10 Best Earbuds Under 3000 In India 2023

You’ve come to the right place if you’ve grown weary of going to several authorized services and internet websites in quest of the Best Earbuds under 3000 because we have you covered in this article. 

This list of the best earbuds under 3000 should help you choose which earbuds are ideal for you. So, let’s get right into it without further ado. 

Best Earbuds Under 3000 In India 2023

1. Redmi 3 Pro In-Ear Earbuds 

Redmi Earbuds 3 Pro Bluetooth Earbuds
  • Excellent battery backup
  • Crystal clear audio experience
  • Comfort and best for long term usage
  • Treble quality is below average
02/17/2024 09:53 pm GMT

From our research, the Redmi 3 Pro is the best earbuds under 3000 in India 2023. A reasonable TWS, the Redmi Earbuds 3 Pro comes with many features worth three grand. Entirely wrapped in Poly-Carbonate material, it tends to be very lightweight and is most likely unbreakable. A vacuum-type True Wireless System has a glossy finish that makes it more attractive. 

Equipped with Qualcomm Adaptive apt X, it instantly adjusts to gaming mode with extremely low latency. This further prevents lag, providing a gaming experience like no other. Playing FPS games has been a treat with such precision and sound quality that does not disappoint users, the only problem being you cannot put the phone down once you’ve experienced the sound.

It boasts a Bluetooth 5.2 Qualcomm QCC 3040, a single-chip solution designed to elevate the truly wireless consumer experience and enable robust connectivity and comfort. Dual dynamic drives that help harmonize the sound provide better user quality of sound. 

It has another unique feature, In-Ear Detection, in which when the earbuds are removed from the ear, the video pauses and, when placed back into the ear, resumes playing. Double tapping the Left TWS instantly activates Google Assistant with the help of Bluetooth 5.2. A powerful 600mAh battery helps the buds last for 7 hours when in use and for 30 hours when placed inside the case. 


  • The Qualcomm apt X never provides a before gaming experience
  • It is water-resistant


  • No freedom to listen to solid bass.
  • Outdoor calls depend on the ambient sounds outside. 

2. Boat 441 Pro TWS Earbuds

boAt Airdopes 441 Pro TWS Ear-Buds
  • Playback Time Per Charge: 5 Hours
  • Total Playback time: 150 hours
  • Great bass
  • The sound quality is very nice
  • Average call quality

Boat 441 Pro is a top-quality earbuds you can get for under 3000 in India 2023. It has ear cups on the sides that provide extra grip and do not fall off while hitting the gym or running. It comes with 6mm Dual drives that help blend the sound and improve the user listening experience. 

Equipped with IPX 7 rated water and sweatproof facility, it doesn’t malfunction so soon. It doesn’t come with the latest version but brings a Bluetooth 5.0 Qualcomm processor that helps in wireless communication. 

With an IWP (Insta Wake n Pair) technology, as soon as the buds are removed from the case, they get connected to the mobile or the desired earbuds. Users can activate the earbuds’ immediate voice assistant with a simple touch, which comes as another feature. Coming to the battery, a powerful 2600mAh battery that can last up to 150 hours when placed in the case and an estimated time around 4-5 hours for each earbuds separately.  A sound and fair earbuds with a reasonable price suggest users buy this product, which would last for a long time. 


  • Provides a punching base unlike its predecessor, the Airdopes 441. 
  • A long-lasting battery is convenient for gamers who play for hours at an end. 


  • The base provides partially diminishes the main sounds in the video.
  • Calling isn’t convenient as 40% of the background noises still act as interruptions. 

3. Noise Pro Truly Wireless Earbuds

Noise Air Buds Pro Truly Wireless Earbuds
  • Battery life is good enough
  • Noise cancellation works well
  • Design is not satisfactory

Noise Air Buds Pro is a budget-friendly earbuds you can get for under 3000 in India in 2023. Though it doesn’t have a Qualcomm processor like the Redmi Earbuds 3, it manages to function on a Bluetooth 5.0 version. This product comes in three colors, black, white, and celestial blue.

The main feature would be the 10 mm Dual dynamic drive that speaks for the ultimate bass quality that it can provide. However, the bass can suppress the main sounds in the audio. Boasting an IPX 4 rating, it also provides quite the sweatproof and waterproof for users, which would guarantee long-lasting performance.

Air Buds Pro can last up to 20 hours on a single charge with the charging case in Basic mode. 3.5 hours on a single charge, plus 10.5 hours in ANC mode. It comes with an Active Noise cancellation (ANC) facility that removes up to 25 decibels of unwanted sounds in the background, allowing you to enjoy listening.

It has an In-Ear type of fitting that goes perfectly well into the ears, which will not allow unfortunate fall off while performing rigorous activities like running, hitting the gym, and much more. 


