Vi Users In India

Vodafone India, Vi, is an Indian-based telecom company with its headquarters in Mumbai. Going base, we all know about the ABCD of Vodafone India. 

But, what about EFGH… Z?

In this article, let us indulge in knowing the facts related to Vodafone India, the current update about the telecom company, and the number of Vi users in India. 

Vi Users In India

According to Wikipedia, Vi has an active subscriber base of 273 million. It has become the third-largest telecom network in India. Globally, it occupies the 10th largest mobile telecom network. 

On 31st Aug 2018, Vi merged with Idea cellular to form a new entity named Vodafone Idea Limited. Currently, after the merging process, the current share goes as follows. Vodafone has a 45.1 percent stake in the combined entity, with Aditya Birla Group holding a 26 percent stake.

As per the latest data from TRAI, Vi, Vodafone Idea, has the highest upload speed of 6.7 Mbps data in May 2021. 

Vi faces massive exit of users followed by Bharti Airtel

As Jio caught the telecom throne, Bharti Airtel and Vi have faced a massive decline for years. Both Bharti Airtel and Vodafone Idea have registered an enormous fall in their subscriber count till May. TRAI reports. 

In stark contrast, Jio has continued adding subscribers this month. According to the data, since June 2020, Bharti Airtel has recorded a net loss of wireless subscribers in May with a staggering loss of 46.13 lakh net users. Vodafone Idea has been struggling with financial difficulties. It also faced a loss of about 42.81 lakh mobile users. Even BSNL faces it too. The loss count is 9.3 lakhs for BSNL. 

Vodafone Idea – Current State in Expert’s View

As a struggling telecom operator, Vi has added users for the first time in 15 months. Thereby, it has gained 1.7 million wireless subscribers in January – TRAI

Neglecting January, Vi has shown a net gain in subscribers in October 2019. It was also the first time that it showed a net addition since the merger in August 2018. As the case has become more prominent, many researchers and analysts have entered to provide their views on it. 

According to the experts, they consider it as the early time to judge whether Vi has been witnessing a reversal in trend. Gaurav Dixit from Care Ratings suggested that the addition of 1.7 million subscribers is definitely a scope of gain. But, the outcome of the previous month has reflected huge declines. This is the time to analyze for a quarter and conclude whether vi has been seeing any sustainable user added to the count. Other experts suggest a change in the tariff plan that may lead to an increase in the net subscribers count. 

Vodafone Idea at the “Point of Collapse” – August 2021 in India

Reduced subscribers and large debts have made Vodafone’s Idea rethink about continuing. They are in the point of collapse as it fails to meet enough subscribers. In its most recent earnings, the company has a gross debt of INR 1803 billion. 

Among the stakeholders, the Birla group has concluded by saying that they are willing to hand over the stakes. Earlier this year, Vodafone India merged with Idea Cellular. It was looking to sell its fixed-line broadband subsidiary. Added, the company was also aiming to sell land banks that were bought for future data centers.

But, this report was denied saying that its board has considered no offers. It has also been noted that any sale would not be material enough to disclose it to the public investors prior.

Vodafone Idea – Future Plans In India

Vodafone Idea announced that the integration of Vi Movies and TV app would allow customers to stream their favorite content seamlessly. Added, the Vi app will also double up as it combines to perform as an OTT platform app offering rich features. In addition, there are different ranges of products and services available. The app now offers a simplified user experience.

Vodafone Idea has announced new recharge plans with Disney+Hotstar mobile plan. As it has not been confirmed, now, there is a confirmed statement. Five new Vodafone Idea recharge plans have been updated. It has been updated with the revised OTT benefit. The recharge plans will also offer additional benefits, including Binge All Night, free extra data, Weekend Data Rollover, etc.

This platform will move VIP members to the mobile plan and premium members to get new benefits. The existing users will be migrated to the new plans once their membership expires. It is the first time that all three plans will offer content without any ads.

Final Takeaway

As per the expert’s suggestion, Vodafone Idea has taken a step in introducing new pricing plans and tariffs. Hopefully, the new pricing plans will make a profitable outreach in the next quarter. 

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