12 Best 4K TV in India 2023

Are you looking for the best 4K Tv in India in 2023? Well, here is the best 4K Tv list prepared based on the top reviews and top-notch specifications in India.

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Best 4K TV in India 2023

1. Sony Bravia 43 Inch 4K TV

The Sony Bravia 43 inch is the best 4K Android TV in India from the top brand Sony. Sony is an industry benchmark when it comes to great TVs. Its display works on Sony’s X1 4K processor, which provides great detail and vibrant colors. Sony delivers a 4K HDR on this TV, which means a greater range of colors. 

This KD-43X74 TV comes with Dolby Atmos, which means you get great surround sound. The sound quality does not match a proper home theatre, and it combines with the display to give a decent watching experience. 

Sony has done a great job in its UI over the years, and you experience no lag, unlike other TVs. It also comes with built-in Google Assistant and Alexa support. As this is the Android version, unlike previous Sony Linux-based TVs, you get better features. Android KD-43X74 TV means you have access to the Play Store. 

This Sony TV is almost too good for the price. It has Bluetooth and Wifi with a bandwidth speed of up to 5 GHz. You also have the X-Protection Pro feature, which protects your TV from dust, lightning, power surge, and humidity. The X-Protection Pro increases your TV’s durability and life span. 

The Sony Bravia 43 inches 4K TV is a great choice for this price, but it could do with more features. You get Android TV and a great UI with the 4K HDR display. The speakers are also better than TVs of this range, but a home theatre system is always better. You also get Google Assistant and Alexa along with Android TV. Sony has delivered on its name with this complete TV package.

2. LG 55 Inch Smart LED 4K TV

LG 43 inches 4K Smart LED TV is the cheapest 4K TV in India 2023 but with quality features. LG has done a great job in including all the essential elements into a single package. You get an IPS display on this TV with wide viewing angles and vibrant colors. You also get a 4K HDR, which means a greater color range and a better-looking display.

This 43UM7290PTF TV is not an Android TV which is a downgrade as many apps feel outdated, and the WebOS simply does not compete. Although you get LG’s ThinQ AI, the Magic remote does not come in the box. This LG TV does support Google Assistant and Alexa, which is great for browsing around the TV through voice control. LG has included support for Apple Airplay which is not found in many TVs. Apple Airplay means you can switch audio and video output to the TV instantly. 

The sound quality on this 43UM7290PTF TV is great with DTS Virtual X. Due to DTS Virtual X., You get 3D sound with its audio processing. You get a great display and decent speakers, which offer a great watching experience. The TV has AI capabilities supported by a quad-core processor. Although the TV is not based on Android, WebOS has the right mix of great UI and AI capabilities. Overall, LG has provided a complete package at a low price with this TV.

3. Samsung 43 Inch Crystal 4K Neo TV

Samsung Crystal 4K Pro TV is the affordable 4K TV in India, and Samsung TVs have certainly gotten better in quality over the years. The Crystal Pro series offers a crisp 4K LED display with great details. This is the Crystal 4K Pro and comes with HDR 10+ support. HDR 10+ is better than HDR 10 as it has dynamic metadata. Dynamic metadata means that the HDR color range on display differs for different scenes. This technology helps in optimizing your HDR experience. 

The Purcolour technology from Samsung focuses on naturally showing colors. Purcolour technology focuses on adjusting both primary and secondary colors, unlike normal TVs. The 4K crystal processor has powerful 4K upscaling. 4K upscaling helps watch lower resolution pictures and videos in better detail. 

Samsung has done a great job in its UI. You get voice control and an AI guide showing the best home screen content. This TV also has the tap view feature, which allows you to stream content from your phone with a single tap. You can set up a tap view in Samsung smart things settings. Then, you only have to tap the UA43AUE70AKLXL TV screen with your phone, and mirroring will begin. 