  • Active Noise Cancellation allows you to enjoy uninterrupted entertainment. 
  • The overall design with soft padded tips assures a secure fit throughout the day.
  • For 3000 bucks, the features that it shows are pretty reasonable.


  • The base that it offers operates only up to a moderate level. There’s nothing that special about this feature. 

4. Crossbeats Urban Plus Earbuds

Crossbeats Urban is decent earbuds in the market that you get for under 3000 rupees in India 2023. The Urban Plus is an excellent choice for rough and demanding users. The durable metal construction ensures long-term viability.

These earphones provide excellent noise cancellation capabilities, especially when a person is using them in a crowded or noisy environment. These earbuds use the latest digital noise reduction technology, reducing distracting environmental noise and improving your entire music experience.

Here’s a new unique feature: the LDS antenna cable provides no glitch and no latency for gamers. With the LDS antenna activated on the Urban Plus, you can experience next-generation connectivity. There is never a hiccup with a connection this reliable and robust. It comes with a 20 Hours super-long battery life which provides 5 hours of battery life when in use and an additional 3 hours when kept in the case, left alone.

 This product is highly recommended because the case with which it comes is extreme in material, providing outstanding sustainability and guaranteeing no damage to the product unless there’s a fall of heavy magnitude. I would recommend this product to those people who have trouble maintaining the earbuds for quite a long time because the hard case that these earbuds boast can be the solution to all their problems. 


  • Very minute latency and lag. 
  • A durable and sustainable material, so the product doesn’t break easily. 


  • It doesn’t provide a multi-point connection 
  • Fails to respond to the ambient sounds in the background. 

5. Blaupunkt BTW07 Moksha Earbuds

Blaupunkt BTW07 ANC Moksha-30db Earbuds
  • Trebles and vocals are fine
  • Battery life is really good
  • Average fit for the ears as it falls down often

Blaupunkt BTW07A is a super stylish earbuds under 3000 in India 2023 from the German company that has been in the business for over a century. The case is designed to open in a sliding fashion, unlike the other earbuds; however, the case’s material doesn’t look so promising.

Having the latest version of Bluetooth, Bluetooth 5.2 Qualcomm chipset allows the user to experience a never-before feeling of sound and enjoy smoother and clearer music playback or chats with a deeper and broader connection and faster data transmission and reception.

The 80ms Ultra-low latency that the product boasts is a blessing for gamers. It is all the more pertinent to the game, integrating the game sound more rapidly and improving the game’s sensitivity.

Coming to the battery, the German-made consists of 2 Lithium Polymer batteries which provide power for up to 40 hours with the charging case included and 7 hours when in use. The ANC tech eliminates the ambient sounds for up to 30 decibels. It also comes with Quad Mics, which help amplify the human voice providing top-quality phone calls. 

These earbuds are engineered for use all day. Because they’re light in weight, lack sharp edges, and fit comfortably around the ear, you’ll never want to take these off. 

Overall, this is a renowned brand that guarantees quality, and to have so many features for such a reasonable price is something you would not want to miss out on. I would recommend buying this product that promises quality. 


  • The Quad Mics deliver full-quality sound and bass that lets you enjoy your time with the Blaupunkt BTW07.
  • The latest version of Bluetooth demands very minimal power consumption.


  • The case it comes in doesn’t seem quite promising when it comes to the talk of safety. 

6. Boat 621 In-Ear Earbuds

boAt Airdopes 621 Bluetooth Truly Wireless Earbuds
  • Good finish
  • Sound and bass quality is fine
  • The case is a little bit bulky

Boat Airdopes 621 is a pretty set of earbuds under 3000 in the Indian market. The build of these earbuds is top class, despite using plastic as the sole material, and has a matt and glossy finish for a final touch. It has a digital display on the case that shows the battery levels.

The In-Ear Type Fitting fits the buds into the ear perfectly, giving no place to the uncertainty of falling off during rigorous activities. Bluetooth version 5.0 operates in these earbuds, providing high-quality calls without interruptions, ensuring the user is comfortable using this for voice or video calls.  

Coming to the sound qualities, the treble is quite crisp, and the base is not thumping, but it acts according to the treble bringing a balance. Having an enormous 2600 mAh battery capacity, it lasts up to 150 hours when kept in the case and 5.5 hours when in use, but it can also act as a power bank when the necessity arises.

The 6mm Dual drivers are Boat’s signature style of providing high-quality sounds, making it a good experience for users by harmonizing the sounds. 

When the earphones are within the case and you open the lid, the TWS earbuds turn on automatically, thanks to the IWP technology that makes it happen. It is IPX7 rated for water and sweat resistance, so it is far from prone to liquids.

