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10 Best Smartwatch Under 5000 in India 2022

Below is our list of best Smartwatches under 5000 in India for 2022. Pick the ideal smartwatch under 5000 based on features, pricing, and design.

Smartwatch Under 5000

1. Amazfit GTS 2 Mini Smartwatch

Amazfit GTS2 mini Super-light Smart Watch
  • Screen: 1.55" AMOLED Display
  • Battery backup: 14 days

The Amazfit GTS 2 mini is the overall best smartwatch in India under 5000 of 2022. The smart watch adopts a new design concept with four-curved corners of the 2.5D glass covering the product to experience a “borderless” visual experience.

When the screen is lighted, it displays the system content, and with the standby mode, it displays the time. This function requires you to set “Always-on Display manually.” You can switch this feature on and off through the smartwatch.

You can record evening sleep and naps with this smartwatch. When it detects that you are asleep at midnight, the previous day’s sleep time will be recorded as night sleep time, and when their sleep lasts more than 20 minutes, it is recorded as a nap. Sleep lasting less than 20 minutes is not recorded.

Even though the smartwatch is not a medical product, it can give some medical references. The blood-oxygen level can affect various organs. If the level is too low, it could lead to dizziness, headaches, or cardiac arrest. The measurement data is to monitor any medical conditions. Additionally, to measure SpO2 level, you have to keep your arm still.

The Amazfit GTS 2 mini test data and results they provide are for reference only and cannot diagnose any medical condition. Overall these measurements are vulnerable to tattoos or other pigments on the skin, darker skin tones, hair, movement, and sweat from sports.

The smartwatch’s battery life may vary, and the actual result may differ from the laboratory data. The battery life will further reduce with heavy usage and different skin types.

You cannot wear Leather or leather straps for swimming; if you need to wear them while swimming, you have to replace them with a silicone strap. To maintain a good wearing experience, frequent wiping is mandatory after soaking in the water. A variety of factors can affect waterproof capability. The lab condition 50 meters water-resistance test is only for reference and not tested. The smartwatch is not suitable for high-speed water sports and diving sports.

Special features:

  • Monitor your stress levels and providing tips to soothe you down
  • Built-in sports mode of about 70+ models
  • 24 hr heart ratings with biomonitor 


  • Super light and a comfy smartwatch to wear.
  • The AMOLED display is responsible for vibrant and clear display.
  • No hassles during operation.


  • Limited watch face setup.
  • Limitations in notifications.
  • The display could’ve been a bit larger.

2. Realme Smartwatch S

Realme S with 1.3 inch TFT LCD Smartwatch
  • Screen: 1.3" LCD Display
  • Battery backup: 15 days
  • Classic looking round dial design.
  • 15-days battery life
  • 100+ watch faces
  • No calling feature.
01/28/2022 01:33 am GMT

Realme Smartwatch S was launched in 2021 and is available in 2 variants. It features an impressive build quality that weighs 73-gram lightweight made up of premium aluminum alloy for its price, along with a smooth interface, proving that Realme wearables have improved enough in recent times. 

The Realme watch S offers a large touchscreen with a round-shaped dial using a 1.3-inch FFT-LCD display that adapts the brightness to the surroundings. This gives comfortable viewing experiences both indoors and outdoors. Along with the display, the most concerning feature is the battery life, which many people look onto. With hassle-free magnetic charging for just 2 hours, it delivers an incredible 15 days of continuous long-lasting battery life on a single charge.

The features of Realme Watch S are far better than other watches under 5000, which helps us feel the premium quality. It comes with 16 Sport modes, which provide sports assistance, logging, and other exercises like running, jogging, etc. Adding on to it, the watch is rated IP68 waterproof to 50 meters so that you can wear it while doing exercise, in swimming pools, etc., so you don’t have to worry about everyday use. 

The advanced feature of the watch is that we can keep an eye on our SpO2-blood oxygen levels and heart rate readings and provide accurate health data, which helps better understand our health at ease which is needed during this pandemic.

These all features/data can be tracked through the app Realme Link, which is compatible with iOS and Android operating systems. The watch comes with 100+ cool watch faces. It allows us to control music, switch songs, and view the notifications and camera directly from the watch, making our work easier.

3. Noise ColorFit Pro3 SmartWatch

Noise ColorFit Pro 3 Smartwatch
  • Screen: 1.55" HD Display
  • Battery backup: 10 days

The Noise ColorFit Pro3 comes with a Truview display of 1.55” HD display and many other advanced features like SpO2 monitor, Stress monitor, sports mode of 14, extended battery life, 24×7 heart rate monitor, and a 5 ATM water resistance.

