10 Best 24 Inch Monitor India 2023

This article will list down the best 24 inch monitor India to buy for your personal use or your organization, office, firm, etc. All our products listed here ensure the best performance, and the best 24 inch monitors in India 2023 also have the added benefit of being highly rated.

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Best 24 Inch Monitor India 2023

1. Samsung 24 Inch IPS LED Monitor

Samsung 24 inch (60.4 cm) IPS Monitor
  • Screen Size: 24-inch
  • Display Resolution: 1920 x 1080 Full HD
  • Refresh Rate: 75 Hz
  • Response Time: 5 ms
  • Wide viewing angles
  • The refresh rate is awesome
  • Colors are vibrant
  • None as of now

In our personal view, the Samsung 24 inch IPS will be the best 24 inch monitor in India in 2023. Samsung needs little introduction when it comes to gadgets. Modern phones, appliances like monitors, laptops, and TV sets ensure quality productivity in almost everything they make. The Samsung 24 inch IPS monitor comes with many features at a price much lower than other models with similar specifications.

A 3-sided bezel-less screen means you can be assured of a full-screen immersive view that is excellent for gaming and watching movies. The monitor boasts a simple design built with precise technology, so your display does not hamper your working experience. 

Undoubtedly, the best features that Samsung’s monitors can bring are in the gaming department. Game Mode will enhance the gaming experience by optimizing in-game colors and contrast settings. AMD Radeon Freesync also keeps your monitor working seamlessly during high-intensity moments. 

The 75 Hz refresh rate of the screen is also an upgrade on 60 Hz displays since they provide much smoother scrolling, clearer, more realistic videos, and significantly reduced motion blur. High-quality displays will always be easier on your eyes, and the Advanced Eye Comfort technology assures that. The monitor has vibrant features, Flicker-Free technology, and the Eye Saver Mode, reducing blue light glare.

Affordable and reliable, this product would be an excellent buy for anyone looking for a seamless gaming experience, making it one of the best 24 inch monitors available on the market.

2. BenQ GW2480 Eye Care Monitor

BenQ GW2480 24-inch Eye Care Monitor
  • Screen Size: 24-inch
  • Display Resolution: 1920 x 1080 Full HD
  • Refresh Rate: 60 Hz
  • Response Time: 5 ms
  • The picture quality is fine
  • Low blue light emission
  • Thin bezels enhance the viewing experience
  • Average construction quality

BenQ GW2480 is the premium 24 inch monitor available in India. Beautifully designed, the BenQ GW2480 is second on our list of great 24 inch monitors. The monitor boasts a superior build, loaded with features like the VGA port, Display port, VESA wall mount, and much more.

The monitor has the advantage of the edge-to-edge IPS panel, which provides wide-angle viewing upto 178 degrees. This ensures great color contouring and gradience both horizontally and vertically.

A hidden cable system makes your entire setup appear much cleaner, and the simplistic yet efficient design challenges some of the best monitors we have seen. BenQ exclusive eye-care technology is built to cater to users working for longer hours under the blue light fierce eyes.

This, along with their industry-leading picture-perfect optimization through the specialized Brightness Intelligence Technology(BIT), improves the visualization of both bright scenes and dark ones. As mentioned before, the edge-to-edge panels flaunt elegant ultra-slim bezels, delivering a large immersive viewing; with deeper blacks and vibrant colors, it’s hard to miss out on a better deal than this one.

Certified by TUV Rheinland through their global endeavor to safeguard viewing comfort and eye health, BenQ is the first Eye-Care monitor in the world. BenQ low Blue light Technology completes a long list of specialized features, making it one of the best products available in this price range.

3. Dell 24 S2421HN Monitor 

Dell 24 Monitor-S2421HN in-Plane Switching Monitor
  • Screen Size: 24-inch
  • Display Resolution: 1920 x 1080 Full HD
  • Refresh Rate: 75 Hz
  • Response Time: 4 ms
  • Display quality is excellent
  • Good looking design
  • Ports are limited

Dell S2421HN is the most affordable 24 inch monitor in India as of 2023. This monitor is one of the highest-rated products from a leading computer manufacturer in the Indian market. We saw the arrival of Dell’s Inspiron range in 1999, but now, for the modern office look, the power desktop has made a comeback. This monitor comes with a three-sided ultrathin bezel design allowing you to enjoy exceptional screen clarity in 1920 x 1080 Full HD quality.

