10 Best Smartwatch Under 5000 in India 2023

If you seek the Best Smartwatch Under 5000, you have come to the right place. We have compiled some fantastic selections for you in this review article that are affordable, and the best smartwatch under 5000 today is also suited for your needs and budget.

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Best Smartwatch Under 5000 In India 2023

1. Amazfit GTS 2 Mini Smartwatch

Amazfit GTS2 Mini (New Version) Smart Watch
  • Screen: 1.55 Always-on AMOLED Display
  • Battery backup: 14 days
02/17/2024 03:47 pm GMT

From our personal research, the Amazfit GTS2 Mini is the best smartwatch under 5000 in India in 2023. It comes with a super-lightweight body with only 19.5 grams, 8.95 MM. It has a slim body that is quite pleasant to wear. It may be worn on any day or night and during athletic activities.

This smartwatch has an always-on 1.55″ AMOLED display with a resolution of 314 PPI. It has sharp details and crystal clear images, which is excellent for outdoor use. It automatically monitors your oxygen levels, essential for deciding whether you’re healthy.

This SmartWatch is a fitness tracker and Smartwatch with Alexa built-in. The watch has 68 built-in sports modes, and 5 ATM water resistance has 21 days of battery life which is more than enough for most people.

The Amazfit GTS2 Mini Smart Watch is an excellent choice for people who want to keep track of their exercise routine while enjoying the convenience of Bluetooth music control.


  • Brand: Amazfit
  • Model: GTS 2 Mini New Version
  • Connector Type: Bluetooth
  • Wireless type: Bluetooth
  • Supported application: sleep monitor, GPS 
  • Battery: 1 Lithium Polymer battery is needed.
  • Weight: 31 g
  • Display: Digital 
  • Battery life:21 days


  • It has a beautiful design, a great display, and Bluetooth calling, which is a bonus.
  • It has an AMOLED screen with vivid colors and clarity—smooth and rapid functioning with no noticeable latency.


  • It is a gadget of inferior quality.
  • The biggest issue is that it disconnects from the phone at odd times.

2. Fire-Boltt Thunder Bluetooth Smartwatch


Fire-Boltt Thunder is a premium smartwatch available under 5000 in India in 2023. This smartwatch is a gadget having a built-in dial pad that may be used to make and receive phone calls. It also syncs with your phone’s contacts.

It is perfect for people who want a sleek, fashionable, and reliable watch that will keep them connected. The integrated speaker and microphone allow you to make and receive calls directly via your watch.

Blood Oxygen Monitoring (SpO2) provides almost accurate findings with sensing devices. It has one of the greatest AMOLED Full Touch Screens in its class, allowing users to enjoy cutting-edge technology. To start tracking, all you have to do is hit a button. On the fly, you may monitor your heart rate in real-time.

There are 30 sports modes incorporated into the Thunder Smartwatch. It offers a wide range of capabilities and is designed to work with everyday gadgets. You’ll be able to use the wristwatch to access your social media applications. Because your wristwatch is connected to your phone, you will never miss an important notice, email, or message.


  • Brand: firebolt 
  • Model: ‎BSW028
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth
  • Compatible devices: ‎Tablet, Smartphone
  • Battery: 1 Lithium Polymer battery is needed.
  • Weight:‎64 g
  • Display: Touchscreen, Buttons
  • Screen size:‎1.32 Inches


  • The watch looks fantastic, and the Daytime visibility is excellent. The user interface is also straightforward.
  • Bluetooth calling is excellent, and the device has a 7-day battery life when not in use.
  • It features an AMOLED display and a microphone that works well, such as oxygen saturation, heart rate, foot count, body heat, and AI connection are effective and accurate.
  • It also has a speaker volume that is higher than expected. Overall, each sensor functions normally.


  • More weight. It will be fantastic if it is available on full screen.
  • Even under moderate use, battery life is below average.

3. Noise ColorFit Ultra 2 Smartwatch

Noise ColorFit Ultra 2 With 1.78" Smartwatch
  • Screen: 1.78” AMOLED display 
  • Battery backup: 7 days
02/17/2024 11:20 pm GMT

Noise colorFit Ultra smartwatch under 5000 in India 2023 has a large 1.78-inch AMOLED display; you can precisely see your stats, texts, and calls. It has a 368 x 448-pixel resolution, which is great for viewing photos, videos, and other content on the go. It also features a resolution of 326 pixels per inch, allowing you to view intricate points with best-in-class clarity.

