Victus HP Ryzen 7 16-e0078AX Gaming Laptop

The Victus HP Ryzen 7 16-e0078AX is a stylish and powerful laptop to enhance the presentation of your desk or table. This Victus HP Ryzen 7 16-e0078AX device specializes in providing a thrilling gameplay experience to all gamers and streamers across the globe.

Victus by HP Ryzen 7 5800H 16.1-inch FHD Gaming Laptop


  • Processor: 5th Gen AMD Ryzen 7 5800H
  • Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3050Ti (4 GB GDDR6 dedicated)
  • Processor Speed: ‎4.4 GHz
  • Maximum Memory: ‎32 GB
01/22/2022 01:22 am GMT
Victus HP Ryzen 7 16-e0078AX
Image Credits: HP

Victus HP Ryzen 7 16-e0078AX Price In India 

The Victus HP Ryzen 7 16-e0078AX Gaming Laptop of series 16-e0078AX is worth the price of Rs. 1,01,751.

The Victus HP Ryzen 7 16-e0078AX Gaming Laptop of series 16-e0360AX is priced at Rs. 1,25,378.

Victus HP Ryzen 7 16-e0078AX Features 

The sleek looks of the gadget are accompanied by dynamic internal features and all the characteristics for being perfection in the field of gaming devices.

The new Victus HP Ryzen 7 16-e0078AX 5800H is a new generation gaming laptop with all the features and specifications required to support current generation gaming titles on your device. Also, to help you perform your daily tasks with all the general yet mind-blowing features of a typical laptop. The features and specifications of this gadget include

Victus HP Ryzen 7 16-e0078AX
Image Credits: HP


Victus HP Ryzen 7 16-e0078AX is a 16.1 inches (40.9 cm) gaming Laptop with an LED display, 1920 * 1080 pixels high-resolution display that makes images, videos, and text look more sharp and clear, that too at a 144 Hz refresh rate which makes everything work at a faster pace. One more advancement in the display aspect of the gadget is the anti-glare screen that makes the user experience more pleasant and non-problematic to their eyes.

Storage and Memory 

Victus HP Ryzen 7 16-e0078AX comes with a vast 512GB Solid State Drive to help you store an adequate amount of essential data in your device. It makes this laptop up to 30% faster than HDD and has an elevated performance. The RAM of 16 GB enables it to operate several applications at a time without interfering or slowing the user interface and even more as it is expandable up to 32 GB RAM.


AMD, Ryzen 7, Ryzen 7 5800H processor is centrally powering this device with the support of legit octa cores and 16 threads to help complete parallel tasks. A basic clock speed of 3.2 GHz can boost clock speed up to a maximum of 4.4 GHz.


4 GB dedicated Graphic memory to smoothen the gaming and proficient graphic designing.

Operating system and Software

Windows 10 Home Operating system, pre-installed Microsoft Office Home, and student 2019 are included in Victus HP Ryzen 7.

Ports and Connectivity 

Three USB 3.0 Ports, zero USB 2.0 Ports, and 1 HDMI port. Ethernet, Bluetooth, wi-fi, card reader, microphone-in, and headphone jack are all the connectivity jacks available in Victus HP Ryzen 7.

Other Features – Other features that make Victus HP Ryzen 7 a superb device to be in your tech vanity are a backlit keyboard to ease typing even in a dark ambiance, a web camera for video calls, a Dual speaker, and HP Audio Boost.


Even being a magnificent piece of technology, this gadget still lacks a bit. A few disadvantages of the Victus by HP Ryzen 7 5800H are;

  • This Victus HP Ryzen 7 has the Basic Windows OS, which makes it less efficient as it will lack some features in this variant that are available in professional, enterprise, or ultimate variants.
  • No VGA ports are available to connect other multimedia devices like TV sets and DVD Players with this laptop.
  • Another issue with this device is the reduced number of ports which prevents you from connecting to many external devices at a time.
  • Furthermore, the gamers generation wants their devices to be as light-weight and portable as possible, which isn’t a scenario with this Victus HP as it weighs 2.48 kg, which is quite heavy to be called mobile.
Victus HP Ryzen 7 16-e0078AX
Image Credits: HP

Comparison with Victus by HP Ryzen 5 5600H FHD Gaming Laptop

Both the gadgets are specialized for gaming purposes and are equipped with unique features to support the same. The point of comparison is to justify the price of this product for such specifications;

Clock Speed-  The Ryzen 7 laptop is fueled with a maximum of 4.4 GHz clock speed while 4.2GHz in Ryzen 5 model, which means the CPU performance is more comparable to GPU in the former model. This clearly specifies the AMD Ryzen 7 processor to be more feasible and appropriate for the purpose these devices serve.

Cores – The Victus HP Ryzen 7 has an octa-core processor, which makes another victory for this device a better option than the Victus HP Ryzen 5 model, which has a Hexa core processor.

Threads – Threads have a crucial function in dividing cores within the central processor. It is a necessary component of a gaming pc or laptop. The Victus HP Ryzen 7 variant takes one more point than the Ryzen 5 variant in this aspect as the former powers the processor with 16 threads than the latter.

Cost –  The price range of both the models of Victus by HP Ryzen is significantly different. The price of Ryzen 7 is Rs. 1,01,751 for series 16-e0078AX and Rs. 1,25,378 for series 16-e0360AX while Ryzen 5 is priced at Rs. 84,215 for series 16-e0076AX and Rs. 78,035 for series 16-e0075AX. These are not close anyway, but the advancement in the features of the former justifies the price bracket it covers than the latter one.

Victus HP Ryzen 7 16-e0078AX
Image Credits: HP

The AMD Ryzen 7 has set its foot in the gaming field and these mind-blowing features justify the hype of the gaming gadgets with this CPU. One thing that attracts the gamer personality in everyone towards the Victus by HP Ryzen 7 is the affordable price range with such specialized gaming traits.

Even after being under budget bracket for the gaming community, you can still access it for a lower cost at e-commerce websites such as Amazon for instant huge discounts and bank offers every now and then, which makes it even more accessible.

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