The 1.55” HD display offers a resolution of 320 x 360 with a touch screen. These display visuals are vivid in colors that surely can tempt your eyes. Now you can download a new watch face from the available option cloud-based customization. 

With the 24 x 7 heart rate monitor, you can monitor every beat accurately with an alert feature of minimum heart rate and maximum heart rate that alerts when the limit is exceeded. The Color fit Pro 3 can stand for 10 straight days without a break with the battery. Also, with the provided charging cable, the smartwatch can charge within two hours.

Apart from these sport modes, breathing modes, step tracker, SpO2, Stress monitor, and heart rate monitor, they also offer some smart features like caller name info, call rejection, find my phone, low battery, and hydration reminder, remote music control, weather forecast, Google fit, wake gesture, vibration alert, DND and many other mandatory features.


  • Apple Health and Google fit isn’t easy to forget
  • Wake gesture and hydration reminder is innovative
  • Caller name and rejection info, battery reminder is appreciated!


  • Only two hours of charging leads to 10 days straight back on average
  • 24 x 7 of heartbeat rate with an interval of 5 minutes duration
  • SpO2 monitor is accurate, and the touch is feather!


  • Only limited watch faces
  • The Remote control touch isn’t responsive while the music plays.

4. Amazfit Bip U Smartwatch

Amazfit Bip U Smart Watch
  • Screen: 1.43" HD Color Display
  • Battery backup: 9 days
01/28/2022 01:23 am GMT

The Amazfit Bip U Smartwatch, undeniably the best smartwatch under 5000, comes with a 1.43” large color touch screen and many other features and functionalities described below.

The SpO2 feature present in the Amazfit smartwatch measures the oxygen level in our body through our breath. These levels in excess nor lower can affect various organs’ oxygen levels. If the level is too low, it could cause dizziness, headaches, or cardiac arrest, and with the higher level, it could lead to suffocation. To be noticed, this product is not a medical device, and all the measurement data shown are intended for reference purposes only and not to be used for any professional practices or diagnosis.

Only the Amazfit Bip U Pro watch has a built-in GPS to support a mobile phone GPS connection.

Every day, the screen turns on to display 50 messages, and the user raises the wrist 200 times to check the time. The user exercises for 90 minutes every week. The heavy usage refers to the following condition: Worn for consecutive 24-hour periods, heart-rate monitoring (data recorded every 1 minute), sleep monitoring is turned on, sleep breathing quality, and all-day stress monitoring are enabled SpO2 is measured twice a day. The battery life may vary according to the settings, operation conditions, and other factors. So the actual result may differ from the observed laboratory data.

The Personal Activity Intelligence is a personal physiological activity indicator. Heart rate data, daily activity intensity, and multidimensional dynamic, comprehensive evaluation of personal physiological data are converted into an intuitive PAI value using an algorithm to help you understand your physical condition without relying on single data.

To use this function, all-day heart rate monitoring must be enabled. Only Amazfit Bip U Pro supports Alexa, and Alexa will only be available in American English at launch. 


  • Remote access of music and camera
  • Plenty of exercise modes are designed especially for sports fellows and fitness geeks. 
  • Vivid display


  • Accuracy on the measurements are not at the point
  • No GPS built-in

5. GOQii Smart Vital Fitness Smartwatch

GOQii Smart Vital Fitness Smartwatch
  • Screen: 1.3" Color Display
  • Battery backup: 7 days

GOQii Smart Vital Fitness was launched on 5th August 2020 and is available only in 1 variant, Black, and costs Rs 4499.00. It has an impressive build quality which weighs 180 grams, and the material used is polyester. The smartwatch offers a large enough display size of a square-shaped dial with a 1.3 inch LCD with a resolution of 240×240 pixels and can display realistic visuals which are so attractive that you’ll never want to look away. 

Along with the display, the most concerning feature is the battery life, which many people look onto. With the 2 pin magnetic charger provided, a full charge delivers long-lasting battery life for 7 days under normal usage. 

GOQii Smart Vital Fitness features mainly focus on delivering an apt watch for the fitness mode under 5000. It comes with 18 exercise modes and a real-time data display, which allows you to achieve your health goal and make every count with accurate algorithms used in the watch. . Adding on to it; the watch is rated IP68 Water and Dust resistant. 

The advanced features are that it measures SpO2 levels, which intelligently monitors blood oxygen levels and makes you aware of intense workouts, which helps you avoid possible health problems in the long run. It also measures the heart rate and Blood pressure, which utilizes AI-driven algorithms for high precision readings. It monitors throughout the day and night. 

These all features can be tracked using the GOQii app and completely understand your health. The app also provides coaches and doctors assistance which might help lead a healthier life. The watch comes with personalized watch faces that allow us to control music, control notifications on the phone, and even track your phone, just in case it is out of sight.