The bezel-less design enhances your watching experience. Samsung also provides its new Samsung TV plus feature. The speakers on this UA43AUE70AKLXL TV are decent, but you can enjoy the Symphony Q feature with a soundbar. The Symphony feature from Samsung enables simultaneous playback from speakers and the soundbar.

Samsung Crystal 4K Pro TV does all the essentials correctly, and there are added features. You get a great display made by Samsung with HDR 10+ capability. The UI is great, and there are decent speakers. If you have a Samsung phone, there are some extra features. This TV is an excellent choice at this price.

4. Redmi 50 Inches 4K Ultra HD Smart TV

Redmi 126 cm 4K Ultra HD Android LED TV
  • Screen Size: 50 inches
  • Resolution: 4K Ultra HD (3840x2160)
  • Refresh Rate: 60 hertz
  • Sound: 30 Watts Output
  • Number of HDMI Ports: 3

The Redmi 50 inches is an excellent 4K TV that you can get in India in 2023. Redmi is a famous TV brand among the general public due to its affordable price. The X50 is an excellent TV with a 4K display of over 8 million pixels. This display also has HDR 10+ functionality, and you get an optimized HDR viewing experience. It also has the HLG feature, which provides an extended color gamut on top of the HDR. In addition, the reality flow feature from Redmi gives a blur-free watching experience.

The audio quality on this L50M6-RA TV is great, and you get Dolby Atmos on these speakers. The Dolby Atmos is paired with DTS Virtual X, which makes for a great stereo experience. Although it only has two 15W speakers, the bass is a bit low, but they sound great.

You also get the latest Patch Wall which is Redmi’s take on a launcher. Patch Wall is great as you get new recommendations based on your watch history. Parents can also turn on kids’ mode to remove any explicit content from their TV. This L50M6-RA TV has Android TV 10, which a quad-core processor supports with 2 GB RAM. 

Overall, Redmi has done an excellent job of delivering exceptional quality at a low price. You get a superb display paired with even better speakers. The UI is also perfect at such a low price.

5. Vu 50 Inch Premium 4K TV

Vu is an electronic company that sells excellent home appliances at a low price. Vu 50 inches is the premium 4K TV in India in 2023. The Vu 50 inches 4K Smart TV has a fantastic display with small bezels. This display comes with a special optical film that adjusts the light emitted by the backlight. This optical film gives you wider viewing angles and up to 40% more brightness. Paired with optimal white balance, this technology enhances your watching experience. 

This ‎50UT TV has two 15-Watt speakers with Dolby Atmos. These speakers have great software optimization. The optimization enhances the bass and sound quality. There is also better noise cancellation, giving you a richer listening experience while watching movies or sports. The speakers also feature DTS Virtual X, which creates ambient sound. 

The display on this ‎50UT TV supports Dolby Vision, HLG, and HDR 10, which means better color accuracy and a wider color gamut. In addition, vu has also kept in mind the needs of cricket fans in India with the Vu Cricket mode. The TV ensures the ball is visible even at high speeds in this mode. 

The Vu 50 inches 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV is an excellent choice at this price. You get a great-looking display and decent speakers. Although, the sound quality and specifications could be better. Vu has a decent hold in the market in India, and you can trust this brand for good products. In the end, Vu has delivered a great product at a low price yet again.

6. TCL 50 Inch Ultra HD 4K TV

TCL is a customer favorite when it comes to TVs and home appliances. TCL 50 inches is a popular 4K TV that one can get in India in 2023. The TCL 50-inch 4K Android TV has a great display with small bezels. Moreover, you can get smart home connectivity with this TV, and you can better control the TV.

The four-microphone setup means there will be no issue while using Google Assistant. Since this is an Android TV, you can control supported home devices with the TV. If you want to experience the Internet of Things, this is your chance. TCL has done an excellent job integrating its AI with Android TV. 

