Acer Nitro 23.8 Inch Monitor Price In India

The Acer Nitro 23.8 inch Monitor Price In India is Rs. 16,099. However, the Acer Nitro 23.8 inch Monitor Price In India varies on several online websites and is much affordable on Amazon. 

Acer Nitro 23.8 inch Full HD Gaming Monitor

Special Feature:

Wall Mountable, Swivel Adjustment, Frameless, Tilt Adjustment, Thin Bezel, Flicker-Free, Built-In Speakers, Wall Mountable, Swivel Adjustment, Frameless, Tilt Adjustment, Thin Bezel, Flicker-Free, Built-In Speakers

10/17/2021 05:46 am GMT

Acer Nitro VG240YS is one of the ideal monitors for gameplay. We all are aware that Acer is well known for its giving range of laptops and monitors, and this model of this brand is one of the most superior monitors that you can get your hands on. 

Acer Nitro 23.8 Inch Monitor Price In India
Image credits – Acer

This monitor is equipped with superior specifications that can give you an outstanding gaming experience at a great price. We have never come across a monitor that has such great gaming compatible features and for such a low price. 

Acer Nitro 23.8 inch Monitor Price In India

By reading the specifications, you might think that this Gaming monitor with a fast response time and high refresh rate with an IPS panel must be priced at a very high rate. 

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But interestingly, Acer has offered enthusiastic gamers a lifetime opportunity by providing such a great monitor at just a price of Rs. 16,099. Shocking isn’t it! 

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For all the features that this Best Gaming Monitor Under 15000 offers, we can confidently say that this monitor is worth every penny, and even if it were a little more expensive than what it is priced at Amazon, we would recommend you to buy it. 

Acer Nitro VG240YS Specifications

  • Screen size: 23.8 inch
  • Display panel: IPS Full HD
  • Resolution: 1920 X 1080
  • Refresh rate: 165hz
  • Response time: 0.5ms
  • Ports: 2 HDMI ports and 1 DisplayPort
  • Inbuilt Speakers: Yes
  • Technology: AMD Radeon Freesync Technology
  • Brightness: 250 nits
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Image credits – Acer

Features of Acer Nitro VG240YS 


This monitor has a simple design, and it does not have a lot of accessories or cutouts. The only pretty thing and the highlight of the entire structure of Acer Nitro VG240YS is its stand which is of red color. 

Indeed, there is an excellent connection of black and red combination in all Acer laptops. This time, the manufacturers tried to implement the same combination in the monitor. 

With the red stand, the overall look of the Acer monitor comes out great. The stand is in every shape, and it is formed and stable. The overall quality of the design and build is 100% outstanding and durable. 

image 46
Image credits – Acer


Acer Nitro VG240YS has a response time of 0.5 ms and refresh rate of 165hz, along with the Freesync technology. What kind of performance does this monitor give you? Let’s say, an outstanding one. 

The performance of this monitor is outstanding, and with all the specifications that we have mentioned above, you can get a fabulous and immersive gaming experience in this monitor. 

If not gaming, you can also use this Acer nitro model for higher and graphic work and other professional work requiring a good response time and refresh rate. 

image 48
Image credits – Acer

Summing it Up 

Acer has a long list of monitors at the same price range; however, this monitor has better specifications than all predecessor monitors. 

At the price that this monitor is available, your gaming can become one of the best, and the enjoyment that you will feel while beating our competitors while using this monitor would be heavenly. 

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