Noise is a wearable fitness tracker that offers over 60 sports modes, so there’s something to suit everyone. Noise’s ColorFit has been designed for active people who pursue their goals without compromises. The tracker is waterproof to IP68 and has a 1-week battery performance, so you can do your day without worrying.

Over 100 watch faces picked from in the Noise App, featuring cloud-based and dynamic watch faces. It also contains a circular display that never sleeps. It offers information such as the time, date, step count, and calories burned.


  • Brand: Noise
  • Model: ‎‎ColorFit Ultra 2
  • Resistance: Waterproof
  • Weight:‎ 47 g
  • Screen size:‎1.78 Inches
  • Supported application: Sleep Monitor
  • Battery life: 7 days


  • The construction of this smartwatch is solid and durable. With a metal frame finish, it provides a unique and luxurious appearance.
  • The smartwatch is waterproof to IP68, and The brightness of this wearable device is outstanding.
  • All of the sensors are accurate. It includes a decent battery backup and connects quickly and without hassle.


  • Many times, the wrist wakeup does not function.
  • For walking or running, the heart rate is inaccurate.

4.  Realme S TFT LCD Smartwatch

Realme S with 1.3-inch TFT LCD Smartwatch
  • Screen: 1.3" LCD Display
  • Battery backup: 15 days
  • Classic looking round dial design.
  • 15-days battery life
  • 100+ watch faces
  • No calling feature.
02/17/2024 06:26 pm GMT

Realme S is a super stylish smartwatch you can get for under 5000 in India. The smartwatch has a 3.3cm (1.3 inches) TFT-LCD touchscreen with auto-brightness adjustment and an adjustable length of 164-208mm, perfect for different wrist sizes.

It has an Aluminum Alloy case and Corning Gorilla Glass 3, which means it’s not just a touchscreen, but also has a display. It boasts a variety of capabilities, a 360 x 360-pixel resolution, and a luminance of up to 600 nits. 

A heart rate monitor monitoring and blood oxygen monitor are included in this watch. It has all the usual smartwatch features, such as notifications and controls. The smartwatch features IP68 water resistance and has 16 sports modes, compatible with iOS and Android.

It is made to be comfortable and pleasant to wear. The watch has a rapid charging mode that lets you charge the battery in under two hours and gets up to 15 days of battery life.


  • Brand: realme
  • Model: ‎‎OB02395
  • Resistance: Waterproof
  • Connector type; wireless
  • Wireless type: Bluetooth 
  • Weight:‎ 48 g
  • Screen size:‎1.3 Inches
  • Battery life: 15 days
  • Supported application: Heart Rate Monitor


  • It has the best heart rate and blood oxygen sensors, 16+mod, gorilla glass, and complete water resistance.
  • It boasts a long battery life, a simple User experience, a minimalist and elegant appearance, and excellent display quality.


  • Accuracy in sports tracking but sometimes Problems with connectivity.
  •  The touchpad is malfunctioning and does not operate properly. a poor performance

5. Amazfit Bip U Pro NYSE Listed Smartwatch

Amazfit Bip U Pro NYSE Smartwatch
  • Screen: 1.69" Color Display
  • Battery backup: 9 days
Buy From Amazon.in
09/07/2023 10:39 pm GMT

The Amazfit Bip U Pro is a smartwatch designed for under 5000 sports. It has 60+ sports modes and 5 ATM water resistance, so it’s perfect for those who are always on the go.

It has a 1.43″ large color touch screen and a 230mAh battery. It is super lightweight, about 31g. The PAI Health Assessment is a built-in feature that can be used to monitor your health and fitness levels. This feature will track your heart rate, SpO2 levels, and other vital signs. This smartwatch is equipped with GPS and GLONASS navigation technologies built-in. This allows it to give you more accurate position monitoring.

