 days free trial.

Google Plans To Invest In Airtel

After Jio, Google, the internet giant, has planned to invest in Airtel. It has been planned that Google is in plans to invest several crores in Airtel followed by its investment in Jio. it is said that the Google-Airtel investments are quite confidential and thus we are unsure about whether Jio is comfortable enough to settle down when Google starts investing in its rival company. (source)

But, when Google confirms its investment in Airtel, it would surely be a breathtaking effort and a win-to-win scenario for Airtel.  And, due to the recent Government levy, Airtel has planned to increase its tariff with its basic plan sticking to 99 INR.

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Final Takeaway

Now, we have summed up the current updates and the actual subscriber count of Airtel. Though there are many pitfalls faced by Airtel, it has been climbing the peaks sooner to compete with its rivals in return. 

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