The flicker-free screen on this TUV-certified monitor comes with ComfortView, a function that decreases harmful blue light emissions. It’s made to keep your eyes comfortable for long periods, like during your next movie marathon.

Switching is seamless with a Built-in twin HDMI connection to keep your devices connected and turn the switching between streaming and console games a breeze, keeping everything in its place. 

Dell EasyArrange helps you stay organized by allowing you to switch between applications, emails, and windows on one screen. Dell brings you a steady and user-friendly machine built specifically to deliver the best results for different applications in different fields. 

With In-Plane Switching (IPS) technology, you can get smooth views with stable tones throughout a wide 178°/178° viewing angle. AMD FreeSync technology creates a comfortable, tear-free experience. The Dell S2421HN is an all-rounder in the 24-inch monitor category, guaranteeing excellent service to all.

4. LG 24 Inch Full HD IPS Monitor

LG 24-inch (60.96 cm), Full HD IPS Monitor
13,90 ₹ ₹9,867.00
  • Screen Size: 24-inch (60.96 cm)
  • Display Resolution: 1920 x 1080 Full HD IPS
  • Refresh Rate: 75 Hz
  • Response Time: 5 ms
  • Stylish design
  • Color reproduction is excellent
  • Boot-up speed is appreciable
  • Build quality is not so good
  • Speaker quality is below average
09/05/2023 11:04 pm GMT

LG 24 inch Full HD is the stylish 24 inch monitor in India. This impressive monitor comes with a wide variety of tech, making it a serious contender for one of the top gaming monitors available in India. Monitors come with a variety of features which include inbuilt 5w dual-channel speakers with Maxx audio. The three-sided, specialized, Virtually borderless design is meant to make the view much more immersive and provides a great experience to viewers working with deeper color tones.

Monitors are recognized for their immersive viewing capabilities, but they can also be productive workhorses, providing a flexible workplace experience and simple setup. You can enjoy 4K or 5K resolution, vibrant IPS or speedy VA screens, and a plethora of cutting-edge gaming capabilities.

In order to ensure high performance, one can almost miss out on the excellent gaming features this monitor boasts. VGA, D sub, and HDMI are the different hardware slots available here, and you can use these to connect a gaming console to enjoy seamless gaming for hours. 

Built specifically for gamers, they feature cutting-edge technology, specifications, ergonomics, a sleek design, and a sensory experience. With gaming-specific features like Dynamic Action Sync, players can capture every moment in real time by minimizing input latency. You’ll gain an advantage with 1ms GTG reaction times, pro-level customization, and quick, vivid IPS screens.

5. Acer Qg241Y 23.8 Inch Monitor

Acer B246WL is an excellent 24 inch monitor from Acer in India. It brings you a unique and comfortable working experience with a monitor built to efficiently cater to your corporate needs. The monitor has a cinematic widescreen with Full HD resolution and a better 100 Million:1 contrast ratio, which provides detailed visuals for viewing photos, browsing the web, and comparing documents side by side.

Acer monitors engage you in various activities, including content production and gaming. The B Series monitors blend professional elegance with ergonomic design to accommodate a wide range of settings and viewing requirements.

We were blown away by the ultra-slim, space-saving design, which provides brilliant pictures and pleasant viewing for lengthy periods. Acer B series monitors include VESA-compatible mounting for a stylish, space-saving choice in compact places, as well as power-saving features that save money and resources.

The HDMI cable supports 4k @ 30Hz and HDMI 2 and DP 1.2. However, it does not have an HDMI IN port. With an unparalleled display type and a quick response time, the Acer Monitor provides unrivaled performance and does it at a fraction of the cost. While there may be some limitations, folks ready to look past them can rest convinced that this monitor will be the best for your regular office work.

6. MSI PRO MP241 Professional Monitor 

MSI 23.8-inch PRO MP241 Professional Monitor
  • Screen Size: 24-inch
  • Display Resolution: 1920 x 1080 Full HD
  • Refresh Rate: 60 Hz
  • Respons Time: 7 ms
  • Accuracies in brightness and colors are fine
  • Response rates are well and good
  • It is not suitable for high-quality games or graphics
09/06/2023 04:24 am GMT

MSI 23.8 inch is a recent addition to the best 24 inch monitor India list. The market is very competitive in personal computers, as many manufacturers release new models daily. With so many alternatives available, choosing the best one might not be easy. However, the MSI PRO MP241 is a state-of-the-art monitor for professional and recreational use. 