The Amazon Alexa-enabled Amazfit Bip U Pro is a smartwatch. It was created with the user in mind and can do much more than simply tell the time. On the Amazfit Bip U Pro, you can use Amazon Alexa to check the weather, operate your smart home devices, etc.


  • Brand: amazfit 
  • Model: Bip U Pro
  • Resistance: Waterproof
  • Connector type; Bluetooth 
  • Wireless type: Bluetooth 
  • Device interface: touchscreen
  • Weight:‎ 4 g
  • Battery life: 9 days
  • Screen size:‎1.43 Inches
  • Supported application: Heart Rate Monitor


  • The smartwatch has a high-end appearance. It has a good battery backup. With a lightweight design, this is an outstanding construction, and The image is clear and crisp.
  • The sensors are accurate with Alexa, and GPS is included in the wristwatch.


  • Although it isn’t a huge flaw, this wristwatch’s AMOLED display seems the only thing it lacks.

6. Realme 2 Pro GPS Smartwatch

Realme 2 Pro with Dual-satellite GPS Smart Watch
  • Screen: 1.75" HD Display
  • Battery backup: 14 days
  • Dual satellite GPS for most accurate step tracking
  • 14-days of long battery life
  • Spo2 and heart rate monitoring
  • Nothing as of now.

Realme SmartWatch 2 Pro is another excellent smartwatch one can buy for under 5000 in India from the brand Realme. It has a heart rate and blood oxygen saturation (SpO2) monitor that can be worn on the wrist. It contains a ” Smart Pedometer function,” which counts how many footsteps the person takes.

The new Realme SmartWatch 2 Pro is an excellent fitness tracker for those who enjoy running or jogging. The pro version has an upgraded design with a 1.75″ HD touchscreen display for better picture quality and vivid colors. It includes a dual satellite low-power GPS that supports GLONASS and GPS for precise and independent course monitoring for running, jogging, cycling, walking, and other activities.

The SmartWatch 2 Pro boasts a 2-week standby time on a single charge. It has 90 sports modes, including running, cycling, swimming, and more. Your Watch 2 Pro can complement every clothing and mood with over 100 stylish watch faces to select from.

The Best Smartwatch Under 6000 is water-resistant to IP68 standards, which means it can endure half an hour of soaking in water up to 1.5 meters deep. It has an AIoT control that allows you to use gestures and voice commands for specific tasks like phone calls, messaging, music control, or taking photos.


  • Brand: realme
  • Model: OB02718
  • Resistance: Waterproof
  • Connector type: USB 
  • Wireless type: Bluetooth 
  • Compatible device: Tablet, Smartphone
  • Weight:‎ 90 g
  • Battery life: 14 days
  • Screen size:‎1.75 Inches


  • The display is huge and colorful. Ignoring that it is not an AMOLED, it works admirably in direct sunlight.
  • The sensor has been performing admirably, and The SPO2 and heart rate sensors provide accurate data.


  • Pedometer, Raise to Wake, and GPS malfunction.

7. boAt Matrix AMOLED Smartwatch

boAt Watch Matrix with 1.65” AMOLED Display Smartwatch
$9.98 $8.38
  • Screen: 1.65 inches AMOLED display
  • Battery backup: 2 days

02/17/2024 11:09 pm GMT

The boAt Matrix is a fashionable and long-lasting smartwatch under 5000 that can resist any conditions. The watch’s 3ATM dust, splash, and sweat resistance assure that you can wear it no matter the weather.

The Matrix is an excellent example of how boAt has created a useful and attractive smartwatch. The smartwatch has a 1.65-inch AMOLED screen and offers a square dial and an entire capacitive touch interface, allowing you to manage the device easily. Thanks to the Always-On Mode screen, you can see the homepage instead of the wake gesture.

The boAt Watch tracks your overall health by monitoring your pulse rate and oxygen saturation levels. The watch also has vibration alerts for irregular heart rates or SpO2 levels. It’s ideal for individuals searching for an all-in-one fitness companion with customized run programs, numerous sports modes, and a daily activity tracker.


  • Brand: boat 
  • Resistance: Waterproof
  • Compatible applications: Weather, Camera, Reminders, Fitness Tracker, Phone, Heart Rate Monitor
  • Connectivity technology: Bluetooth 
  • Operating system: Smartwatch
  • Weight:‎ 50 g
  • Screen size:‎1.65 Inches
  • Battery life:2 days 


  • It features a Stylish Design and Decent Construction, is Light and Durable, 
  • It has Enhanced Connection and App Support.