6. Fire-Bolt Full Touch Smartwatch

Fire-Boltt SPO2 Full Touch Smart Watch
  • Screen: 1.4" HD Color Display
  • Battery backup: 8 days

The Fire-Bolt Full Touch smartwatch, the best smartwatch under 5000, comes with a 2.5D curved Glass includes a 1.4 HD screen display covering 240 x 240 pixels, and many other features and specifications are described below.

This watch’s display has a full capacitive touch with eight-day battery life. It tracks your steps and other physical activities with its seven workout modes, including walking, running, cycling, skipping, badminton, football, and basketball, reminding you of your calorie count and distance.

It can also monitor and track your heart rate, blood pressure, blood oxygen saturation, and sleep, all in real-time. It is rated IPX6 in water resistance and so can even withstand powerful jets of water.

This smartwatch is the first-ever to feature SPO2 function to ensure a healthy life and its BP tracking feature. Overall, this smartwatch is good at demonstrating all the basic functionalities and loaded with some luring tech.


  • Bright and Vivid display
  • Can support almost all devices/platforms, including iOS.


  • Average touch
  • The accuracy of the watch isn’t at the point even for the approximate!

7. CrossBeats Ace Metal Smartwatch

CrossBeats Ace Metal Smart Watch
  • Screen: 1.3" LCD Display
  • Battery backup: 15 days

The CrossBeats smartwatch has an elegant display, exclusive features, and a stylish design. It also comes with ten multisport modes. It comes with a futuristic dynamic that showcases the aesthetics of the overall feel of the premium smartwatch that the smartwatch industry has ever witnessed. It is IP68 waterproof as well. It comes with a Heart rate monitor, Blood pressure tracker, Breath training, Blood oxygen analyzer features. 

It is both a tough-looking smartwatch and an elegant timepiece, which would be excellent for all occasions, even though it is an adventure or everyday training. It is equipped with a 1.3-inch LCD that demonstrates pretty much everything you need. 

You would never miss a message or a call since the smartwatch will keep you informed about all the activities throughout the day with its smart notification alerts. They include about 250 custom watch faces available on the DaFit smart app to personalize your look for the day.

The smartwatch comes with an invincible 15 days super long battery with the standard smart magnetic charge technology that can juice your battery to the mark in less than 59 minutes.

The Best Smartwatch Under 6000 is also loaded with features like a remote shutter, music control, find phone, sleep tracking, weather forecasting, sedentary reminder, breathing training, and the in-app companion. 


  • Extended battery life
  • Good edge display that you hardly can find bezels
  • Premium look and design with carbon fiber finish 


  • Poor working of gestures
  • Strap quality could have been better

8. NoiseFit Evolve Smartwatch

The Noise Fit Evolve Smartwatch comes with a 1.2 inch bold AMOLED classic round design display that can outperform the direct sun’s glares, allowing you to read the display texts. 

They include unique matching straps with five watch faces and personalize them of your choice. This Noise Fit smartwatch comes with a battery capacity of 180mAh that can withstand upto three days of battery life and experience a standby of 10 days.

With the Noisefit app’s help, you can choose, manage, and feed the data you want by syncing the NoiseFit data with the Bluetooth v5.0 connection. They include sensors like gravity sensors, Geomagnetic sensors, and heart rate sensors with a charging dock.

The NoiseFit Evolve smartwatch is resistant to water, sweat, and dust as the workout gear is rated as IP68 making it invincible to rain or almost any climatic conditions. The watch shadows your health 24/7 with its heart rate monitor, sleep tracker, and hydration reminders making you stay on your feet healthier all day. 

Apart from the health monitoring, they also possess some sports modes ensuring your body’s fitness by tracking your daily activities’ progress. Overall, they include sports mode.


  • Premium design with sturdy built
  • Extended battery life 
  • Excellent AMOLED display included with features like pedometer, heart rate monitor, etc.


  • Less quantity of watch skin
  • Frequent disconnection makes it feel like less premium
  • High price for this segment and inaccurate phone notification

9. Pebble Zen Smartwatch

The Pebble Zen smartwatch is designed to accurately track your daily activities, as its main feature is also inheriting the basic smartwatch functionalities. They come with 1.3 inches beautifully crafted design offering a resolution of 240 x 240 with a full-color touch screen along with a zinc alloy metal watch case. 

The smartwatch includes seven data record models like walking, running, cycling, etc. This feature’s specialty is setting your fitness goal or daily activity goal to achieve the daily destination. You can also share your daily activities with your friends on social media like Facebook and Twitter to make you a little competitive or indulge in a group activity.

