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Why My Windows Cannot Connect To Wifi?

One of the most popular topics, especially during this pandemic, is why my windows cannot connect to Wi-Fi! And if you are looking to know why you cannot connect to Wifi, here is our post explaining why my windows cannot connect to wifi? 

why my windows cannot connect to wifi

Why My Windows Cannot Connect To Wifi?

Windows can’t connect to WiFi is a common issue you can face nowadays. Here are a few reasons and steps to overcome when Windows can’t connect to WiFi.

1. Airplane Mode

This method is one of the most significant and easiest ways to turn your Windows WiFi.

  • Tap on the notification icon at the bottom right corner of your desktop
  • Click the Airplane mode on and off multiple times
  • Wait for a minute or two and reconnect to the network to check whether the issue continues.

If the issue still continues to go for the following method.

2. Forgetting The Network 

  • Head to the network icon on your system bar and select open network and internet settings 
  • Click on the WiFi option
  • Tap on the manage known networks option
  • Now a list of all the networks your system has connected in the past will be displayed. 
  • Please select the network that makes trouble and choose the forget button by right-clicking it.
  • Your desktop removes and forgets the password of the network
  • Now to reconnect it, scan it like the very first time
  • Finally, your system can be connected to the network without facing any issues

3. Running Commands In CMD

  • Search for the command prompt on the search option on your home page
  • Type in the following commands on the search box:
  1. netsh winsock reset
  2. netsh int ip reset
  3. ipconfig /release
  4. ipconfig /renew
  5. ipconfig /flushdns 
  • Now reboot your computer to fix the issue.

4. Network Troubleshooting

  • Head to open the setting apps on your desktop
  • Tap on the update and security settings
  • Click the troubleshoot and find the network adapter on the list
  • Now run the troubleshooting to fix the issue on your machine 

The above four are the most common and foremost methods one can use to fix the WiFi issue connecting to any network. To know more informative kinds of stuff rush ahead to our site Cheers!

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