  • Its sleep sensor does not operate throughout the day, and its oxygen meter is inaccurate.

8.  Pebble Revo 1.3″ HD Smartwatch

Pebble Revo Smartwatch, 1.3" HD Smart Watch
7,50 ₹ ₹4,274.00
  • Screen: 1.3" HD Display
  • Battery backup: 15 days
09/08/2023 05:54 am GMT

The Pebble Revo Smartwatch under 5000 in India as of 2023 features advanced sensor technology to instantly measure your temperature, heartbeat, blood pressure, and SpO2 levels.

It boasts a 1.3″ HD display that makes it simple to see all of your alerts and an always-on backlight that can be used in any illumination conditions. When you make a call, if your smartphone is nearby, it will automatically connect to it via Bluetooth technology. 

It includes an easy-to-use sliding user interface that makes navigating the menus a breeze. The other button on the side of the device allows for quick navigation and control. The Pebble Revo can last up to 10 hours on one charge, and it has Bluetooth calling capabilities so you can call your friends and family without taking your phone out of your pocket or bag.

This smartwatch can be used for fitness and sports. It has an in-built pedometer, heart rate monitor, sleep tracker, and 24 sports modes.


  • Brand: pebble
  • Model: PFB13 Charcoal Black
  • Supported application: Contacts, Phone, Heart Rate Monitor
  • Connector Type: Bluetooth 
  • Wireless type: Bluetooth
  • Weight:‎ 46 g
  • Screen size:‎1.3 Inches
  • Battery life: 15 days 


  • It is fashionable and practical, with excellent heart rate and oxygen saturation tracking.
  • The display is excellent and can be seen in bright sunshine as well as the Bluetooth technology is good; it spans a reasonable distance, and calls are clear.
  • There are 24 sports modes, which cover practically all exercises.


  • The Touch is a little sluggish.

9. Fire-Boltt Bluetooth Calling Smartwatch

Fire-Boltt Call Bluetooth Calling Smartwatch
  • Screen: 1.7 inch HD Full Touch
  • Battery backup: 8 days

The Fire-Boltt is an affordable smartwatch under 5000 in India and features a 1.7-inch display with a sleek and stylish metal body. The honeycomb interface and one-click mode allow you to browse fast.

You may now make calls without taking out your phone using your watch. The watch contains a dial pad, which you won’t find on most other watches. You may use the dial pad to check previous calls and sync your contacts. The built-in loudspeaker and microphone on the Fire-Boltt CALL allow us to conduct and take calls straight from your watch.

Connect the device to a suitable app first to allow Bluetooth calling. Once linked, manually link this wristwatch with your phone’s Bluetooth settings. You’ll receive a message when you attach your smartphone.

It has been designed for users who are into sports, adventure, and extreme outdoor activities. The wristwatch tracks your oxygen saturation and heartbeat in real-time, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. There are several Watch Faces available for the smartwatch. Weather reports, alarms, and a remotely controlled camera are intelligent controls.


  • Brand: fire-bolt
  • Model: BSW014
  • Supported applications: Bluetooth Calling, Oxygen Tracking, Heart Rate Monitor, Alarm, Calendar, Camera Control, Contacts, etc.
  • Connector Type: Bluetooth 
  • Wireless type: Bluetooth
  • Weight:‎ 60 g
  • Screen size:‎1.7 Inches
  • Battery life; 8 days 


  • It has a nice screen, touches sensitivity, and only works with the Da Fit app.
  • It has a decent Bluetooth calling quality.
  • The audio quality is excellent, and the calling features are functional, with a loud and crisp speaker.


  • This timepiece is a tad pricey.

10. Redmi 2 Lite HD Smartwatch

Redmi 2 Lite Large HD Smart Watch
  • Screen: 1.55" HD, LCD
  • Battery backup: 10 days
Buy From Amazon.in

Redmi 2 Lite is recently added to our best smartwatch under 5000 in India 2023 list. It comes with an attractive design and various features. It is equipped with GPS, HR, and SpO2 sensors, as well as 100+ different workout modes. The Fire-Boltt Smartwatch has a 1.55″ HD LCD, offering high resolution and sharp images. 