The Pebble Zen smartwatch is resistant to water, sweat, and dust as the workout gear is rated as IP67 making it invincible to rain or almost any climatic conditions. The watch isn’t advisable to wear while diving deep or dipping in hot water ranging more than 40-degree celsius.

This smartwatch has a susceptible sensor that can measure heart rate more accurately, with a time interval of 10 minutes, and they keep updating the data for you. They can also measure your blood pressure and sleep quality. And to establish a connection to the watch and specify the information that needs to be synchronized, the watch will vibrate to remind you so you no longer miss any of your important information.


  • Sturdy design with aesthetic looks
  • Water-resistance is adequate with minor splashes.


  • Limited Sports mode
  • UI app needs to be improved
  • Frequent disconnection problem

10. Fire-Boltt Beast SpO2 Smartwatch

Fire-Boltt Beast Full Touch Smart Watch
  • Screen: 1.69" HD Display
  • Battery backup: 8 days

Fire-Boltt Beast was launched on 30th April 2021 and is available in 3 variants, black, blue, pink, and cost Rs 3999.00. It features a sleek design and made-up metal body, which weighs 80 grams of net weight. The smartwatch offers a large enough display size of a square-shaped dial with 1.69 inch LCD with a high resolution and 500 nits peak brightness which adapts to the surroundings and gives comfortable viewing experiences both indoors and outdoors.

The battery performance has been wonderful, which delivers 8 hours of long-lasting life on a single charge and a standby time of 360 hours. The slick rotating button to navigate gives us the premium feel of an iWatch which helps us quickly and easily access the menu and all the different features of the watch. 

The watch comes with different sports modes like walking, cycling, skipping, football, and all other sports; it gives complete data on the number of steps, distance traveled, and calories burned. It is IP67 waterproof rated. The advanced features help you to track your daily health.

Fire-Boltt Beast Smartwatch comes with real-time SPO2 (Blood Oxygen) tracking and Heart Rate Monitoring 24*7, needed during this pandemic. It even helps track the meditative breathing and can control all the notifications on the watch with ease. All these features can be tracked in the Da Fit app, which helps you monitor your health 24*7. The watch comes with multiple faces, which allows you to personalize the face of your choice based on the occasion.  

Buyers Guide

Why Do You Need To Buy This?

A smartwatch is a wearable phone or computer displayed in the form of a watch. The best smartwatch provides a local touchscreen interface for daily use, while an associated smartphone app provides management. Most smartwatches have more general functionality closer to smartphones, including all the essential mobile apps and WiFi/Bluetooth connectivity. 

Smartwatches can help you meet daily fitness goals, ensure your safety, monitor your healthcare, display notifications at the place you were.

How Do They Work? What OS Do They Use?

Most smartwatch runs on Android, Apple, Pebble, and Tizen OS platforms. They should connect with the mobile phone to sync notifications back and front between apps, control the phone using voice commands, and things like that. For example, you want to maintain your phone’s volume control or choose a contact to call or respond quickly to a message. 

Are They Resistant To Water? If So, How Do They Get Measured?

Most watches come with water-resistant IP55, or waterproof IP67 rating can keep your watch protected against water, and they are measured in ATMs under pressure tests. One ATM is equal to 10 meters/ 33 feet of static water pressure. 

Usage of Smartwatches

  • To meet daily fitness targets.
  • To access all the sports apps, including their GPS enabled featured
  • Safety precautions and Parental monitoring
  • Mini healthcare unit
  • Outdoor activity monitoring
  • Notification access at your comfortable pace.

As of now, you have been into the different information that has to be considered before buying the best smartwatch under 5000. Now, it is time to take action and buy the right watch that fits your needs. You can also glance at the fitness brands under 2000, 1000, and Fitness Band under 3000 according to your budget. Cheers!!

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Smart Watch is best under 5000?

The Amazfit GTS 2 is the best smartwatch under 5000 in 2022. It has an impressive screen with a built-in sports mode and a borderless display. Another interesting feature here is stress level monitoring. Moreover, it also provides you tips for getting you normal. 

Which is the best budget smartwatch?

The best budget smartwatch under 5000 is the  Amazfit Bip U. It consists of a plethora of features other than the basic, and the built-in GPS is very accurate. Further, a special sports mode function allows you to set the smartwatch according to your activity.  So, on the whole, it is worth every penny you spend. 

Which brand is best for a smartwatch under 5k?

The best brand for a smartwatch under 5k is Amazfit and Noise ColorFit. It is one of the most selling brands, and for example, Amazfit GTS 2 is the top-ranked in the best smartwatch under 5000 list. Even you can record your evening naps and oxygen levels in this smartwatch. 

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