Loaded with exciting features, one can be assured of some of the best high-performing pieces of technology that any monitor within this price range can bring. With the IPS Grade Panel, you will get the best screen colors & brightness; learn how to instantly customize the screen colors and brightness to guarantee that you detail the results.

When it comes to high gaming, few monitors can stand up to the mighty MSI Pro, armed with the MSI kit App, which will provide you excellent support during your gaming endeavors. The MSI App Player claims to console games at 240 frames per second, assuming some applications can take advantage of this.

It’s largely about bragging rights for how smoothly the application can run games that aren’t built for PCs. Support for 240 Hz displays, which MSI laptops and monitors possess, is arguably more feasible. Hence we recommend this monitor to every competitive gamer who needs a proper machine to complement their skills.

7. Dell Professional 24 inch Full HD Monitor

Dell P Series is the wonderful 24 inch monitor you can buy in India. This economical 23.8″ monitor by Dell with an ultrathin bezel design will help you make the most of your office. With the Easy Arrange function in Dell Display Manager software, you may operate across several panels and choose from predefined layouts. With Auto-restore, a function that remembers where you left off, you can quickly tile and organize your programs and get back to work faster.

You can free up a precious workspace with a slender profile and the thinnest monitor base in its class. With colors that are consistent and rich, you can be assured to see vivid colors no matter where you sit, thanks to In-Plane Switching (IPS) technology’s broad viewing angle.

The USB Type-B input is a common docking where all your peripherals can be added to monitor and connect to your laptop/desktop. Every accessory will be associated with your device, so there is no need to attach peripherals to different devices when you switch. For this, the image quality is also outstanding.

If you want to use it at home or work, go forward and do so. Even though it misses some of the capabilities of the other versions, this monitor in India is beautifully made and performs as required of a display for everyday usage.

8. BenQ Gw2485Tc 24 Inch Full HD Monitor

Another excellent BenQ product, we have had the great opportunity to review some of their monitors, and unsurprisingly, we have been blown away again. The BenQ GW2475H has a STUNNING FULL HD DISPLAY with exquisite 16:9 image quality and Full HD resolution on a 23.8-inch display. Its low blue light and flicker-free features are called the Eye Care Technology, which an efficiently visual comfort over long periods.

The GW2475H is a beautiful addition to any modern environment, embodying their “less is more” minimalist style. To combine grandeur, every component of design and function is reduced. Furthermore, BenQ’s proprietary eye-caring technology provides consumers with the purest visual enjoyment and best eye comfort.

With a stylish design and a 178-degree wide viewing angle on both sides, both the products from BenQ are also provided with the ultra-slim bezel design, which is meant to enhance the seamless viewing experience. The enhanced speaker and audio systems ensure great depth and clarity in sound when audio files are played, meaning you can enjoy movies at home like never before. 

With impeccable build quality assured by BenQ, the GW2475H is a very underrated creation, something you shouldn’t miss out on. All the features mentioned can be optimized according to the user, making this monitor a very reliable machine for young and old alike.

9. Samsung 24 Inch Flat Computer Monitor

Samsung 24 inch LED Flat Computer Monitor
  • Suitable even for gaming
  • Stylish design with bezel-less display
  • Monitor stand is of average quality

Another product from Samsung was expected, knowing their excellent craftsmanship is behind many fabulous designs for monitors and laptops each year. This model showcases a sleek yet specialized build, minimalistic design, and a new aesthetic look due to the seamless non-border display. 

With the  AMD Radeon FreeSync, you can enjoy a superfluid entertainment experience by keeping your monitor and graphics card refresh rates in sync to avoid image tearing. You will be able to watch movies and play games uninterrupted. Even fast-paced scenes appear to be smooth and lag-free. This device was built to handle pressure.

Game Mode adapts to any game, so every detail is visible on your screen. The right game settings will give you an immediate advantage. Connect to more consoles with two HDMI and D-sub connections that allow you to attach numerous devices directly to your display, giving you maximum versatility. With extra input options for your workstation, your gaming experience is even more convenient.

To sum it up, Samsung has always been a crowd favorite, and in 2023, there are but few monitors you can choose from better. An affordable market price puts Samsung’s 24-inch flat monitor on our top ten best monitors in India.