The display on this 50P715 TV is pretty decent for the price. It is a 4K Ultra HD display with HDR 10 and Dolby Vision. The picture quality is great, and the colors look natural. It also has micro dimming, which means better-looking blacks and whites. TCL’s own color enhancement algorithm also enhances the viewing experience. As a result, you get more beautiful colors and show natural colors. This TV also has powerful 4K upscaling, allowing you to enjoy greater detail even at lower resolution.

The TCL 50 inches AI 4K 50P715 TV does the job at this price. You get a great-looking display with decent speakers. It also has AI capabilities which are appreciated by the techies all around. 

7. iFFALCON 55 Inch Smart 4K TV

iFFALCON has become a famous home appliances company in India, and its 4K TVs are known for their quality. This 4K Android TV model has all the essential features in the right mix. It has small bezels and a metallic design, which looks premium and gives the TV a sturdy feel. 

The 43K71 TV features a great-looking 4K display with HDR 10. The HDR 10 feature means you get better-looking pictures and a wider range of colors. This TV also features Dynamic Colour Enhancement, which shows natural-looking colors. The Micro-dimming feature is an excellent addition for better color accuracy. This TV also has great 4K upscaling for better detail at low resolution. 

It features a 30W stereo box speaker with Dolby Atmos. The speakers are like the ones found in TCL 4K TV. The audio quality is decent, but a home theatre system is always preferable. 

UI in this 43K71 TV is the same found in TCL TVs as iFFALCON is a subdivision of TCL. Android 9, paired with TCL’s AI-IN, makes for an excellent connected experience. You also get hands-free control with Google Assistant and smart connectivity.

Overall, iFFALCON 4K Android TV is another example of the company’s excellence in price-to-performance ratios. You get a great-looking display with a stereo speaker and AI features. All this combined makes for an excellent watching experience.

8. Kodak 43 Inch UHD Smart 4K TV

Kodak 108 cm 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV
  • Screen Size: 43 inches
  • Resolution: 4K Ultra HD (3840x2160)
  • Refresh Rate: 60 hertz
  • Sound: 30 Watts Output
  • Number of HDMI Ports: 3

The Kodak 43 inches is a budget 4K TV for the price and has excellent functionality. It has small bezels that provide a true watching experience. You also get a great remote with hotkeys for your favorite apps and voice control. 

This 43CA2022 TV features a great-looking display with HDR 10 and HLG technology. HDR combined with HLG makes for better-looking pictures and more vibrant colors. The pictures look amazing on this display, and playing open-world games on HDR is impressive on this TV. Due to the MEMC technology, you get better-looking frames even in motion. MEMC, paired with the 10-bit display, makes for a great gaming experience.

Kodak has included 30-watt speakers with Dolby Digital Plus and DTS TruSurround. The speakers sound decent, and there is an ambient sound function that can compare to a home speaker system. These speakers have decent audio quality but lack bass. You can make do with the included speakers, but a home theatre system will be better.

This 43CA2022 TV also has Android 10, an excellent UI, and many apps. You also get a quad-core CPU with 2 GB RAM, which provides a lag-free experience. Considering everything, this is a decent choice at a price. Although, Kodak’s lack of experience is evident as there are still some lackluster features. The display and speakers are great, but some additional features should be there.

9. Hisense 55 Inch Bezelless Series 4K TV

Hisense is a new company in this market, but its products are excellent for their price. The Hisense 4K Ultra HD Android TV does all the basics right, and you get a superb TV at a low price. In addition, the bezel-less design and Dolby Vision combine to provide an ideal watching experience. 

Hisense has included a great-looking display with Dolby Vision HDR. The Dolby Vision HDR with ultra-dimming provides great colors. You can see deeper blacks and brighter whites with the ultra dimming feature. Hisense also provides an ultra-vivid panel that offers a dynamic television-watching experience. It also has custom sports and game modes. You can view fast-moving frames at high quality in sports mode, and there are some other enhancements. In-game mode, the input lag is decreased to provide a better gaming experience. 

