AQFIT W6 Smartwatch Review 2023 – Is It Good Buy?

AQFIT was founded in 2019 and created a markable field on the smartwatch that comes with the different models in today’s market. Though AQFIT introduced many models after the W6 smartwatch, the W6 is one of the most impressive models used by everyone. AQFIT smartwatch only tails a little improvisation on their other versions after the W6 model. 

The AQFIT W6 Smartwatch price in India is Rs.1999/-, and the launch date was January 3, 2022. The AQFIT W6 smartwatch is the perfect choice to go within the affordable range if you wish to have a healthier lifestyle. 

I am writing this review on AQFIT W6 smartwatch after its use for about a week. I hope the upcoming writings will help with the better learning about the particular device for your decision on the buying part.

AQFIT W6 Smartwatch Review

AQFIT W6 Smartwatch
  • Good design and the display feels bigger than most other watches.
  • Icons and texts are crisp and make the watch look premium.
  • No lags on touch and it's quick.
  • best in class 10 days battery life.
  • A limited number of sports modes compared to competitors.
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Firstly, I will tell you about the design part of the smartwatch, which I experienced with the AQFIT W6 smartwatch. The smartwatch’s design is perfectly made to attract all the age groups that keep your future on your wrist. The smartwatch’s methodical shape is rectangular, giving it a more straightforward operation, just the same as your smartphone. The identified button at the side of the smartwatch helps with the screen wake option.

After seeing the strap quality of the smartwatch, I was pretty satisfied as the strap is made using silicone material proven for its longer life. The perfectly designed dial of the smartwatch makes me feel comfortable even wearing it for the longest time, which sits appropriately on my wrist. You need not compromise on the watch’s display, too, as the size is 1.69″ inches and furnishes a clear view.

AQFIT smartwatch has become my favorite partner to be present on my wrist, which does not cause any discomfort due to its lightweight model. The sleek and stylish smartwatch makes me proud with its fantastic touch response. It makes my time streamlined as the notifications and calls reminder popup in a fraction of a second. Bringing your future goal at the tip of your finger makes a fitter lifestyle with its accurate sensor features.

Lastly, moving to the bottom line of the design, I felt astonished with its overall structure and built quality which is up to mark me. After its use till now, there is no negative side to the build of the AQFIT smartwatch. Thus, concluding the design has nothing to compromise, leaving only the perfect suits to everybody on all occasions and their outfits.


Let us discuss the display of the AQFIT smartwatch, which ultimately made me count on immersive action with its attractiveness. It is impressive as the display is large (1.69″ inch ) compared to the other smartwatch, which is trending in today’s market. I have seen the descent resolution in the W6 model is about 240 x 280 pixels, which issues incredible clarity.

Moreover, the multiple options in the watch face are an added outlook in the presentation that gives clear visibility even when you are under the sunlight. Therefore you need not worry about using the smartwatch in outdoor situations too.

The swiping action in the AQFIT W6 smartwatch is smooth and quicker in response, which made me work all time spontaneously without any delay. The bezel part of the smartwatch is the right go to enjoy the total size of the screen for a comfortable view. If anyone wants to experience a colorful life with the beautiful screen gesture, the right action to take forward is to buy the AQFIT W6 smartwatch.


Let us start with the embedded features present in the smartwatch. After using the smartwatch, I still think the complete pack of features is available Under the 2000 Range.

I bought the AQFIT W6 smartwatch mainly to take readings on my jogging action and curiosity to know my perfect performance information. Once I use the smartwatch, I am satisfied with its performance as it brings out the accurate output it moves towards my positive career. Moving to the available features, the smartwatch is bundled with 15 sports modes.

The great smartwatch is hugely considerable as it comes with IP68 water-resistant features. Moreover, It even provides the same unit in my swimming activity. So I need not worry about damaging the watch that only incorporates the proper signal to provide accurate readings. I also noticed a presence of usage in other sports activities like running, walking, hiking, yoga, etc. However, I didn’t try it on as it does not need to be.

After observing this property, I recommend this AQFIT W6 model smartwatch to those who love to care for their health and maintain it accordingly. Because the usage of the smartwatch showcases fantastic results, yielding units on the 24-hour heart and blood oxygen monitoring, Sleep analysis, breathe mode, and calorie checks. The unique watch is also finds me helpful in taking care of myself as it is loaded with useful health tracking options.

Added to the features, the smartwatch is built with brilliant work on the powerful and fast connectivity due to its Bluetooth 5.0 range. So It saves me a lot of time as there is no need to wait for a while for the rapid connection of the devices. To be honest, I always wear the smartwatch on my wrist, making it my ultimate partner in guiding my activities and health.

Battery Life

The brand says the battery used in the AQFIT W6 smartwatch is 200mAh, lasting the battery life for about 7 to 10 days. But I observed that the battery life lasts five days. This may be due to the overuse as I am keen to know the features and usages of my new smartwatch. If you use the device with typical usage, you may receive a battery life of 7 days (I am not sure about it).

The brand admits that in standby mode, you will receive a battery life of up to 30 days. But I didn’t observe it as I bought it a week before. The charging point is user-friendly, making it easier to insert and remove with the proper action reducing the damaging part. AQFIT brand added that they were equipped using RealTek’s new generation chipset RTL8762CK for the low power consumption. From my side, I too sincerely convey that I found low power usage on charging criteria.

Should You Buy This AQFIT W6 Smartwatch?

So standing by your side, I strongly suggest the W6 smartwatch is one of the perfect choices to go ahead on buying action. The reason is that the smartwatch is beautifully designed in a trendy structure and is the best thing to gift anybody at the price of Rs. 1999/-. 

Additionally, you will enjoy all your needed factors, like sports modes and health tracking mechanisms. It is also very well acceptable for day-to-day use. So overall, AQFIT is the all-rounder smartwatch which I found completely helpful after moving to this smartwatch.

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