10. Dell E Series Full HD Monitor

Dell E Series E2421HN 24-inch Full HD Monitor
  • The anti-glare panel is good
  • Brightness and picture quality are good
  • The VGA cable is missing

Most Dell products come at a price affordable for teachers, office staff, and students alike. And the best part we liked about them is their desire to provide quality and quantity in abundance. The Dell E2421HN, like the S2421HN, has many qualities in the number of features it boasts. 

It adapts to your requirements at all times, customizing your workplace with VESA-compatible mounts and stands. The Full HD resolution is perfect for everyday chores, and ComfortView allows for long hours of viewing. For multitasking efficiency, Dell Display Manager’s Easy Arrange function allows you to easily tile and see your programs side by side across one or more linked screens.

Asset management reports enable IT managers to swiftly gather and track monitor data and numerous monitors at once using a single configuration, allowing for greater ease in managing projects in various, efficiently specialized ways. Also available in this model are new shortcut keys, which will help you work more efficiently and significantly reduce your machine’s overall load.

Dell Technologies is committed to decreasing environmental impact throughout the product life cycle. It complies with the latest regulatory and environmental norms, including Energy Star, EPEATi, and TCO, making it a must-have in the modern environment. To connect peripheral devices, VGA and HDMI ports are accessible.

Buying Guide For The Best 24 Inch Monitor India

Since the laptop arrived and took the personal computer market by storm, it has become a necessity for everyone. Surprisingly, the technological advancements that made the laptop so reliable and efficient found their way into personal computer optimization. Soon desktop monitors appeared with great performance capacities and amazing features. Every office, school, college, education center, banks, and even healthcare facilities boast a proper computer setup for their workers, and no setup is ever complete without the quintessential monitor.

Modern computers need to be fast and efficient. Still, most workplaces also require a wide range of functions from a personal computer, like control over finances, integration, information, communications, and inventory control. All of these features were already present in the supercomputers built in the past. 

Now, we have the advantage of new generation machines that are much less bulky and more economical. There are a lot of sizes to choose from. Whether you would want a monitor that is great for single-person use or if you need a larger size, a multi-monitor unit capable of handling a large office workplace’s demands, we have you covered with our article on the best monitors you can find in India. 

To compute large amounts of data, a faster computer would be preferred. , Remember these points before making your purchase:

  • Screen Resolution: Higher resolutions give greater Image clarity.
  • Screen Width Angle: This determines how acute your angle can be while seated in front of the screen.
  • Power Consumption: Most of the monitors mentioned here would be suitable for higher power consumption.
  • Warranty Period: Ensure you notice the warranty offered before purchasing a product. 

However, if you want to enjoy a bigger screen size, you can consider this Best 27 Inch Monitors.

Which Is The Best 24 Inch Monitor In India 2023 For You? 

To simplify your purchasing process, we have come up with a few top picks from the above list. Above all, We suggest Samsung 24 inch IPS monitor as it has a bezel-less design, which increases the viewing experience and consists of a reliable refresh rate.

Next, BenQ GW2480 occupies second place containing wide viewing angles and is a leader in the monitor manufacturing industry. Last but not least, if budget is your concern, you can choose the Dell S2421HN monitor, which never cheats you in terms of contrasts and brightness. 

Thank you for reading till the end of our article! We will be delighted if you choose a monitor from our list. All the products mentioned here have been appropriately reviewed, and we can assure you the best performance from each one. Please ensure you carefully handle your packaged products while unboxing them after purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions About The Best 24 Inch Monitor India

Are Gaming and Office monitors different?

Sometimes monitors have enough tech to support higher-intensity moments associated with games. Since a gaming monitor requires great resolution screens and doesn’t lag during scenes, it would be more than capable of heavy office use.

Is screen resolution necessary for performance?

Naturally, your GPU will have to render more pixels to provide a bigger field of vision and greater detail, causing your fps to suffer. Because it doesn’t take much to hit 140 fps or more at 1080p, it’s still popular for E-Sports setups.

Which monitor is best for editing videos?

We suggest you look for a monitor with ample screen depth and clarity-optimized pixels that can help you capture moments in higher resolution videos. Usually, monitors with bezel screens perform best in this department.

List of Best 24 Inch Monitor In India 2023

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