Last but not least, the Boat Airdopes 621 is capable of controlling not only Android phones, but it can also compact with iOS to operate things. 

We would put this particular set of earbuds in the spotlight because the features you get for the price tag, which is three thousand that too on a boat product, is a chance not to let go. 


  •  Compatibility with Android and iOS earbuds is quite a feature.
  • The digital display helps keep track of the battery levels.   


  • The earbuds’ weight exceeds a hundred grams which are pretty heavy for an earbuds’ case.
  • The mic quality fails to cancel out the ambient noises, especially when you’re out in a noisy place. 

7. TCL S200 In-Ear Wireless Earbuds

TCL S200 in-Ear True Wireless Earbuds
  • Sensors work well
  • Build quality is good
  • Battery drains quickly in the earbuds

TCL S200 In-Ear Wireless is one of the earbuds you can afford in the market for under 3000 rupees. The MOVEAUDIO S200 technology in the true wireless earbuds enables you to receive quality calls no matter where you are. The ENC technology shuts down background noise, and its two dual beams forming microphones automatically focus on your speech, allowing you to be heard even in busy surroundings.

It has dual dynamic drives that come with 12 mm drives that aren’t available in any of the previously mentioned products. Not only the drive, but it also boasts a liquid crystal polymer diaphragm that delivers a sound as no other earbuds do. 

The TCL semi-in-ear earbuds include utmost comfort. Its lightweight and ergonomic earphones let you listen for extended periods without strain. For convenience, the smart wearing recognition automatically plays and pauses your music when you put on and take off your wireless earphones. The Bluetooth version is Bluetooth 5.0 for better communications over call, audio, or video.

The Google Fast Pair 2.0 is one of the unique features it possesses. It uses Bluetooth low energy and allows you to pair your earbuds to your phone. It also comes with a 120 ms low latency technology that gives access to an uninterrupted gaming experience with minimal or no lag at all.


  • 12mm dynamic drives are something to try out. 
  • The exciting feature of Google Fast pair 2.0 would make things easy in terms of pairing the earbuds, 


  • The In-Ear design being completely plastic increases the risk of falling off quickly. 
  • It doesn’t have the feature of Active Noise Cancellation. 

8. GOBUDS 902 True Wireless Earbuds

GOBUDS 902 True Wireless Earbuds
  • Battery backup is sufficient
  • The touch experience was smooth
  • Durability is less for the price it comes

GOBUDS 902 is an excellent launch in the best earbuds under the 3000 category in India from the brand GOBUDS. Flaunting a battery life that lasts up to 5 hours when in use and an extra fifteen when placed inside the case, people can enjoy their time with the GOBUDS 902 for nearly twenty hours without being concerned about the power. There comes an LED indicator on the display of the case where you can check how much battery is left before you charge it into the Type C port. The maximum time it would demand a full charge would be more or less than one hour. 

You need not worry about getting disconnected mid conversations via calling to provide more excellent stability and better signal with the Bluetooth 5.0 version. It has been given an IPX4 rating for water and is sweat-proof, guaranteeing a long life no matter how rough it has been used. The size of the product is accurately 6.9 x 3.8 x 2.7 cm in dimensions weighing 52 grams which would mean it would go perfectly into your pocket, making it easy to carry with you. 

The 10mm Dual Dynamic drive speaks for the reason behind the deep bass, and the true audio delivered. Initiates with a touch of a finger to seamlessly connect to your phone when you remove the buds from the magnetic case and keep your earbuds ready to use at all times. A voice assistant feature is also available where you can chat with your voice assistant whenever you need to get anything done by using the snappy touch controls.

Overall, the GOBUDS 902 is a good earbuds that is not too heavy and has a decent Bluetooth version to make decent calls. Moreover, the main features would be the digital display of the battery levels and time on the case and the Support for Voice Assistants Siri and Google Assistant, making this a product worth purchasing for 2500 rupees. 


  • A solid case that promises durability. 
  • Quick charging and a long-lasting battery life


  • There aren’t many differences from its previous version, the GOBUDS 901. 
  • With not many differences present, there is no use in paying the extra bucks for earbuds that are more or less the same. 

9. Noise Truly Wireless Earbuds 

Noise Air Buds+ Truly Wireless Earbuds
  • Battery life is sufficient
  • High sound quality
  • Comfort fit for the ears
  • Mic was not up to the level

Noise is the most popular earbuds one can find under 3000. Another Bluetooth version, 5.0, might not be the latest of versions but still promises a top-quality talk time over calls, is it audio or video.

It comes with a Hyper Sync feature that pairs the earbuds with the desired earbuds within seconds. Talking about IPX4-rated earbuds would mean it resists water, may it be rain or any other, and sweat in keeping the Noise Buds functioning perfectly for a long time to come. 