The UI on this 43A71F TV is tremendous and quite user-friendly. It has Android TV 9, and the Google Play Store has over 5000 apps and games. You also get support for Google Assistant to change different TV settings with voice. Since it has Chromecast built-in, you can cast from your mobile devices to the TV in an instant. In addition, the Dual-Band Wifi gives you better download and upload speeds. 

Hisense 43 inches 4K Ultra HD Android TV is an excellent choice at this price. You get a great display and decent speakers on this 43A71F TV at an affordable price. Overall, the TV does all the basics right and is a good choice.

10. Toshiba 55 Inch Google 4K LED TV

Who doesn’t know about the quality associated with Toshiba? It is a Japanese brand with a reputation for quality products. The Toshiba 43 inches Vidaa OS Series is a fine example of this. The Vidal OS has small bezels and a slim body for an engaging experience for the user.

Toshiba has done a great job with this 43U5050 TV display. The picture quality is excellent, and you get a lot of detail. Due to ultra-dimming, you also get deeper blacks and brighter whites. It also has Dolby Vision HDR, which means vibrant and natural colors. Toshiba has also included the Cevo 4K engine, which shows minute details in pictures and videos. 

Toshiba’s own Vidaa OS is quite simple yet efficient. The simple design includes all the apps on the home screen and does not consume much processing power. Due to a simple UI, the experience is lag-free and smooth. You also get AI capabilities with voice control from the remote itself.

The sound quality is pretty decent for TV speakers. It has Dolby Atmos support and a fantastic surround sound experience. This 43U5050 TV also has Dolby Atmos support which delivers stereo sound with its 24 W speaker setup. You can customize sound settings according to your needs and switch to different modes. Sound is also enhanced in-game modes and sports modes. 

The Toshiba Vidaa 4K TV is a quality product with excellent features. You also get an Active Motion Resolution and Super Contrast Booster that elevate your viewing experience. In addition, it has a dynamic mode tailored explicitly for sports. This TV indeed punches above its weight at this price point. 

11. AmazonBasics 43 Inch Fire TV

AmazonBasics Fire Edition 4K Ultra HD LED TV
  • Screen Size: 43 inches
  • Resolution: 4K Ultra HD (3840x2160)
  • Refresh Rate: 60 hertz
  • Sound: 20 Watts Output
  • Number of HDMI Ports: 3
  • Affordably priced comes with 60 Hz refresh rate.
  • 4K Ultra HD display.
  • Quad core processor and 1.5 GB RAM included.
  • Dual band wifi connection for faster streaming.

AmazonBasics is known for its quality at affordable rates. The AmazonBasics Fire TV has a sleek design, small bezels, and integrated DTH. It is the cheapest TV on this list but includes all the necessary features anyone will need. 

AmazonBasics 43 inches Fire TV Edition shows detailed pictures. Since Dolby Vision HDR is also supported, you get vivid colors and better-looking videos. In addition, the Amlogic engine shows deeper blacks and brighter whites to maintain a natural viewing experience. In addition, the superb may not have a 90 or 120 Hz display, but 60 Hz is still enough for console games. 

This TV has HDR 10 and HLG, which means you see natural colors and authentic visuals. In addition, it has inbuilt anti-aliasing, MPEG Noise Reduction, and dynamic contrast. All this combines to deliver an exquisite watching experience. 

As a product of Amazon, Alexa is inbuilt, and you get a great UI. Since it has inbuilt DTH integration, you don’t have to switch inputs to watch DTH channels. There is also parental control which restricts content based on age limit. ‘

The speakers on the TV are pretty basic but have Dolby Atmos support. You will be much better off using a home theatre system. AmazonBasics Fire TV is a decent 4K TV, but you should not expect much from it.

12. Philips 55 Inch 4K UHD LED Android TV

Philips 139 cm 4K UHD LED Android Smart TV
  • Screen Size: 55 inches
  • Resolution: 4K Ultra HD (3840x2160)
  • Refresh Rate: 60 hertz
  • Sound: 16 Watts Output
  • Number of HDMI Ports: 4

The Philips 55 inch 4K UHD LED Android TV is the largest on this list. Of course, a 55-inch display at 4K always looks great, but Philips has also provided a decent watching experience. 

