Zomato Users In India

Online food delivery services have changed the way India consumes food! Yes, it is a drastic change that no one has expected. But we have adapted to it. To be frank, we have become dependent on it.

Apart from knowing how to order, let us discuss Zomato’s market share, future, and Zomato users in India. 

Zomato Users In India

Zomato has been spreading its services in India and in other countries compared to the other countries; it has seen an increase in India. Here are the countries that have the highest traffic.

  • India
  • Australia
  • United Arab Emirates
  • United States
  • Turkey

According to feedough, India holds around 42.64 percentage, Australia holds 11.6 percentage, others below that. 

Zomato has been available in 525 cities in India. It has an average of around 6.8 million customers who order food every month. And, the value? Zomato’s monthly revenue has been valued at about $8 billion, i.e., 60000 crore INR – Businessstandard.com

According to Jefferies’ report, Zomato is not the only player globally who sticks towards EBITDA. It means Earnings Before Interest, Tax, and Depreciation allowance negative. Added to Zomato, Swiggy, Uber Eats, and Hero has been traveling in the same boat. 

Zomato – A 12 Year Experienced Food Delivery Service

Zomato has been the top food delivery platform in India. The public offering of Zomato counts about $1.1 billion that remains unveiled in the last week of April. It has bought up the sustainability of the food delivery models in the Indian context. 

Zomato has not placed its path in food delivery until 2015. Even 2015 is the year when its rival Swiggy entered the market. Today, most member restaurants derive nothing when Zomato and Swiggy are out of the game. Both Zomato and Swiggy contribute about 30 percent of their business. Many branded food restaurants, including KFC and Dominos, have a soft space for food delivery services. (source)

Zomato Revenue In India

Zomato’s revenue in 2020 has witnessed an increase of 105 percent compared to the previous year. But, it costs 47 percent more in the current period. Coming to the revenue, it is $68 million in 2018 and $206 million in 2019, and $350 million in 2020.

The Gross Order Value has been reduced by 15.5 percent, which implies a reduction from INR 11,220 Crores to INR 9,482 crores in 2021. However, there is good news to soothe. Yes, the average order value has been increased from INR 286.9 to INR 395.4 in the fourth quarter of 2021.

Zomato has around 1.4 million restaurants with around 12000 restaurant partners. Added, under Zomato Gold, there are over 6500 restaurant partners. In 2020, around 162,000 active delivery drivers worked under Zomato, and the active restaurant listings have gone to 3,50,000 in its platform in India. Globally, it ranks 2735th position with 5000 employees. And, in India, it ranks 342nd position.

Zomato Pro

Zomato first launched its customer membership program years ago, in 2017. In the current scenario, it has undergone a change as Zomato Pro. This paid membership plan includes discounts on selective restaurants not only for food delivery but also for dining.

It is already known that expanding the Pro membership benefits and its base is part of Zomato’s growth strategy. Zomato has had around 1.5 million Pro members with 25,443 Pro restaurant partners in India since March. The company also generated around INR 57.5 Crore through its subscription product. 

Zomato recently launched a new Zomato Pro Plus subscription service for its customers. This new service will provide numerous benefits to the customers, including free deliveries. The new Zomato Pro Plus will become an add-on to the current Zomato Pro subscription. The new Zomato Pro Plus will be available for a few members initially. And it is accessed through an “invite-only” system. 

Zomato Vs Swiggy In India

The online food delivery market in India will be around 4.66 billion in 2020. Since Jan 2019, Zomato is the leading food delivery company in terms of revenue. Zomato has a wide leading opportunity when compared to Swiggy. Even in the pandemic, the sales curve until May 2021, Swiggy never caught up with Zomato’s. 

After Zomato’s acquisition of Uber Eats, the share was around USD 206 million. Currently, after the entry of Amazon into the food delivery market, both Zomato and Swiggy are in the race to increase their investor base and global attention. 

Final Takeaway

Apart from the competition, Zomato seems to attract many investors to improve its next moves. The membership plans will shake hands with its revenue. Thanks to the resources that made this article a complete pack of information about Zomato and its users in India.

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