Provides up to 20 hours of playtime when the earbuds are placed in their case and a total playtime of 4 hours while the buds are in use. It provides voice assistants such as Siri and Google Assistant with just a single touch on the right earbud. Insta charge is yet another unique feature these earbuds boast, as it just needs 8 minutes of charge, which would allow it to perform for 80 minutes from then on. 

When it comes to comfort, experience the most comfortable fit with a no-drop design and silicone ear tips that you would simply not want to remove from your ears. In short, this is quite the product for providing a money-worth sound efficiency as it comes with the Bluetooth version 5.0 for a smooth and precise calling feature. Overall, we would say for 2,500 bucks; this is a fair bargain. 


  • Hyper Sync Technology helps in the quick pairing of earbuds. 
  • It comes in four colors, which are white, black, red, and grey. 


  • Unfortunately, it can only provide dedicated individual mics and not a Dual dynamic system. 

10. EDYELL TW2S Bluetooth Earbuds

EDYELL® TW2S True Wireless Earbuds
  • The sound quality is good
  • Fits perfectly in the ears
  • Build quality feels cheap
02/17/2024 09:05 pm GMT

The Edyell TWS25 is the latest addition to our best earbuds under 3000 in India 2023 list. Gaming is the sole purpose of this pair of earbuds; it boasts a 60ms Ultra-Low latency to ensure smooth data transmission without lag and delay. 

These earbuds are ideal for playing games like PUBG, Call of Duty, Fortnite, etc. Consisting of the latest Bluetooth version 5.1, the technology provides a 2x quicker transmission speed and a more reliable connection with no signal loss or audio dropouts. 

One doesn’t simply give an IPX7 waterproof rating to any earbuds, but these earbuds consist of Nano-coating, which repels the water that might tend to fall on the case once in a while. Pick up the earphones from the charging box; they will automatically connect, thanks to the Hyper Sync feature. You can then pair the earbuds with your mobile phone in just one step.

The MEMC Microphone Technology ensures an enhanced technology to make calls which help filter nearly 90 percent of all the ambient noises in the background irrespective of where you are. With its dimension ranging from 9 x 3.6 x 2 cm and weighing roughly over 100 grams, this pair of buds is compatible with any earbuds that are Bluetooth enabled. Be it Android or iOS. 

EDYELL employs high-quality batteries, resulting in durable and long-lasting earbuds. The EDYELL TW2S earbuds have a standby time of 120 hours when used with the charging case. In short, one can conclude by praising the low latency feature it provides, considering it has been built for gaming, and the gaming mode would function on a much higher quality when compared to the other brands’ products. 


  • A never-before-seen performance with negligent levels of lag and signal dropouts. 
  • An inner Nano- coating for extra protection from water and sweat. 


  • Quite inconvenient to carry earbuds weighing over 120 grams.

In case if you are looking for another budget range, make sure to consider these posts before your purchase, earbuds under 2000 and Best earbuds under 5000 in India.

Which Is Your Best Earbuds Under 3000?

Finding earbuds under 3000 is not that hard, as we have compiled a list of some of the best ones that can do the job. Though the earbuds you select are entirely your preference, we recommend the Redmi Earbuds 3 Pro as the best on the list because it has some of the most extraordinary specs and won’t break the bank.

The Redmi Earbuds 3 Pro, having the Bluetooth 5.2 Qualcomm QCC 3040 providing a top-notch calling experience for users and a battery life that lasts for 7 hours when in use, clearly beats the others considerably and can be used for any form of entertainment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can earbuds do damage to your ears?

For starters, because they deliver music directly into the ear canal, they represent a significantly greater risk of damaging your ears if the volume is turned up too loudly. Earbuds can also push earwax deeper into the ears, causing blockages that hamper hearing and force you to increase the book even more.

So, keeping the volume of the earbuds low is harmless to your ear. However, you will hear the music as the earbuds stick to your ears.

Are earphones safe to use?

Using earbuds regularly probably raises your risk of ear infections, maybe more than using on- or over-ear headphones. However, the danger remains minimal until a scratch or allergy to a substance in the earphones allows the microorganisms to infiltrate your ear.

What exactly is TWS?

True Wireless Stereo is abbreviated as TWS. This technology provides the highest quality sound and additional functions and the benefits of unrestricted mobility. It is simple to connect to cellphones and has long battery life.

What is the best TWS for calls?

The OnePlus Buds Z are the greatest TWS for calling. For the most pleasing calling experience on TWS earphones, these earphones include two microphones. These Bluetooth v5.0 earphones also feature excellent sound quality. As a result, these buds are a good fit for you.

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