This 55PUT8215/94 Philips TV makes use of the P5 engine that delivers excellent picture quality. It also shows natural colors and vivid colors. The display has Dolby Vision HDR too, which means you can see authentic colors and deep contrast. Furthermore, since HDR 10+, you can see original scenes due to the dynamic metadata. The dynamic metadata also enables better-looking scenes. 

Philips has also included Alexa with remote-free voice control. You can now use the TV without the remote and watch your favorite content instantly. The TV speakers sound decent and have Dolby Atmos for surround sound. Due to DTS Play fi, you can switch audio output from your TV to wireless speakers.

Philips has delivered an excellent TV with extra features at the price range. The display looks great, and the speakers also sound great. In addition, 55PUT8215/94 has Alexa and Google Assistant, which help automate the viewing experience. All in all, Philips has produced yet another quality product at a low price. 

Buyers Guide For Best 4K TV In India

Display Size 

While buying any TV, the most critical aspect to consider is its display size. Remember that display size is measured diagonally. You can find out the length and width from the details. While any TV above 32-inch is enough for normal rooms, you should prefer at least a 50-inch TV for halls and living rooms.  

Larger displays often mean higher prices, so you can go as high as your wallet allows. A proper entertainment center looks great with a TV upwards of 55 inches.


HDR stands for High Dynamic Range. A TV with proper implementation of HDR looks much better than standard TVs. HDR works by increasing brightness levels and having a wider color gamut. If you see a suitable HDR screen in action, SDR will seem obsolete to you. 

While there are different versions of HDR like Dolby Vision, and HDR 10+ with HLG, you should select a TV with all these features in a single package. While picking an HDR TV, see customer reviews to better understand. It is also necessary that your video source supports HDR, or else it won’t matter. 

Refresh Rate

The refresh rate of your TV display is significant for video games. Refresh rate is the number of frames your TV can display per second, measured in Hz. While a 120 Hz TV is hard to find, 60 Hz is also decent for console games. Some TVs also offer Variable Refresh rates. Variable Refresh Rate is helpful in playing games as it leads to less stuttering and smoother visuals. 

Display Technology

Display technologies in the current market include LCD, LED, OLED, AMOLED, QLED, Mini-LED, and Micro LED. This seems like a complicated mess, but there are two major differences. First, these display technologies can be classified into transmissive and omissive displays. 

If you have the budget, you should choose a transmissive display like OLED or microLED. Omissive displays have better color accuracy and energy saving. In addition, transmissive displays have lower input lag. While LED displays look decent, they are no match for OLED or microLED displays in detail or color accuracy. 

Smart TV

In 2023, it is foolish to select a TV that does not have smart features. Moreover, since IoT features have become prevalent, having a smart TV is beneficial. You get access to the Internet, and different apps and Android TVs also have AI. 

While selecting a smart TV, you should opt for an Android TV as it is integrated with the Android ecosystem. Android TVs also have the Google Play Store, which means you can download various apps and games. 

Smart TVs provide extra functionality to your TV with streaming services and games. You can always upgrade any TV to a smart TV with a streaming device. 

Which Is The Best 4K TV In India?

4K TVs are all the hype right now in India. You can get 4K TVs for less than 30000 these days, which makes them quite popular. We compiled a list of the best 4K TVs in India that provide great features at low prices. You can also read the buyer’s guide to understand better how to buy a TV.

So our top recommendation would be The Sony Bravia 43 inch, and we all know that SONY is always known for its high sound quality. Then the Redmi 50 inches is highly affordable for everyone and rock the current generation. 

I hope you will buy the best 4K Tv in India by considering the above list. If not, you can also look at the best smart TVs with 32 inch under 15000 and 55 inch TV under 50000.

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