It also features a Multi-system GPS that allows you to track your location with an accuracy of up to 10 meters, even without a cellular connection. It is a budget-friendly version of the original Redmi Watch. It comes with a round dial and a bezel, a heart rate monitor, 6-axis sensors, and 5 ATM water resistance.

The watch also comes with an inbuilt battery that lasts up to 10 days on one charge and has an ultra-low power mode to extend the battery life even further.


  • Brand: redmi
  • Model:‎M2109W1
  • Compatible devices: Xiaomi Phone, Realme Phone, Smartphone, Samsung Phone
  • Connector Type: Bluetooth 
  • Device interface: Touchscreen, Buttons
  • Weight:‎ 35 g
  • Screen size:‎3.94 Centimetres
  • Battery life; 10 days 


  • It comes with many fitness monitoring choices and has a good and robust outside hardware design.
  • It is highly accurate and user-friendly, as well as sharp and attractive.


  • The battery is terrible and requires charging twice a day.

Buyers Guide

Why Do You Need To Buy This?

A smartwatch is a wearable phone or computer displayed as a watch. The best smartwatch provides a local touchscreen interface for daily use, while an associated smartphone app provides management. Most smartwatches have more general functionality closer to smartphones, including all the essential mobile apps and WiFi/Bluetooth connectivity. 

Smartwatches can help you meet daily fitness goals, ensure your safety, monitor your healthcare, and display notifications at the place you were.

How Do They Work? What OS Do They Use?

Most smartwatches run on Android, Apple, Pebble, and Tizen OS platforms. They should connect with the mobile phone to sync notifications back and front between apps, control the phone using voice commands, and things like that. For example, you want to maintain your phone’s volume control or choose a contact to call or respond quickly to a message. 

Are They Resistant To Water? If So, How Do They Get Measured?

Most watches come with a water-resistant IP55 or waterproof IP67 rating that can keep your watch protected against water, and they are measured in ATMs under pressure tests. One ATM equals 10 meters/ 33 feet of static water pressure. 

Usage of Smartwatches

  • To meet daily fitness targets.
  • To access all the sports apps, including their GPS-enabled featured
  • Safety precautions and Parental monitoring
  • Mini healthcare unit
  • Outdoor activity monitoring
  • Notification access at your comfortable pace.

Now, you have been into the different information that must be considered before buying the best smartwatch under 5000. Now, it is time to take action and buy the right watch that fits your needs. You can also glance at the fitness brands under 2000, 1000, and Fitness Band under 3000 according to your budget. Cheers!!

Which Is The Best Smartwatch Under 5000?

Getting a smartwatch is the new trend, and almost everyone who wants to stay in the loop owns one. As we all know, there are different brands in the market with different prices, but without knowing the best brand for you, it is challenging to choose which one suits you. To counter this issue, we’ve compiled a selection of the Best Smart Watches Under 5000.

We have managed to select the top SmartWatches Under 5000 for you. Amazfit GTS2 Mini Smartwatch is our top pick which has many good features like Alexa built-in and Bluetooth connectivity. We hope you will like and find your Best Smartwatch Under 5000 from our list.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Smart Watch is best under 5000?

The Amazfit GTS 2 is the best smartwatch under 5000 in 2023. It has an impressive screen with a built-in sports mode and a borderless display. Another interesting feature here is stress level monitoring. Moreover, it also provides you tips for getting you normal. 

Which is the best budget smartwatch?

The best budget smartwatch under 5000 is the  Amazfit Bip U. It has many features other than the basic, and the built-in GPS is very accurate. Further, a special sports mode function allows you to set the smartwatch according to your activity.  So, on the whole, it is worth every penny you spend. 

Which brand is best for a smartwatch under 5k?

The best brand for a smartwatch under 5k is Amazfit and Noise ColorFit. It is one of the most selling brands, and for example, Amazfit GTS 2 is the top-ranked in the best smartwatch under 5000 list. Even you can record your evening naps and oxygen levels in this smartwatch. 

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